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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

One last update from Winterkewl.

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I didn't respond earlier to the news the Yogscast announced earlier this week. I was traveling for work and didn't really have time to get online and make a proper response. Like I said, our partnership was dissolved so of course they didn't (and didn't have to) tell me anything about it so it came as much as a surprise to me as anyone.  

I do think the TUG team have a lot of similar goals, and if that's the developer that the Yogscast have chosen to continue Yogventures with then I hope that NerdKingdom will do their best to reach the goals the Yogscast have for Yogventures and if they do then hopefully everyone will win and get the Yogventures we all wanted to see happen.  

I will provide a detailed breakdown of all the funds we received from the Kickstarter and how we at Winterkewl Games used every cent towards making the game. I need to consult with my accountant to make sure I don't miss anything and that it's all formatted correctly etc, but here some rough numbers to hopefully shed some light on what the funds were used for.  

After all the backers had a chance to fulfill their payments, and all the funds were collected out of the $567,665 that was pledged, roughly $415,000 of that was actually transferred after the Kickstarter fees and Amazon fees had been collected. We met with the Yogscast when the kickstarter ended and everyone agreed that the entire net should be used to create the game as much as humanly possible. So we made a plan as such.  

  • $35,000.00 Concept Art / Sky boxes / Environment Textures (Senior matte painter / concept artist from PDI Dreamworks)
  • $35,000.00 Concept Art / Character Designs / UI Design (Senior Character Designer Treyarch)
  • $35,000.00 Modeling (Senior Modeler from Dreamworks)
  • $35,000.00 Textures / Surfacing / Shader development (Senior Surface Artist from Dreamworks)
  • $35,000.00 Animation (Senior Animator from Dreamworks)
  • $35,000.00 Programming / Unity Development (Myself Unity Developer)
  • $15,000.00 Unity Developer part time / intern
  • $100,000.00 Programming / Application Architecture / Back-end Server Code / Voxel Engine (TBD, we were courting several programmers with lots of game experience over the course of the Kickstarter)   
  • $3500.00 Legal Fees Contracts  
  • $1500.00 Accountant Fees
  • $15000.00 Hardware (PC computers)
  • $5000.00 Software Licenses 
  • $15,000.00 Escrow for expenses related to development like buying Unity Assets etc. 
  • $50,000.00 Physical Rewards creation and Shipping 

Unfortunately, right off the bat we had one major incident that happened that we could not fix. Our good friend and matte painter really terrific artist that created most of the concept art with environments on the Kickstarter page, he left PDI to work at LucasArts. LucasArts wouldn't give him a carve out in his contract to work on Yogventures so he couldn't work on the project any longer. 

This is a very good example of how my inexperience caused some problems in the development. Because we had worked out a contract that guaranteed each of the principal artists a $35,000 lump sum payment, and we didn't make any clear clause on how and why someone could legally stop working on the project, The artist in question got paid, worked for about 2 weeks and then stopped working on the project. We had no way to force that person to pay back any of the funds and it was a bitter lesson to learn. Always get every possible scenario in writing or you will have no legal recourse. 

When Lewis found out about the artist incident he was rightly confused and upset, as a result he lost faith right away in my ability to run the company from a business standpoint and basically required that all the rest of the Kickstarter money that hadn't been spent be transferred to them right away. In the end we negotiated that to $150,000 would be transferred to the Yogscast with the understanding that they would use that money exclusively to create and ship all the physical rewards, AND they would help hire the main programmer that we still didn't have on the project. 

 The whole fiasco left a bad taste in all parties mouth and we could immediately feel tensions beginning to take the place of what was once just excitement and joy to be making such a cool game. In hindsight I wish I would have let Lewis manage all of the funds from the very beginning and essentially just taken a profit share contract from them so that there wasn't any of the confusion that happened later. 

 Time went on we began developing in earnest but without our main programmer and no funds to hire one it became clear that more of that role was going to be filled by me than I ever intended. Not to be daunted though I worked tirelessly for the next 18 months as did all of the people listed above. We never had another person drop out of the project and all of those artists produced a huge number of assets and for prices that by their normal work a day rates were really really low. 

