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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

Yogventures! ALPHA v0.01 is released!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce that today we are releasing the ALPHA version of Yogventures!

 The team and I have all been working very hard to reach this milestone and we're happy to be able to deliver this update. There have been a lot of improvements but the main thing this release adds is the very first look at character customization in Yogventures!

We promised there'd be "more than just changing skins" and to that we've held true. Many aspects of your player and non-player characters will be customizable and this release gives just a taste of what's to come in the future releases.

We simply can not thank you enough for all of the support and patience the community has shown us during this development process! We know it's hard enduring through missed deadlines and unplanned delays and we thank you all for sticking with us and giving us the time we need to develop the many difficult and demanding, yet super fun features of Yogventures! In the coming weeks we're going to be showcasing more, but for now please enjoy Yogventures! Alpha v 0.01 and if you have any questions please send them to 

and please please report any bugs to

 We may not be able to answer each email, or fix any of the problems right away, but I promise we read each and every report and we're using your valuable feedback to keep help shape the list of tasks we have to fix as the game development continues.

 Until Next Time, Thanks Once Again, and Enjoy!


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    1. Pekka S on

      I'd like to have some updates here instead of having to find info elsewhere. Period.

    2. Christopher Henzler on

      the problem everyone is having is that when they gave money to the project, they expected it to be finished right away, that isn't the case, winterkew has a job, and isn't doing this full time just yet, plus games like this take time, the demo you saw was prototype, a game that they could control what happens in the demo, everything was controlled, the real game won't be controlled, it will be open, and free. read winterkewl blog people! anyway gave this project patience, it needs about a another good year before it starts kickstarting because they are doing everything from scratch, which is why its taking longer

    3. james Nixon on

      dec 2012 I feel like my money has just been swallowed since then

    4. George on

      any chance of an update instead of making us believe we have wasted our money?

    5. shayne.oneill on

      @ByTheKilowatt The Unity engine runs fine on the Mac and the 2011 powermac can easily hold its own against any PC laptop of 2011 with its dual GPUs. I can run Skyrim under wine at 60fps on high graphical settings on 1680x1050. Poor graphic performance is *NOT* something Mac users expect. However I have acknowledged its an Alpha, so I have no problems waiting my turn to get it optimized with this machine. The devs probably should be testing on a more representative mac however as the MBPs + iMacs, the usual macs people have, have very different performance profiles to the minis and that makes a difference with GPU optimization.

    6. Missing avatar

      jamesbond649 on

      $15 backers??? when will we get what we bought

    7. Missing avatar

      ross on

      When will it b out 4 $15 backers??

    8. James Francis on

      I never got the email copy

    9. Missing avatar

      Cemjack on

      Any updates? 8 months since estimated delivery of closed beta.

    10. Missing avatar

      Del Putnam on

      So, we're seven months past the closed beta. Any updates, guys?

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I still haven't received the game or the e-mail I thought that i wait it out but I still haven't got it if you want i can send you an e-mail about it and you could sen me another one and for proof tell you the name of which i put down

    12. yali on

      me to bubbles

    13. Missing avatar

      bubbles77232 on

      I Never Recieved my Email or whatever to be able to download the Game. Plz Help me

    14. Brennan Wright on

      come on it's been months where is closed beta -.- estimated delivery was November of last year

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Wands on

      I still have not gotten mine. Any help?

    16. Ian Beeston on

      plz help i have a problem i pleged 60$ but i moved to a new addres what do i do?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Could anybody tell me when such things as posters are meant to arrive ?

    18. novablue on

      i haven't got my email to download this yet?

    19. KingSupa on

      I don't like having a go at Mac users as much as the next PC guy does but it is a Mac you are using... This is always to be expected when people develop primarily for the PC.

    20. Missing avatar

      ross on

      how can i download i a backer

    21. Ahmad Alenezi on

      brady it will be ready when it is

    22. Missing avatar

      Brady on

      when will the closed beta begin?

    23. Missing avatar

      daman12 on

      when will there be multiplayer

    24. Mitchell Noneofyourbusines on

      Never mind! Just found the links in my mail here. Thanks!

    25. Mitchell Noneofyourbusines on

      I didn't get links to download. How do I download?

    26. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      How do i download?

    27. Missing avatar

      squeglz on

      I haven't received any form of information on how to download the game. I am a backer

    28. Mike224 on

      I have the game downloaded and installed but for some reason when I run it The window is just black and then crashes, Help?

    29. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on

      We're definitely looking into the MAC problems, but even our mac mini test machine performed fairly well in our internal testing. We had to run it on "fastest" mode but the fps was a constant 40+ This is only alpha and we'll be re-optimizing the data structures and terrain as we continue development. Thanks!

    30. shayne.oneill on

      Sadly it seems the mac build is largely non functional. Not angry, its just an alpha so this sort of thing is to be expected, but perhaps a bit of attention to mac performance is in order. For reference, early 2011 powermac, AMD graphics, 8gig ram, mountain lion. Basically it loads but its so slow that it'd be lucky to be pushing more than a few frames a *minute*. Possibly its not selecting the AMD GPU and trying to use the Intel GPU? I can also say its utterly thrashing the fan so whatever its doing its overheating *something*

    31. Missing avatar

      Toby smith on

      I recently got my copy of Yogventure (Yogscast's sandbox game) so I decided to do a first impression and review video.

      Please rate up and subscribe.

      Any feedback would be great.…

    32. Michaels Broughs on

      for some reason it seems to be using intel onboard instead of my AMD card, I don't know how your engine works but you should really make gpu's selectable. Also it's REAL glitchy.

    33. jordan fay on

      I tried it out on win7 and numerous times the character would be stuck in a statue of other other characters (a bug in the character customisation menu maybe?). I'd also fall through the world randomly as well. Now trying to play it on mac and the visuals are glitching out big time. Hope some fixes come soon.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nika Cholokashvili on

      @qwerts1 $30 backers are eligible for BETA, this is still ALPHA so you cannot download it yet.

    35. Missing avatar

      qwerts1 on

      Hello Im a 30 dollar backer (2 copies) and I don't know where to download it. help please? it would be appreciated

    36. Missing avatar

      Henry Yip on

      @Aidan I'm a $15 backer also, based on the description to your right, we only get the BETA. This is the ALPHA they're talking about, so the guys who pledged $25 or more get to download this.
      Just means we have to wait a bit longer :(

    37. Missing avatar

      Aidan on

      where do i download it from, im a $15 backer :)

    38. xTheInflamed on

      Nice, Have it already, looking sweet:)