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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
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Closed Beta Release Date August 30th, 2013!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest Yogventures! Video Log number 14, please enjoy! 

We apologize for the delays between releases and updates, as a small team it has been increasingly difficult to make time to create and upload these updates but we will try in the future to make them more often.

What Went Right?

There has been a lot happening on Yogventures!, and we'd like to share some exciting news. First, we are happy to be able to release the next Alpha version later today / tomorrow. This version has a lot of enhancements and bug fixes which we hope you will really enjoy!

We're announcing our release date for the Closed Beta as August 30th, 2013! We were really trying to have multiplayer in and working before releasing Closed Beta, but since it's looking like that will take at least another 4 - 8 weeks we decided it's not fair to keep everyone waiting any longer. You all have been very patient and we owe it to you to go ahead and release the game even though it's not technically ready to do so.

What that means is that, we must ask that you please bear with us as we make incremental updates and enhancements in the coming months. We are working as much as humanly possible to keep making Yogventures better but there is a lot of work that still has to be completed before we can have multiplayer as well as the two modes, Map Maker and Adventure Mode.

This version of the game is still a combination of Map Maker and Adventurer and as such right now what you the players can expect is a game that allows you to explore and build. That is a far cry from what our ultimate goal of Map Makers creating and sharing adventures for players to download and play in a multiplayer voxel based sandbox, but it's the reality of what we have finished up to now and we think it shows some good examples of the kinds of tools and fun elements  Yogventures! will have when it is complete.

Where should I go for the latest Information?

When it comes to updates we really must ask that you please subscribe to our YouTube channel and our twitter account at

We also recommend that you sign up for a forums account over at

We are trying to post as much information as possible as soon as it happens but working full time jobs, and developing Yogventures! and posting a lot of updates is proving to be quite the challenge and it would help us out a lot if we could post in these three centralized locations instead of spread across those AND the kickstarter comments etc. Once the Closed Beta of the Game is released and the physical rewards have been sent we will be closing this page and all further updates will happen on the yogscast forums and our YouTube channel so it's best to get signed up for those accounts as soon as you can.

What About the Physical Rewards?

Speaking of the physical rewards, The Yogscast are in charge of those themselves. The reason they haven't shipped any of them yet is because some of the physical rewards require the game to be shippable and items like the soundtrack created etc. To avoid paying for shipping twice and wasting the budget they are trying to be as economical as possible and ship only when the majority of the items are ready to go. Have no fear though, that day is coming soon and all the rewards will be excellent and well worth the wait!

What Went Wrong / Why all the Delays?

As most of you know we hit a number of technical problems with that early prototype engine we had hoped would be robust enough to allow Map Makers to create epic adventures in. The main reason we were so aggressive with our schedule was because we believed the hard part, the fully destructible and constructable voxel based terrain, was going to be "handled". When it turned out that this solution wasn't robust enough and was plain too slow and too difficult to build anything interesting with, we had to face the tough decision of making an entirely new voxel engine from scratch or removing the voxel landscape all together. The Yogscast and we at Winterkewl Games felt it was important not to lose the flexibility voxels allow us to have so we bit the bullet and wrote the hybrid system from scratch. Unfortunately, that ate the majority of our budget while we worked in R&D so ever since December 2012 we have had to fund the development of Yogventures! ourselves. "What does that mean?" I can hear you ask. Well it means the team initially all took time off of our "day jobs" to dedicate to Yogventures, it turns out it was no where near enough time and we had to all go back to those day jobs and continue development on nights and weekends and lunch breaks and pretty much anywhere we can fit in a few hours to tackle the enormous amount of work needed. I'm proud of the team for sticking by the project despite our initial set backs and delays. It's a testament to how much we all believe in this game and how much we really want to do a good job for all of you that helped Kickstart this company and get us off the ground and running! Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to expand even more and put even more time and effort into making Yogventures! what we all know it really can be, which is great fun!

So, that's it for today's update! We apologize for the delays, everyone on the team is excited to see what you will do with the creative tools in the closed beta. And we really can not thank you all enough for your support, your patience and your help bringing Yogventures! to life. As the rest of the year continues expect bigger and better improvements and lots of exciting features are yet to come.

Until next time, Thank You Everyone, we couldn't be here without all of your help and we can't thank you enough!


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    1. Cameron James Watts on

      I know I'm very late to say this but I didn't get the download link either could you help with this

    2. Taylor on

      Woo finaly beta is released been so excited great work by the way. It looks loads better then i thought it would

    3. Missing avatar

      Finn on

      I didn't get the download link. I am a backer!

      Thanks :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Xander on

      Can't wait for the beta!

    5. Missing avatar

      Zach "Powerdrill" on

      I didn't get the download link, can you please send me one!?

    6. Maira ZL on

      Wow! August 30th is my birthday! What a nice gift I will get!
      How do we get the game then?

    7. Steven Heid on

      Looking great! excited that Beta will be released soon!

    8. Ron A Blankenship on

      When are the Beta Copies going to be released and how...