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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

Pay Pal temporarily down!

Hi everyone,

Pay Pal has a limitation on what can and can't be classified as a pre-order and how long a pre-order can take to be delivered. As a result we will have to temporarily disable PayPal Pre-orders. Rest assured if you have already payed via pay-pal we are working with Pay Pal to resolve those issues and will let you know what they're resolution is.

Sorry, for any inconvenience.


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    1. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on May 25, 2012

      @Gshopper Yes that's correct although we've been in contact with PayPal and they assure us once we can prove delivery of the game to the users they will release the funds to our accounts. Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Yognaught.... on May 22, 2012

      @Brennan Wright, its in LA

    3. Missing avatar

      Brady on May 20, 2012

      I love the yogscast (no homo) theyre the best commentaters in the world

    4. Brennan Wright on May 19, 2012

      Where is E3 this year?

    5. Missing avatar

      Gshopper on May 19, 2012

      So in other words those who used pay to PayPal will get the game even if PayPal decided to keep the money?

    6. Spiffthespaceman on May 19, 2012

      looking forward to that e3 demo mention!

    7. Hannah Lyons on May 18, 2012

      What does Simon and Lewis work as?? And the game looks amazing!!!

    8. Hershey Raimondo on May 15, 2012

      Does this affect Amazon payments?

    9. Missing avatar

      randomguy02 on May 14, 2012

      i can see that this is gonna be truly amazing

    10. Missing avatar

      xen-tech on May 12, 2012

      can an amazon giftcard be used on this

    11. sonnergard on May 10, 2012

      @xen-tech I don't think that's the case, most (if not all) cards have a CVC code, just that Amazon have chosen not to ask for it.
      I'm having trouble with Amazon as well, however. Been trying several cards and different ways since Sunday now, don't accept my payment. I'm starting to think Amazon don't like e-cards (which is what I'm using), even if I've managed to pay with e-cards through Amazon before.
      Don't think I'll be able to make my payment before the timeout, probably have to buy the game when it's released instead.

    12. Missing avatar

      xen-tech on May 10, 2012

      @Lyndon Reynolds i already did its amazon apparently they starting to not except cards with a CVC or security code on them theres not even an option to enter it

    13. Missing avatar

      Edward seed on May 10, 2012

      no new video :(:(:(

    14. Xirii on May 10, 2012

      @xen-tech Make sure youve chosen the right card type through amazon. It might help to set up your details on there first, then come back and try again...

    15. Kat Swales on May 9, 2012

      @GLaDOS the option USED to be at
      however thanks to paypal refusing to accept this they have taken it down.

    16. Brad Corwin on May 9, 2012

      Hey simon aand lewis, I found a lick-able jaffa cake wall paper! just thought you both might get a kick out of this.

    17. Missing avatar

      xen-tech on May 9, 2012

      i can't seem to pay for the $30 that i put down to back but for what ever reasons amazon doesn't let me put in the 3 digit security code what do i do

    18. Missing avatar

      GLaDOS on May 9, 2012

      Wait, how can you pay with PayPal? I don't see the option to anywhere...

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob727272 on May 9, 2012

      Congrats again on the funding guys, really great :)

      If anyone is looking for a forum to discuss the upcoming game, come and see us at… and say Rob727272 sent you on the introductions topic :)

    20. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on May 9, 2012

      @Jason, yes if you can correct your account before the next 4 days you will still get the reward. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason on May 9, 2012

      This is off topic but my amazon did not work correct and the funding has ended when i correct it will I still get game?

    22. Papasmurf645 on May 9, 2012

      I was unable to confirm my payment with paypal up until now due to well, being poor. Today I was just payed and came to Kickstarter to confirm my payment with paypal, but now I cannot. Does this mean I just don't get a pre-order? Please help.

