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We are shipping Windowfarms!

Posted by The Windowfarms Project (Creator)

That’s right, folks, the rumors are true. Your Windowfarms are shipping. 

When the dust settles we have more to share about what it took to get here. This has been a hard-won battle; fraught with many challenges that we weren't always sure we were going to overcome. Although our entire history as an organization has been built around a commitment to transparency and a policy of "publish early, publish often," it has been a real learning experience for us about what transparency means in the context of crowdfunding a new business and we've had to navigate some gray areas. Not only are our backers watching, but hundreds of other entrepreneurs, as well, who have written to us seeking guidance for their own crowdfunding projects. We have a lot to share, but we are focused on shipping for now. 

We did start shipping slightly ahead of schedule two weeks ago, quietly, in very small batches until we got the first slew of bugs worked out. Now, Windowfarms have made it all the way to Alaska and a Community College in Seattle, Washington is already ready to grow. 

Right now it’s all hands on deck here in Brooklyn. The entire Windowfarms team is running spreadsheet relays, tweaking address fields, and fielding calls with vendors at this crucial moment. We have almost 2000 kits going out, soon to be followed by thousands of baby plants, over the next few weeks. 

Taking a step back for a second, this is epic. Seriously. We just blew our UPS sales representative’s mind with an increase from virtually no packages to hundreds a day. Only massive companies ramp up like this. It’s a beautiful sight to behold and we have YOU to thank, as well as our awesome teammates and a bunch of factory partners who have now become friends.

We are getting lots of emails from individual backers asking for the exact date when their Windowfarm will ship or arrive. We need to set some realistic expectations. We are rolling out domestic shipments first, and then will tackle the international shipments, which are much more complex. Our kitting and fulfillment center, the Mid-Hudson Workshop for the Disabled in Poughkeepsie, NY has been handling the craziness like true Operations champs. We are grateful to have them by our sides. The kits are shipping out a batch at a time every weekday. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a customer service call center full of those ladies with perfect hair, white teeth, and headsets. Thus, although we love ya, we will not be able to respond to every individual email. Please, sit tight and know that we will take care of you when your turn comes up. When your Windowfarm ships, you will be notified with a UPS tracking number. 

From here on out, everything you need is on the Internet. When your kit arrives, look for a packing slip inside the box -- don’t throw it out! We have printed a personalized web address (the one we emailed to you back in May) that you will need to log onto in order to view your Windowfarms set up instructions and to get started GROWING SOCIALLY with all the other fantastically awesome Windowfarmers popping up around the globe. 

High Fives,
The Windowfarms Crew
Britta, Skyler, Destiny, Antonio, Eric, Pirapha, Beth, Stephen, Rafay, & Pat


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    1. Missing avatar

      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      Attention International & Canadian Kickstarter backers! Please communicate directly with us at for questions about the status of your order. Posting questions about specific orders on various Kickstarter is not an efficient way to communicate with us as it scatters communication in many directions that we have to chase down instead of directly funneling it directly to our customer service queue. If you have already put in a request there, please be patient. We are working through individual conversations with you all and will be in touch, we promise! Many thanks, The Windowfarms Team

    2. Missing avatar

      kelsey on

      Just got my window farms a few days ago.. thanks! Just waiting on plants now..

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Schmid on

      Please show some love for your backers! An update on international order delays would be much appreciated! Best of luck moving forward.

    4. Ciaran Lyons on

      I will super-disappointed if any of these GREENFRIDAYSALE kits ship before the international Kickstarter kits do.

    5. Muriel Abraham on

      Yeah, I got that email too, twice... And I am still waiting for my windowfarm, or at least a word to let us know that the shipping has been delayed or that they were waiting for a new batch... in other words, any news is better than no news...

    6. Missing avatar

      Skye Chilton on

      No kidding.

      The sale email wasn't very nice when we've been waiting for so long.

    7. Missing avatar

      Judy on

      I just got an email about a sale on the kits. While I'm glad that this project is going so well, I still haven't got the one I ordered almost a year ago when the kickstarter campaign happened. I also haven't been updated about that since September. Yay for new customers, but what about the ones you already have who are still waiting?

    8. snowbutterfly on

      Hi Windowfarms crew,

      I am still really excited to see the two windowfarms that I've ordered very soon. But I have to say it's a little disconcerting that you are now offering a GREENFRIDAYSALE discount when those of us who backed you at full price and shipping have still not received ours almost a year later.

      Please consider offering those who've invested in your success either through expediting the delivery, or perhaps even a discounted product/credit (the same as the new buyers, even at 27%!)

      If there has been difficulty shipping internationally, please let us know with an update as well? Thanks very much.

    9. Stephanie Spafford on

      When are the window farms shipping to Canada?

    10. Missing avatar

      Skye Chilton on

      Second support query attempt with no response yet.

      The wait goes on.

    11. John H on

      So, Michael, did you receive your shipment without getting a shipping notification e-mail first? Just curious.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Ross on

      Just received my WindowFarm. Like many of you I was questioning whether they had my proper address, or were going to ship to me at all, but I finally paused for a second and reflected: "Did I back WindowFarms or did I buy something from WindowFarms?" I finally decided that I BACKED WindowFarms and that helped me be more patient.

      Britta and crew, I know things must be stressful fulfilling all of your commitments, so I just want to say "Thank you!"

    13. Dominic Lacroix on

      Want my widowfarm... in CANADA... SOON!
      Pretty please with a cherry on top!

    14. Missing avatar

      Edwood on

      We know that each project could some unexpected situation, but that we also know that a lack of communication and visibility of a planing destroy the image of a beautiful project. Please communicate with your backer and update your provisionals actions.

