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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Alpha v0.04 is Released! (DOH!)

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

A major bug was found by some awesome Backers almost as soon as we launched v0.03 so v0.04 is out way ahead of schedule! 

Everyone should have gotten the links now. Sorry about that everyone, welcome to software development, work's never done. :)


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    1. Spiffthespaceman on

      I have a question about Yogventures being released to Steam. If we paid 25 or what ever amount we dont get a steam version do we? Id prefer playing this on Steam than a desktop icon or where ever.

    2. Missing avatar

      Louis on

      i don't have an alpha key :(

    3. Missing avatar


      @ThePenguinKing - You'll get a link when the game goes into alpha. It is currently PRE-alpha which is $60 and up.

    4. Missing avatar

      ThePenguinKing on

      I never got a link and I pledged $25

    5. fromholtz12 on

      cant wait to play the game

    6. Missing avatar


      @Eddy Steel - Yes you do. You get the Alpha, Beta and final game in that order.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      FallingFist99 on

      @Everyone - NOTE THAT THE GAME IS IN PRE-ALPHA. If you've paid 60 Dollars or more, you'll get it. Otherwise, you'll have to wait til' the actual Alpha/Beta/Full Release.

      Once again - //The game is in Pre-Alpha, not Alpha\\

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      @Jonathan Barber - If you're on the $60 or higher tier you should have been sent a message through Kickstarter . If you didn't then you'll need to contact them. If you're on a lower tier then you'll need to wait until either the Alpha or Beta versions are released depending on what your tier says that you get.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Barber on

      Where do I go to download the game?

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      qwerts1 on

      chad and ammon. if you only gave 30 or less (I think this is right) you wont get it. if you payed more you are in pre alpha. if you pay les I think you just get it as soon as its released

    12. Missing avatar

      chad on

      i never got a link either

    13. Missing avatar

      ammon on

      and where is that link?... because i still do not have one.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel McCrory on

      What was the bug? Just out of interest.