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    1. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on

      @JeffmarlyParky Sorry we don't have an eta yet.

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      Reuben Joseph on

      will they be a sound-track to this game? If so any chance of it being done by Daniel Yount? I really like the stuff he's done for the Yogscast.

    3. xTheInflamed on

      82228Brilliant Idea ! Daniel Yount soundtrack !!!! He is amazing!!!! Please he is soo good ! :) This will be on the fourm too when it comes !!!!!

    4. xTheInflamed on

      Also make a brief game demo, everyone is overfilled and high with spoilers for this game! I cant concentrate without thinking about it, if a demo is given, that will calm things down, people will get a little playthrough until the full game!

    5. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on

      @YoungGamer7Thst but CALM is the opposite of what we need, people need to be FIRED UP! Sorry, we don't have a plan for a demo at this time. Pre-alpha will be the earliest access. Thanks!

    6. Arctrooper98 on

      U know, Character customization akin to spore wouldn't be such a bad idea... Make spore like mechanics for pre made body parts. (beard, body, etc.) p.s. sry for repeating myself.

    7. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on

      @Arctrooper98 do you know how long those developers had and how much money they spent on that technology??? MILLLIONS heheh we'll have charcter customization but it won't be near as complicated as spore. Sorry! :)

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      Brayden Copelin on

      What about blocks how different will mining look from mine craft? Just curious. Like will it be a hole or a square hole????

    9. Sam Schechter on

      first the graphics just look better and better, although that might be due to the fact that explosions tend to make everything that much more amazing.

    10. Gareth on

      I am sorry Kris but the lack of communication from the yogcast is concerning to say the least.... it is showing at the moment that all the hype about communicating with the player base to create a game together is just a spin off. They have released a SoI but still no update? Not even a post on the forums?

      Can you poke them to at least release a statement about their intentions on backing this?

    11. Crippleicious on

      Nice lighting effects =)

    12. Avandris on

      People demanding that we get more videos and so forth need to calm down a little bit. I imagine a lot of work is going into the production of the game. These things take time! They have given us images and I'm sure that as soon as they are able to give us a video they will.

      There does seem to be a good amount of response on these comments at least, it is far superior to the response rate you would get from larger companies! Plus this is still early days, give them time to get themselves organised!

      Keep up the good work Yogscast! We love you guys!

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      SirSilica on

      They've already said that an update video is coming soon. They're in the middle of moving, so try to cut them a little slack.

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      Pex_Juv on

      I dont need a complex video showing things off. I just want to see a video like the first video.

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      joeygh4 on


    16. mavlee123 on

      I agree with Pex_Juv I just wanna see ANY gameplay!!!

    17. xTheInflamed on

      We wanyt Gameplay xD

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      maxaloss on


    19. Michael Løwer on

      Shouting GAMEPLAY!!111! won't make it happen faster you know.
      Just relax and wait for it, there's absolutely no reason to stress about it. :)

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      John on


    21. Flaming.John on

      THUMBS UUUUPPP!!! if you want to play this game

    22. Ben Baitel on

      yey yogventures alpha comes out on my birthday!!!!

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      bolla8892 on

      i buyed the game fore 15 dollars... when do i get the game?

    24. Daniel Finsrud on

      Pledge $15 or more
      Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012

    25. Ryan Crosbie on

      pledged $25... looks awesome cant wait, will put every other game to shame :D

    26. Missing avatar

      Aaron McCall on

      pledged $90 cannot wait

    27. Rhys on

      Will the game's caves be darker in the end

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      TheJollyHunter on

      pledged $60 looks great so far!

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      Donald Martin on

      pledged 300, cant wait for this game :D

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      Keegan on

      Yay! We did it!

    31. Reece Drury on

      is there any news on when pre-alpha will be available for $60 and over because i am so eager to play this game words cant even describe!!!

    32. Cullen on

      You're very welcome! :)

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      Thomas Sample on

      I am soo soo thankful that you decided to make this mac-compatible. Can't wait to play!!!

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      Yognaught.... on

      Yogscast, you deserve ever penny you've earned, your work and achievements are irreplacable. I look forward to supporting you in the future. Thanks again

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      Cookiezz on

      The graphics style is very similar to that of Psychonauts which is one of my favorite games :)

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      Dan on

      Yay I donated :). Looking forward for the game.

    37. Brandon Goolsby on

      did you know notch suposedly gave the ppl who made pysconaughts money to make another game :0

    38. Dolan man on

      Pledged 15 dollars.

      Won't be playing the beta probably. I prefer playing a game when it's polished :)

      (unless it's going to be like Minecraft)

    39. android19 on

      no idea what it's going to be, no idea how it's going to play, BACKING IT ANYWAY!
      (+$15 for development)

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      Tony on

      This is going to be the best game EVER! (I think...)

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      Retoast on

      +$92 Because yogscast is fucking awesome.

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      Graven_Image on


    43. lukas on

      reminds me of minecraft

    44. Greg on

      minecraft?! theres no gems in....oh wait, diamonds are gems, and then theres the technic pack that adds other gems too....good point Lucas.
      can't wait to see the construction methods :)

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      Justice Hendrick TheMineBoss on

      Lol Yes Just Donated!!!!!