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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

100% In just over a week! Thanks just doesn't cover it!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)


Hi Yognau(gh)ts, everyone here at Winterkewl Games can not thank you enough for getting behind this project and helping make Yogventures! a reality! I am quite literally deeply moved by the amount of support and love you guys have shown towards The Yogscast and can't wait to work together in the coming months to make the game that we all wish to see!

The Yogscast will post a proper update in the near future but I wanted to say thanks with just a small token, a Sneak Peek as it were of what we have in store for you! So Enjoy, let the speculation and rumors begin, and again THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Parker on

      Congratulations guys! I cannot WAIT to play this.

    2. H3lix86 on

      let the games begin! (pun intended)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jared Trezise

      Congratulations! =P
      The recent years have seen a whole lot of atypical origins for games or other media.
      Now we have a game about a youtube show (or about two Internet personalities) funded by its own popularity!

    4. shayne.oneill on

      I guess beers are flowing at Winterkewl HQ tonight then huh? Good work lads, make it a ripper.

    5. Julian Braha on

      The fact that FIVE people pledged 10,000 munny is more interesting than the Bermuda triangle.

    6. Missing avatar

      Emma Hong on

      Yayy! :DDD I can't wait for the game to come out. :O

    7. Brandon S. Yen on

      Congratulations yogscast

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric Mendelson on

      y....y....y u no do videoooo

    9. HamMan6789 on

      Second. AND ALL OF MY YES.

    10. Missing avatar

      Elucid on