    15. Cody D on

      A little news on when Canadian shipments can be expected (even a ball park) would be appreciated.


    16. MOKU on

      Got my WindowFarm today...

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Grinde on

      How is International shipping coming along? No news and it is supposedly two months since the windowfarms were shipped... Some updates would be nice.

    18. Missing avatar

      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      Hi Backers,

      If you still need our assistance, please email us at

      The Windowfarms Team

    19. Richard Zimmer on

      Please update us....

    20. Michele Rajput on

      Have you shipped any Windowfarms to Canada yet?

      I agree with others that an update is in order.

    21. Missing avatar

      R P O'CONNOR on

      What's up?
      Still shipping?
      Or is this my first Kickstarter ripoff?
      Updates would sure help.

    22. Andy Bryant on

      Hi guys. I know you've just had a storm blow through the neighbourhood, but it's been quite a while since the last update.

      Please let us know what's going on.

      Thanks, Andy.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rob Youyou on

      Britta, Skyler, Destiny, Antonio, Eric, Pirapha, Beth, Stephen, Rafay, & Pat:

      Given the number of people (including myself) who have still not received an email with shipping details, perhaps it's time to provide another update. Are there shipping problems, economic problems, production problems, etc? Some/Any news (even bad) is better than no news.


    24. Missing avatar

      Skye Chilton on

      No reply to my support inquiry =(

    25. Gregg Brown on

      where are the windowfarms? last email came out almost 2 months ago...

    26. Nan on

      I'm so glad I am not the only one who hasn't received my window farm yet. My lease is up in February, and I may be moving to a new address, do you think you'll ship international orders before the new year?

    27. Benj FitzPatrick on

      @William. I just received an email regarding baby plants and I didn't see any way to select different kinds. They listed 4 types, sweet basil, watercress, chives, and a lettuce mix. Within those 4 I also did not see a way to choose how many of each I would like. Perhaps I missed it, but it looks like there's not a whole lot of choice.

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Missing avatar

      Skye Chilton on

      It's definitely getting a little ridiculous as I ordered one for an xmas present (knowing it would be a spring present) but now it's looking more like an xmas 2012 gift.

      If you're shipping "hundreds a day" it shouldn't take that long to fulfill ~1500 orders.

    30. Jai Ingersoll-Kundert on

      I too am disappointed that I have not yet receive my windowfarm and it is now October 17th. It is now 10 months from the time I backed this project.

    31. Paul Drago on

      In all honesty, my mind is blown that it is now October 15th and I have not received my order. Estimated delivery was March... I was okay with the push back to august-- but October? We definitely need more feedback from the windowfarm team. What is holding us back?

    32. Benj FitzPatrick on

      I just got mine last week (Minneapolis, MN) and I agree that a packing list would have been nice. Having to go to the special url on the paper included in the box to get the packing list and instructions struck me as a bit silly. I hope the rest of you get your window farms soon. Now on to waiting for plants...

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark Eggert

      I received my shipment today. I think I have everything, but I don't know for sure as there was no packing list in the package. Yes, I received the enclosed order form but this isn't a packing list. There are many items in the box, what am I suppose to have received?

    34. David Nevin on

      Very disappointed with what was initially an exciting project but has turned into a fiasco. I am glad to hear that at least some people are receiving their farms, but my patience is stretched very thin right now. It has been far too long with out news. Please make an effort to inform us of the situation or please begin to inform me how to get back my pledge. There are many other worthy projects that are seeking funding.

    35. Kris on

      I agree! I would rather get my money back at this point. The idea was fantastic a YEAR ago, literally almost a year ago. But now I'm over it and rather get my money back and just call it a day! I hate every few weeks or months remembering, "Oh wait, whatever happened to that thing I ordered?" Then having to remember to keep checking on the updates to see if it will EVER get here. If they already went to Alaska, how far is California on the list?

    36. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    37. Missing avatar

      Edwood on

      Any news about when the windowfarms will ship to France, too?

    38. Missing avatar

      Martin Slota on

      Any news about when the windowfarms will ship to Europe, too?

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter C on

      You guys are awfully quiet after the shipping announcement ... should we be concerned?

    40. Daisy on

      I'd also like an update. I'm in New Jersey.

    41. Missing avatar


      When will my windowfam ship? I am not international and I am still waiting.

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Grinde on

      When will my windowfarm ship? I selected international shipping to Norway...

    43. Chris Bell on

      When will they ship? Its October tomorrow and I've not received anything

    44. Cat Peters on

      Yay!! Got my windowfarm and just got my plants!! Thanks Windowfarms Team! How many liters is the reservoir at the max line?

    45. Erick on

      Can it be shipped through USPS instead of UPS? I am not there in the day and well, the closest UPS office is really far away!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Brad Slavin on

      I have not heard anything on this is there a specific order in which they are getting shipped out?

    47. Missing avatar

      Annamarie on

      I was notified via email that my Windowfarms had been shipped. I was then notified that shipping had been cancelled. I sent an email last week to you guys to try to figure out what happened, but no word. I just want to make sure there was nothing wrong with my payment since I had to pay for shipping post purchase as I'm sure others had to do as well. Also the address that it was shipping to was my old address. I had changed my address on the /thankyoukickstarters link you had posted above but for some reason it doesn't look like that registered.

    48. Missing avatar

      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      As stated in the update above, when your Windowfarm ships, you will be notified via UPS. Plants ship separately & at a later date from your Windowfarm kit. Printed information explaining the plant shipment will be included in your Windowfarms kit.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sarah Evans on

      We travel for work and not always at home for up to five days at a time. The package will be taken in by someone else. How long will the baby plants in live on their own? Should they go in a fridge?