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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.


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      Scott on

      this game looking Flipping AMAZING cant wait to get gamin :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Mariane Mears on

      You guy's should make queztzalcoatl's in the game (if you don't know what that is, Google it) and also give player's summoning abilities :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Androconus on

      monopalyan? it will be sent to you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Badboy000345 on

      Join the discussion at the unofficial forums! Visit to help brainstorm some great ideas and meet some awesome people!

    5. Missing avatar

      technotau on

      get some boss lizards!

    6. Missing avatar

      Monopalynan on

      how do i get game i all ready pledge

    7. Missing avatar

      Simon Price on

      the canyon looks sweet :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Graven_Image on

      where did they get the giant scales to make the tents?

    9. Missing avatar

      carson on

      looks amazing for such an early version!!

    10. William Clark on

      Looks incredible.

    11. fenrah on

      this game looks amazing

    12. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Vadla on

      ths looks så good, and its gonna be eaven bettre graficks and look eaven bettre!!!

    13. Michael Løwer on

      They are using Unity 3D :)

    14. Crippleicious on

      You guys using a custom engine, if not what are you using? If I may ask.

    15. xTheInflamed on

      I finally have my own game, its about me, its about being a dwarf, you dig holes, you blow sh*t up, its going to be fu*king amazing! In your FACE NOTCH. IN YOUR FACE! :D Like a F*cking BAWSSS :)

    16. Arctrooper98 on

      U know, Character customization akin to spore wouldn't be such a bad idea... Make spore like mechanics for pre made body parts. (beard, body, etc.)

    17. xTheInflamed on

      Daniel Yount soundtrack please, also please put out like a demo - like minecraft so everyone can play the demo and see what its like, briefly until the full game, everyones full of spoilers and too high on them Its hard to do something without thinking about this game. :( - This will be on the fourm too

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Those white rock things that appear when you explode things looks like popcorn.. woo!

    19. Adam Woods on

      This is kinda a cross between spore minecraft and ... sumthin else.. but you know what i mean

    20. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lunt on

      @Squirrellboy56, You will get a steam code later this year that you use to download the game.

    21. HamMan6789 on

      There's this one webcomic that wanted to raise $57,000 to reprint some of its books. It ended up with $1.2 MILLION. No offense to anyone, but I'm pretty sure Yogscast has more fans than they do. Just saying.

    22. Erich on

      Good job guys

    23. squirrelboy56 on

      I wanted to pledge for the Honeydew plushie... but all i could pledge was 15. Anyone know how to make an account to play or is that done when it comes out?

    24. Nolan Viphakone on

      Also the graphics remind me of TF2, which is good :)

    25. Nolan Viphakone on

      I did the pre-alpha pledge. Wish I could pledge more but my dad won't let me :(

    26. Cliff White on

      this game wil be sweets as

    27. Appleman8977 on

      Anyone notice that in all the screen-shots item '5' of the toolbar is selected? (5 being the bomb)

    28. Flaming.John on

      come on only $40.000 left

    29. Arctrooper98 on

      Can't wait for the game to launch.

    30. Kaley on

      Thanks for the reply back I get it now again thank you for replying back! :D

    31. Missing avatar

      Josh Perault on

      Just pledged. Good luck guys, I'm looking forward to it!

    32. Rhys on

      I take it the game will use accounts to log in when you play?

    33. Missing avatar

      Christian E. Perez on

      I did 90 maybe you can to pay them back for all the vids they made

    34. Missing avatar

      George Galway on

      Just pledged, <3

    35. Missing avatar

      Ashley Bond on

      comon people help them make the game it will be amazing

    36. Missing avatar

      Frank Rutten on

      donate people this looks amazing ps you guys are awesome /give honeydew 46 thats what i always wanted to type in minecraft..... these guys roc kdonate donate donate!

    37. Byron on

      Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Close! nearly 250,000!!! come on donate people!

    38. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      less than 45,000 away WOOHOO!

    39. Missing avatar

      Robert Beikes on

      12/12/2012, how original! :D

    40. Winterkewl Games LLC Creator on

      Hi Kaley, Thanks for your support! The game will be availble for digital download on Dec. 12th 2012 for the backers that pledge at the $15 level. We'll send you an email with instructions then. If all goes well of course. Thanks!

    41. Kaley on

      Is this game going to be delivered to me I just now got it and I'm wondering! :D

    42. Flaming.John on

      this will be much better than minecraft// at least the graphicks will be better

    43. Zerukai on

      Honestly, the GUI is a copy of minecraft, but without all the blocks. Otherwise I love it. If possible, maybe add a setting to change the GUI or something. I would implement some things of Minecraft, WoW, etc.

    44. Rhys on

      hopefully there will be another update/video soon.

    45. Alistair Smith on

      it says it has a "fully fleshed out crafting system". Can we have any more details on this? pretty please? ;)

    46. Appleman8977 on

      *I've read through all the description and most of the other comments. Hope you don't mind if I anwser afew questions. Fell free to correct inconsistancies. Sorry about spelling I'm abit jittery*
      @Doyle Speak: I don't know if there will be bosses in vanilla but it will be mostly mod supported so if people make a mod that has bosses thats where you'll go.
      @William Venable: From what I read it seems that there are no accual quests but it will be like Minecraft in the sense that people can make challenges and post them online.
      @Adam: It will be both.
      @Arik: Right now this is the best place to put questions. However requests will mostly be handled in the developer forum that will be setup after the project is fully funded.

    47. Angusm3 on

      dunno where to leave the requests? Anyway, this looks amazing so far and the terrain reminds me of citizen kabuto

    48. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      will there be a single player and a multiplayer?

    49. Missing avatar

      William Venable on

      Will there be quests or will it just be free-for-all