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Grow fresh food in your windows even during the winter without dirt! Hitting $200K goal gets them sustainably produced in the USA!
1,577 backers pledged $257,307 to help bring this project to life.

Reminder to Include Shipping

Posted by The Windowfarms Project (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We have a REMINDER:

We are wrapping up the campaign and have one reminder for those who still need to include shipping in their pledge.  In order for us to make deliveries, we will need you to adjust your pledge to the total of rewards + shipping cost.  Kickstarter does not let you pledge multiple times under one name, but you can 'adjust' the amount by going to our project page and click on "Manage My Pledge" to make sure to include shipping in the final amount.  If you have already completed this process, no further action is needed.

Please find the reward you pledged below for the total amount it should be adjusted to.  You may purchase multiple units by adding up the total desire + shipping and pledge one final amount.  Note: International Rewards and some other ones with shipping already included are excluded from this list and no further action is required.

One-Column Windowfarm

US $99 + $15 = $114

Canada $99 + $19 = $118

One-Column Windowfarm + baby plants + nutrients (US Only)

$169 + $15 = $184

One-Column Windowfarm + 1 year supply of baby plants + nutrients (US Only)

$369 + $15 = $384

Two-Column Windowfarm

US $169 + $25 = $194 

Canada $169 + $34 = $203 

Four-Column Windowfarms

US $269 + $35 = $304

Canada $269 + $42 = $311

Four-Column Windowfarms + 1 year supply of baby plants + nutrients (US Only)

$599 + $35 = $634

Thank you so much again everyone!

The Windowfarms Team


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    1. Meghan Howell on

      Hi - I missed this message. I'm a $169'er pledge. Where can I add my shipping fees?

    2. Missing avatar

      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      and @Scott Haggar, You're right, should be $118!

    3. Missing avatar

      The Windowfarms Project 2-time creator on

      @AnnamarieL You can no longer add the shipping on Kickstarter. We'll give you a way to add it on our website soon! Stay tuned for more info.

    4. Missing avatar

      Skye Chilton on

      you just add the shipping to your pledge value. it's a weird system KS has for that because then it also skews the total pledge amount for that project.

      ie. the standard US one column requires a $114 pledge but 13% of that pledge is shipping costs.

    5. Missing avatar

      Annamarie on

      So I did the $99 pledge, but I'm not sure how to add the 15 dollars for shipping. I'm sure it's probably obvious, but would someone mind telling me how to add the shipping to what I've already pledged?

    6. Scott Haggar on

      I think the math is a bit off for Canada... I based my pledge on 99 + 19 being $118

    7. Nick Smolney on

      so does the $449 option also need additional shipping money too?

    8. Gregg Brown on

      Please tell us how to add shipping, this is insane...

    9. Missing avatar

      David Knoll on

      Where is "Manage My Pledge" to adjust for shipping?

    10. Missing avatar

      Linda Thomas on

      I cannot figure out how to add shipping, Help!

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      if we wanted to get two classic window farms do we just double our pledge amount?
      i.e. $99 x 2 + shipping x 2

    12. Missing avatar

      Katherine on

      Me too. I'm worried now... :S

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I was going to post the same thing Skye :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Skye Chilton on

      Canada $99 + $19 = $119 ?