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Grow fresh food in your windows even during the winter without dirt! Hitting $200K goal gets them sustainably produced in the USA!
1,577 backers pledged $257,307 to help bring this project to life.

See Your Windowfarm in Production

Posted by The Windowfarms Project (Creator)

Yes! We are still on track to ship your Windowfarm starting on August 27, 2012. 

Watch your Windowfarm being made right now in upstate New York...

We created a special page on our Windowfarms website for our Kickstarter backers. If you have questions or need to update your contact or shipping information, please visit:

If you have friends or family who are interested in Windowfarming and want to purchase a kit, we have a sign up list on our website for the next round of Windowfarms kit sales. We already have more than 1000 people on this wait list for Batch Two. Tell your friends not to delay, as Batch Two is already close to selling out. People can sign up to be notified when sales start by clicking the link here:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Laura-Jean Kelly on

      I haven't received my window farm yet and have had no updates. Could you please update me on the status? Thanks

    2. William Barnes on

      Destiny, it's great of you to provide us with an email address but maybe you need to have more than yourself answering questions if you're that swamped. And it might be good to take a look at some of the questions being asked here (like mine) and add the answers to those questions to the FAQ (which right now is not too helpful). Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason Short on

      I JUST got a UPS tracking number! Looks like shipments are on their way!!!!!

    4. Lou Fox

      Did they go out? I haven't received any emails about shipment. And like William Barnes I never got the May 9th email. I even did all the steps you suggested like checking my kicker starter account, and even contacting you and still nothing. Please get back to me, about when it will arrive, how I pick the seeds and how I get all the emails I missed

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Short on

      So it's August 31st. can I get a tracking number or anything for this shipment? If it hasn't shipped yet - a quick update on when it will ship would be nice.

      I'm also curious how and when I will know I have baby plants in the mail. I can't imagine it would be good for them to sit in a box for a week if I'm out on vacation when it arrives at my home. Any details on thsi would be appreciated.

    6. William Barnes on

      What happened to the email that was supposed to go to the project funders who are getting baby plants? You (Destiny) told me that email was probably going to go out in June and it is now August and once again I'm worried about this project. I know you're a small team because you keep on bringing that up but you've also had a big chunk on money to work with so expected more focus on the details like this.

    7. Missing avatar

      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      Hi guys,

      Destiny, here from Windowfarms! We are still on target to begin shipping this week in August as we had originally planned and announced in late spring.

      We know that everyone is anxious to get their Windowfarm and we know that everyone has lots of questions. This is why we created a customer service resource page with the answers to frequently asked questions. We update this information page when things change, or if there is pertinent information that we want to share with our backers. Here is the link:

      Please remember that we are a tiny team working to ensure the safe shipment of over one thousand Windowfarm kits and related products in the coming weeks. This also means that we are in the middle of individual communication with more than one thousand backers, sending tracking numbers, following up on installation questions, etc.

      Thanks for your patience and sit tight because we hope to have everyone on their way to Windowfarming soon!

      Destiny Pierce
      Windowfarms Community Manager

    8. Gunilla Britse on

      I would like to know if the "window gardens" is on its way which I ordered
      and have paid for, as a Christmas gift 2011 to my daughter, and if it is not on
      its way, when does it arrive to the address I gave you as I paid half a
      year ago?

      Gunilla Britse
      Eskelhem Sigvards 659
      622 70 Gotlands Tofta

    9. Missing avatar

      John on

      Today's the day, can't wait to get my two column Windowfarm into action. Not a moment too soon, just in time for the end of summer!

    10. Joshua S. Levine on

      august 27th is nearly upon us. how are we doing on shipping?

    11. Missing avatar

      maggie kaplan on

      Wow! I am so proud of you, Britta, for your vision not only to produce Windowfarms in the USA using sustainable manufacturing, but also your tenacity to make this a true reality! This alignment of your intention coupled with attention to all the steps necessary to implement your vision, is paying off in ways you could not even imagine! This impact is a true "Collateral Delight"! And you have demonstrated the power of "Return on Relationship" in the process!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      Our work to promote sustainable US manufacturing is paying off.
      The company that is doing product development for @makerbot and @pebble just contacted us to be personally introduced to our manufacturing partners in upstate new york, Harbec.
      All of the time we spent personally vetting US factories to find the best and most sustainable is now turning into the possibility of more work for US factories. The product development company called Dragon Innovation is helping @pebble, @makerbot, @sphero, etc. figure out how to manufacture their products. Their CEO, Scott Miller, is one of our backers and just wrote me an email asking for an introduction to Harbec. This is just the kind of impact we were hoping for with this video, it's what our backer Maggie Kaplan would call a "collateral delight." I can't wait to have some time to speak out more on this important issue. Designers and engineers are the ones who need to change direction to bring US Manufacturing back to life.