Unfortunately, too many design changes and my in-experience as a project lead and programmer were what's to blame for our company never really making what it was we set out to make. I am extremely proud of everyone that worked on this though, and even though the game wasn't finished what we were able to accomplish is a creative and artistic vision of a voxel world that hasn't been done that many times before. The character work and the props and textures all the concept art it was really lovely work and those guys should feel proud of what they did. 

Anyway, I'm not sure why the Yogscast felt "shackled" to us, but I still feel honored to have worked so hard on this project for all of the backers and fans. Our business model may have been naive but it's still one of the best things I've ever made from scratch and for that I'll always be grateful to all the backers. 

Since the money was all spent either directly on development of the game or paid to the Yogscast to handle physical rewards and "licensing fees" I'm afraid Winterkewl Games has a negative balance at this point. We don't have any of the money left and as such can't really offer refunds. 

I understand the frustration of that, but we put in I would say much more than a "Good Faith Effort" we literally gave it everything we had and then some to make this game happen. So, like I said all of those numbers are not completely vetted, once I get all the data formatted I'll come back and post again. I do hope that sheds some light on where everything went though, nothing was scammed, no one and I mean NO ONE has gotten rich from this effort or is even better off then when we started, except for all the memories and the great feeling it was to see your support and try and make a great product from it. 

Thanks again for everything, and again my deepest apologies that we weren't able to finish the game ourselves. I really hope the Yogscast's plan with TUG works out and all the backers get a great game they deserve. ~Kris

Beta Begins Now!!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce that the beta version of Yogventures has now been released! Finally, everyone that has pledged their support to the game will be able to play it and get a sense for where we're at and help us chart the way to where we're going in the future.

We could not thank each and every one of you for this opportunity. This is only the beginning, this is very much an early beta and we are dedicated to continuing developing Yogventures! for as long as it takes to create the best open world, build, play, share your own adventure game and with your help we are positive that we can!

Please head over to and sign up for an account on their forums. We're going to continue posting updates as often as possible and we are definitely reading all of the threads taking the best ideas and putting them into the game as fast as we can. 

Again, this is only the start of something really great and we can't thank you all enough for this opportunity. You have truly kickstarted Yogventures! You've given it the chance that no one else would and from here we will all work even harder to make it the best it possibly can be. In the end we will all have mighty epic adventures and we at Winterkewl Games and The Yogscast are excited to get started!

Until next time, Thanks everyone, for everything! 

Closed Beta Release Date August 30th, 2013!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest Yogventures! Video Log number 14, please enjoy! 

We apologize for the delays between releases and updates, as a small team it has been increasingly difficult to make time to create and upload these updates but we will try in the future to make them more often.

What Went Right?

There has been a lot happening on Yogventures!, and we'd like to share some exciting news. First, we are happy to be able to release the next Alpha version later today / tomorrow. This version has a lot of enhancements and bug fixes which we hope you will really enjoy!

We're announcing our release date for the Closed Beta as August 30th, 2013! We were really trying to have multiplayer in and working before releasing Closed Beta, but since it's looking like that will take at least another 4 - 8 weeks we decided it's not fair to keep everyone waiting any longer. You all have been very patient and we owe it to you to go ahead and release the game even though it's not technically ready to do so.

What that means is that, we must ask that you please bear with us as we make incremental updates and enhancements in the coming months. We are working as much as humanly possible to keep making Yogventures better but there is a lot of work that still has to be completed before we can have multiplayer as well as the two modes, Map Maker and Adventure Mode.

This version of the game is still a combination of Map Maker and Adventurer and as such right now what you the players can expect is a game that allows you to explore and build. That is a far cry from what our ultimate goal of Map Makers creating and sharing adventures for players to download and play in a multiplayer voxel based sandbox, but it's the reality of what we have finished up to now and we think it shows some good examples of the kinds of tools and fun elements  Yogventures! will have when it is complete.

Where should I go for the latest Information?

When it comes to updates we really must ask that you please subscribe to our YouTube channel and our twitter account at

We also recommend that you sign up for a forums account over at

We are trying to post as much information as possible as soon as it happens but working full time jobs, and developing Yogventures! and posting a lot of updates is proving to be quite the challenge and it would help us out a lot if we could post in these three centralized locations instead of spread across those AND the kickstarter comments etc. Once the Closed Beta of the Game is released and the physical rewards have been sent we will be closing this page and all further updates will happen on the yogscast forums and our YouTube channel so it's best to get signed up for those accounts as soon as you can.

