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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Alpha is released!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce that all of the links to the pre-alpha and above backers have been sent out and so Founders level backers should be able to download and play the game now!

We are really thankful to all of our backers for helping make Yogventures! possible and hope that you will enjoy this very early glimpse into the production of the game. There isn't a lot finished yet, as you are all about to find out! However, hopefully everyone will be able to see the potential of where this game is heading and how much fun it will be when we get all the bugs fixed and features in. That day is a long way off! This is like a 10 min sketch of month long painting, so we fully expect there to be a lot of questions and concerns. However, that's what this process is all about! It's about letting the backers see how this game comes along "Warts and All" we're hoping that you will enjoy this Pre-Alpha but if you don't, then we're hoping having this opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns will help us all make the game that much better! Please send all your thoughts and bugs to us using this form:

Also, If you haven't received your invite and you ARE a backer of $60 or more please send and email to the address below and we'll get it sorted.

So, there you go everyone, Pre-Alpha is out and we're moving forward to the next step, Alpha. To get Alpha out we'll first have to finish the aspects of the engine that need work, mainly the speed and memory of the terrain is far too slow and large respectively. Then when those items are tackled we'll continue on with Character Customization and the rest of the Alpha features. We'll post after the new year when we will hopefully have some new time tables and a new estimated release date based on the feedback and progress we make during this Pre-Alpha Stage.

All that's left is to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! and say once again, Thanks SO much for all your help and support we literally couldn't do any of this without you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      GeneralVGamer on

      When are they going to release the alpha for crying out loud, we gave more than double the required amount and its still running over 2 months behind

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas O on

      Plz can someone tell me how to download it i banked $15. it has been a week since i got an email saying i could download it in the Cloud what dose that mean, when it first came out but i don't now how to download it can someone help me

    3. Sam & Leona on

      Keep up the good work guys, don't let any of the negative comments stress you out.

    4. Bud1980 on

      Any1 live streaming this if so post a link

    5. Missing avatar

      Nika Cholokashvili on

      @Barl0we Oh! I just realised its PRE-alpha not Alpha. Got confused by the language there, thought Alpha was the first thing to be released...

    6. Barl0we on

      @Nika Cholokashvili, someone hasn't been following the updates. There's been a few delays (which is why the delivery times on our rewards are estimated, ie, not 100% sure).

      Keep calm and game on, you'll get your alpha access soon enough.

      Now then:

      Congratulations to Winterkewl for getting the game in pre-alpha! I'm looking forward to checking out the alpha when it hits :3

    7. Missing avatar

      Nika Cholokashvili on

      @Ardos I pledged 25$ and did not get any download link in the message box or mail or wherever. Kind of dissapointing, it is quite late already as it is. Winterkewl if you are reading this, send me my link please.

    8. Bamith on

      @Scott I believe he may have been asking for a direct date, not stages of development he'd be able to join

    9. Scott Hudson on

      hakun read your pledge level. it clearly states "You will also get access to the game during the closed BETA..." As the game is pre-alpha, at this stage you don't get access. I also pledged at the $15 level and I'm happy not to have access until then because I dislike playing broken, buggy games.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hakun on

      So us who have paid 15$. When do we get to play?

    11. Missing avatar


      @Thomas O - See my reply to haider below.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas O on

      were is the like all i got was an email telling me that i could play the game but no other email for the link

    13. Corey Skipper on

      It plays great for me. No lag at all. Please take your time and do your best, you are doing a great job. It also plays great on my 3 screens surround gaming ftw.

    14. Simon Nino Andersson on

      I understand its Pre-Alpha (better late than never) but I find it hard to see how this is going to evolve into something other than a less interesting Minecraft clone.
      Oh well, ill keep following the project and see what will happen. Cant really complain about the pre-alpha as its not much in it to complain about. Except not being able to place blocks on the ground.

    15. Missing avatar


      @haider - If you're on a tier that gets pre-alpha access, you should have been sent a message through Kickstarter

    16. Missing avatar


      Congratulations! Runs very smoothly for me and looks fantastic. Can't wait to see what's coming next.

    17. Missing avatar

      haider on

      how do i download it ????

    18. Missing avatar

      xandan on

      I know you guys are a bit behind schedule but wasn't beta supposed to be out by now? I've wanted to play this for a while but you guys are just going into pre-alpha. Are you saying we'll probably have to wait till mid 2013 to be able to play at all?

    19. Hav0k, Elite: Dangerous Backer on

      Would love to try it out more but it was just too laggy.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Grats on the progress made thus far! Can't wait for the full game.