    23. Missing avatar

      Carl on May 9, 2012

      make another video

    24. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on May 8, 2012

      @Aulmon, at this point it looks like we'll just leave the PayPal account frozen until the Game is ready to be delivered to customers that have pre-ordered. At that time PayPal will be able to verify that the game is both real, and through contacting the backers, get confirmation that they are happy with their purchase. They have said if we can provide both of those to them they'll let us have the Money that the backers have sent us through PayPal. Bascially it's accept that option or we have to refund everyone their money and cancel their orders.

      The situation isn't ideal but it's their rules and their service so we have to abide by what they say. Don't worry everyone, EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has pre-ordered this game will get the reward they have been promised, even if PayPal decided to keep the money we would still make good on our pledge to you. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      john stipich on May 8, 2012

      lol i pledged with amizon

    26. Missing avatar

      Aulmon on May 8, 2012

      wow guys, you are all freaking out for no reason! If you pledged via amazon, then you'll be just fine. I don't recall them allowing pledges via paypal, but they very well could have. What I know for sure is that they were letting you pre-order the game via paypal after the game was funded. So if you paid through amazon, don't bother commenting or worrying yourself. And for those of you that paid via paypal, you shouldn't worry either, cause the two likely senarios would be getting a refund and then being provided with an alternate payment method, or the yogscast fixes this and records your pre-order so you still get your beta key, alpha key, or whatever. So in my mind, this comment section should be empty of comments saying "I better get my f**king gamez!" cause there is no doubt in my mind that you'll get what you payed for. (/rant)

    27. Missing avatar

      EG123 on May 8, 2012

      I hope I will get it or I will be mad >:(

    28. Jared Edwards on May 8, 2012

      Paypal is the worst company and nobody should do business with them.

    29. Tanner Yould on May 8, 2012

      Their* resolution is

    30. Missing avatar

      ejkupstas on May 8, 2012

      i pledged 90$ and i want to make sure im going to get 2 copies of the game and 2 beta keys?
      can some please get back to me i was going to give the extra game a beta as a gift so please get back to me. thanks

    31. Matt Clout on May 8, 2012

      It just said this 'Amazon was unable to complete your $90.00 pledge to Yogventures!. This is usually caused by a recently expired, canceled, or maxed-out credit card.' but my card has not expired or anything

    32. xTheInflamed on May 8, 2012

      @Matt You hae to confirm it :L

    33. Ross Cummings on May 8, 2012

      It does say in the description on my online banking (USD 60.00) so you know what it is

    34. Ross Cummings on May 8, 2012

      For my $60 amazon took out £38.16 today (8th May)

    35. Kat Swales on May 8, 2012

      @Matt I live in the UK too, and the same, it took 50 pound out for $90 pledge

    36. Matt Clout on May 8, 2012

      I'm not sure what is going on because I live in england so I have put pounds on my card, but it says I am paying in dollars so I don't know wether this is a problem, it's says my card has been declined so yeah not sure what to do

    37. Kat Swales on May 8, 2012

      @Sonnergard It looks like paypal won't work, so I would keep on at Amazn payments, however if it is renabled, I believe it is just the site at

    38. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on May 8, 2012

      If you didn't use paypal specifically on our webstore then this won't affect you at all. If you paid specifically through Pay Pal, they are reviewing the case and will let us know in 24 hours how to move forward. Until then this is all the information we have at the moment. Sorry/Thanks!

    39. Matt Clout on May 8, 2012

      Oh is this why it says my card has been declined?

    40. William C Crawford on May 8, 2012

      Lying about the payments is even worse, Devon. In that case, they might just take everything and call it a day.

    41. sonnergard on May 8, 2012

      @Kat Swales: What's this? Must have missed that info. I've had trouble with paying though Amazon as well. How should I proceed, assuming PayPal would work?

    42. Devon Rampe on May 8, 2012

      Ohhh, I wonder if it would have worked better with PayPal if you classified the payments as donations?

    43. Kat Swales on May 8, 2012

      @Eric Winterkewl and the yogscast had kindly allowed peopel who couldnt use amazon payments, to through a seperate website, pay using paypal.

    44. Nori on May 8, 2012

      I hate paypal.... You really shouldn't use them for this sort of thing... Just talk to the grim dawn devs...