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A book that uncovers the mystery of Jura wines from France - the people, culture, terroir and wines, plus local food and travel tips.
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Wink Lorch

376 backers pledged £14,076 to help bring this project to life.

The big rewards of the Jura Wine Book

This last week was pleasantly interrupted by the quiet Easter holiday weekend, yet despite this, I’m really delighted that supporters have appeared from all over the world to pledge money towards the project. As I write the target is 62% funded from a total of 161 backers, with just under £3,000 to be pledged in the next 18 days. From what I have learnt about the people supporting the Jura Wine Book project, I have taken the chance to add an extra reward, and want to share with you news of this and the other big rewards.

NEW REWARD – especially for pros

As so many wine industry professionals have pledged, mostly for the reward of receiving the book next year, I have added a special reward for a pledge of £95 (approximately US$145 and €112) for five books delivered to one address anywhere in the world once the book is published in April 2014. I hope this may appeal to wine shop owners and indeed importers who may want to give away or perhaps sell a few books. Some of the Jura producers may be interested too. And perhaps amateur wine clubs as well. Do spread the word please!

THE BIG REWARDS – learning about the Jura

There is nothing like learning about a wine region in the company of someone who knows it well. As a long-term wine educator I love standing up and sharing my stories and experiences of a wine region I’ve visited, and presenting the wines to taste and discuss with a group. It’s huge fun too. The rewards for pledges of a minimum £450 and £750 are for just this. Because of Kickstarter rules I have been careful in the description of what is included but be assured that these rewards will include a wonderful tasting. I have had to place limits on the distance from my two bases in London and the French Alps, but I am prepared to travel further if I can make it fit in with my schedule and negotiate the travel expenses separately. I hope to spend some time in the USA and perhaps other non-European countries promoting the book in 2014 so maybe we can work something out where you are.

Trust me, I love doing this, and it makes a fabulous evening to spend either with up to 12 friends in your own home, or in a bigger venue for a group of 30 (or more by arrangement). You can plan this in advance, as this reward is valid until October 2014. Do get in touch via Kickstarter or directly to discuss any questions before pledging.

THE BIGGEST REWARD – visiting the Jura

Yes, I put in a really big reward for anyone prepared to support this project for a massive £1,500 (US$2,300) or more, but this is a bargain for what you will receive. Bring yourself to Jura with up to 5 friends, and I will organise all the logistics for you in advance, after discussions with you, including of course the appointments with wine producers. Then I will spend the trip with you as your personal guide, both introducing you to the most interesting wine personalities, helping you understand the wines and food, and showing you some of the hidden delights of this gorgeous region. Of course, I will also act as your interpreter if you don’t speak French. For six of you this is just £250 (US$385) per person for the ultimate personal guide, interpreter and trip planner for up to 3 full days in the region. Note that of course all expenses including transport within the region are extra.

Sharing Jura with others is a great pleasure for me, so consider this if you can - the reward can be taken up to October next year. Please contact me in advance to discuss any aspect of this.

MY REWARDS – and my thanks

For me the rewards of researching and writing this book are not only tasting a wide range of Jura wines, but in particular meeting the wonderful mix of people in the Jura (see the photo of me below with Pierre Overnoy). The reward for me of this Kickstarter project is to experience the incredible loyalty and support shown by friends and colleagues new and ‘old’ from around the world. You have pledged, sometimes most unexpectedly, and have shared the project with your relatives, friends and contacts around the world – thank you all! I hope many more join your ranks.

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