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Ordinary folks participate in a mass collaboration toward green innovation (R&D-I-Y) and turn their apartment windows into vertical veggie farms.
231 backers pledged $28,205 to help bring this project to life.

We're at 70%! See us on BrianLehrerLive! Climate researchers give us props!

Hello windowfarms supporters!

We are loving you guys. You have really been coming through for us and it is starting to feel like this project has some real support from the community.

We have hit 70% funding on the project! Given how slowly we started off, that is feeling like a victory.

However, we still need to raise $7560 (and more!) by January 4 to keep the project afloat and to be able to tackle the next level of challenges like the website and kits.

In other news, Maya and I went on Brian Lehrer's TV show the other night. He and his staff were so enthusiastic. They stayed and asked us a bunch of questions about the mini windowfarm demo kit we brought in with us. See the episode here.

And climate scientists gave us props on the windowfarms approach to tackling climate issues. Read my blog post here.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      BPA - Bisphenol A, I meant.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I love the idea. Just wanted to ask you about the "plastic" bottles being used. Don't they release BPH (or other stuff) when exposed to heat / sunlight ?
      Congratulations on the great work.