What About the Physical Rewards?

Speaking of the physical rewards, The Yogscast are in charge of those themselves. The reason they haven't shipped any of them yet is because some of the physical rewards require the game to be shippable and items like the soundtrack created etc. To avoid paying for shipping twice and wasting the budget they are trying to be as economical as possible and ship only when the majority of the items are ready to go. Have no fear though, that day is coming soon and all the rewards will be excellent and well worth the wait!

What Went Wrong / Why all the Delays?

As most of you know we hit a number of technical problems with that early prototype engine we had hoped would be robust enough to allow Map Makers to create epic adventures in. The main reason we were so aggressive with our schedule was because we believed the hard part, the fully destructible and constructable voxel based terrain, was going to be "handled". When it turned out that this solution wasn't robust enough and was plain too slow and too difficult to build anything interesting with, we had to face the tough decision of making an entirely new voxel engine from scratch or removing the voxel landscape all together. The Yogscast and we at Winterkewl Games felt it was important not to lose the flexibility voxels allow us to have so we bit the bullet and wrote the hybrid system from scratch. Unfortunately, that ate the majority of our budget while we worked in R&D so ever since December 2012 we have had to fund the development of Yogventures! ourselves. "What does that mean?" I can hear you ask. Well it means the team initially all took time off of our "day jobs" to dedicate to Yogventures, it turns out it was no where near enough time and we had to all go back to those day jobs and continue development on nights and weekends and lunch breaks and pretty much anywhere we can fit in a few hours to tackle the enormous amount of work needed. I'm proud of the team for sticking by the project despite our initial set backs and delays. It's a testament to how much we all believe in this game and how much we really want to do a good job for all of you that helped Kickstart this company and get us off the ground and running! Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to expand even more and put even more time and effort into making Yogventures! what we all know it really can be, which is great fun!

So, that's it for today's update! We apologize for the delays, everyone on the team is excited to see what you will do with the creative tools in the closed beta. And we really can not thank you all enough for your support, your patience and your help bringing Yogventures! to life. As the rest of the year continues expect bigger and better improvements and lots of exciting features are yet to come.

Until next time, Thank You Everyone, we couldn't be here without all of your help and we can't thank you enough!

Yogventures! ALPHA v0.01 is released!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce that today we are releasing the ALPHA version of Yogventures!

 The team and I have all been working very hard to reach this milestone and we're happy to be able to deliver this update. There have been a lot of improvements but the main thing this release adds is the very first look at character customization in Yogventures!

We promised there'd be "more than just changing skins" and to that we've held true. Many aspects of your player and non-player characters will be customizable and this release gives just a taste of what's to come in the future releases.

We simply can not thank you enough for all of the support and patience the community has shown us during this development process! We know it's hard enduring through missed deadlines and unplanned delays and we thank you all for sticking with us and giving us the time we need to develop the many difficult and demanding, yet super fun features of Yogventures! In the coming weeks we're going to be showcasing more, but for now please enjoy Yogventures! Alpha v 0.01 and if you have any questions please send them to 

and please please report any bugs to

 We may not be able to answer each email, or fix any of the problems right away, but I promise we read each and every report and we're using your valuable feedback to keep help shape the list of tasks we have to fix as the game development continues.

 Until Next Time, Thanks Once Again, and Enjoy!

Yogventures Pre-Alpha v0.05 is released! :)

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello and welcome to the Yogventures! Kickstarter Update #22!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement that Yogventures! Pre-Alpha v0.05 is now released and the links have all been sent to the "Founders" level backers. : )
Some of the things fixed and added to this version are: 
  •  Re-Worked Spawn location finder. 
  •  Re-worked saved data, might be able to reduce save size by 10 times. 
  •  Added the ability to delete saved games. 
  •  Fixed "duplicate grass" at ground level bug. 
  •  Added Corner Slant blocks 
  •  Added "wall" blocks 
  •  Added "wall corner" blocks
  •  Added "half short" blocks 
  •  Added "half tall" blocks 
  •  Added "quarter tall" blocks 
  •  Added "quarter tall" blocks 
  •  Added support for separate collision mesh for decoration blocks (optimized) 
  • Added 64 bit PC version of the game.

Thank you so much for your support! None of this would have been possible had it not been for the generosity of all of the backers!