Brand New Windowfarms- Vertical Food Gardens

by The Windowfarms Project

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    1. Steve McLeod Lori Medlin - Leaf-Lovers on

      We have sent through 4 separate requests - we have not recieved our window farm. Please update us
      Thank you!

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      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      Steve, we are responding to your request via

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      Chris on

      Hi all,
      I realize this may not be the best solution for all the Canadian-KickStarter-potential-Windowfarmers out there. I traveled to the USA on business last week and gave Windowfarms a heads-up that I'd be there (along with the shipping address for my hotel). My long-awaited Windowfarms showed up at my hotel on Wednesday!

      I was flying home with US Airways and they checked it in with no problems (although I am a frequent flyer, so not sure if oversize baggage fee was waived or if check-in agent was having a good day). The box is approx. 48"x12"x12" (roughly 1.2m x .3m x .3m) for a 2-column Windowfarm and well under the usual 50 Lb limit the airlines apply. The box arrived in Montreal with a small dent in one corner, but no damage to the Windowfarms. Canadian Customs accepted the email-receipt from the original KickStarter Amazon payment confirmation as the "purchase" price -- although they were a little confused by the 2011 date on it!

      FYI, I know United can be rough and insists on you signing a waiver before they'll accept any boxes as baggage.

      Thanks to Sarah and the Windowfarms people that responded in very short order (I sent the email to them last minute late on Friday when I realized I would be in the USA the following week)... and they responded and shipped Monday!

      Now I have to go find some seeds and make some nutrient solution! Good luck to the rest of the Canadians and I hope this information was useful to you!

      (Sorry for the double-post, but wanted to be sure anyone who could take advantage of the information receives it. Posted as comment on last update... and on main project page).

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      Matt on

      Any update on processing refunds? The Windowfarms team has been silent since I asked that my refund be processed.

    5. Vishnu Swaminathan

      Hello team
      Still waiting for my windowfarms to reach me in India! This has been one of my longest waits for receiving a kickstarter backed project.

      will appreciate a reply please :)

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      Matt on

      Vishnu, don't expect a reply or refund at this point. Join the club, we were scammed.

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      Edwood on

      For international backers who angry against Windowfarm support and delivery. Here please find a facebook group to gather our complaint and force windowfarm to reply to our mail :…

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      Matt on

      Edwood, that link is incorrect. It may work for you if you created the page, but it won't work for others.

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      Bruno Cyr on

      How many people like me never received their Windowfarm???

    10. Ian Duncan on

      where's my windowfarm...?

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      Cora Smith on

      I am going to report them to rip off report!

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      Gwyneth Posno on

      Just to reiterate that the people who organized this project are liars and thieves. They never had any intention of fulfilling their promises to international backers --- they made excuses and strung us along until about two weeks after it would have been possible to have our credit card companies reverse the payments.