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Grow fresh food in your windows even during the winter without dirt! Hitting $200K goal gets them sustainably produced in the USA!
Grow fresh food in your windows even during the winter without dirt! Hitting $200K goal gets them sustainably produced in the USA!
1,577 backers pledged $257,307 to help bring this project to life.

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Final Update

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Hi Backers,

Woo-hoo!!! We have finally finished shipping our domestic Kickstarter orders!

Our Kickstarter campaign has closed and we are now handling all business on our Windowfarms company platform at

We have worked with our manufacturers and the Mid-Hudson Workshop for the Disabled to manufacture, assemble, label, box and ship 150,000 individual parts used to create the Windowfarms kits. This translates into meaningful work for more than 150 families here in the U.S.

International and Canadian backers, we haven’t forgotten you! Be on the lookout for a special Windowfarms email message in your inbox in the coming week.

Please note that we will no longer respond to specific customer service requests on Kickstarter. The proper channel to directly communicate with us regarding your Windowfarm shipment or customer service request is via our company email at

For those of you in the U.S. who have not yet received your Windowfarm, you fall into one of our special cases that need to be addressed individually. Please contact us directly at If you have already emailed a request to us at and have not yet received a reply, please be patient. We are working through the queue now and will respond to you as soon as we can! We always ask that you keep in mind that we are a small startup company with a core team of only 4 full-time staff, including Britta, often working around the clock to keep Windowfarms up and running.

The Windowfarms Team

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We are shipping Windowfarms!

That’s right, folks, the rumors are true. Your Windowfarms are shipping. 

When the dust settles we have more to share about what it took to get here. This has been a hard-won battle; fraught with many challenges that we weren't always sure we were going to overcome. Although our entire history as an organization has been built around a commitment to transparency and a policy of "publish early, publish often," it has been a real learning experience for us about what transparency means in the context of crowdfunding a new business and we've had to navigate some gray areas. Not only are our backers watching, but hundreds of other entrepreneurs, as well, who have written to us seeking guidance for their own crowdfunding projects. We have a lot to share, but we are focused on shipping for now. 

We did start shipping slightly ahead of schedule two weeks ago, quietly, in very small batches until we got the first slew of bugs worked out. Now, Windowfarms have made it all the way to Alaska and a Community College in Seattle, Washington is already ready to grow. 

Right now it’s all hands on deck here in Brooklyn. The entire Windowfarms team is running spreadsheet relays, tweaking address fields, and fielding calls with vendors at this crucial moment. We have almost 2000 kits going out, soon to be followed by thousands of baby plants, over the next few weeks. 

Taking a step back for a second, this is epic. Seriously. We just blew our UPS sales representative’s mind with an increase from virtually no packages to hundreds a day. Only massive companies ramp up like this. It’s a beautiful sight to behold and we have YOU to thank, as well as our awesome teammates and a bunch of factory partners who have now become friends.

We are getting lots of emails from individual backers asking for the exact date when their Windowfarm will ship or arrive. We need to set some realistic expectations. We are rolling out domestic shipments first, and then will tackle the international shipments, which are much more complex. Our kitting and fulfillment center, the Mid-Hudson Workshop for the Disabled in Poughkeepsie, NY has been handling the craziness like true Operations champs. We are grateful to have them by our sides. The kits are shipping out a batch at a time every weekday. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a customer service call center full of those ladies with perfect hair, white teeth, and headsets. Thus, although we love ya, we will not be able to respond to every individual email. Please, sit tight and know that we will take care of you when your turn comes up. When your Windowfarm ships, you will be notified with a UPS tracking number. 

From here on out, everything you need is on the Internet. When your kit arrives, look for a packing slip inside the box -- don’t throw it out! We have printed a personalized web address (the one we emailed to you back in May) that you will need to log onto in order to view your Windowfarms set up instructions and to get started GROWING SOCIALLY with all the other fantastically awesome Windowfarmers popping up around the globe. 

High Fives,
The Windowfarms Crew
Britta, Skyler, Destiny, Antonio, Eric, Pirapha, Beth, Stephen, Rafay, & Pat

See Your Windowfarm in Production

Yes! We are still on track to ship your Windowfarm starting on August 27, 2012. 

Watch your Windowfarm being made right now in upstate New York...

We created a special page on our Windowfarms website for our Kickstarter backers. If you have questions or need to update your contact or shipping information, please visit:

If you have friends or family who are interested in Windowfarming and want to purchase a kit, we have a sign up list on our website for the next round of Windowfarms kit sales. We already have more than 1000 people on this wait list for Batch Two. Tell your friends not to delay, as Batch Two is already close to selling out. People can sign up to be notified when sales start by clicking the link here:

Packaging Test Run

Dear Backers,  

Check it out...

That’s Antonio, our Head Engineer, and Pirapha, our Operations Manager, who just ran our first ship test to determine if our packaging plan is going to work.

Packaging has huge impacts on the environment. There's not just the packaging that is used to ship the parts to you, the end recipient, but most products have to be packed at various locations before getting to you. We want to make sure your Windowfarms don't get scratched as they are shipped in container cars by the thousands from the factories to the assembly station. The wire frames are the most important to keep in good shape as they are the modular spine of your entire system.

So far so good. We learned that we need to add some additional material on the ends but it does not look like we are getting warpage.

Big environmental lesson learned: if we were all willing to buy the items that we find in stores that have a little scratch or defect we would create so much less waste!

Did you know? We have created a Kickstarter backer information page that has answers to the most frequently asked questions. Check it out here:

Want to stay even MORE connected? Join us on Facebook and Twitter  for frequent updates, like what we had for lunch! Today was all about edible flower sandwiches.

Homegrown Windowfarm nasturtiums on toast with some goat cheese from the local farmers nom nom nom.

Thank you!
The Windowfarms Team

Manufacturing Progress Report


Since we last alerted you to the manufacturing delay, we have been working with the factories and our fulfillment center to determine a new estimated timeline for Windowfarms delivery. Our new ship date is August 27. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!

You will receive an email directly from Windowfarms, not Kickstarter. It will link you to your unique webpage where you will learn about your window’s microclimate and the kinds of plants you can grow. It is fun homework to get you prepared for your Windowfarm.


Did you know that each Windowfarm is composed of forty-five parts? We want to introduce you to some of the amazing manufacturers here in the United States that are making your Windowfarms. Bob Bechtold’s company, HARBEC, is manufacturing the Windowfarms planters and water reservoirs using wind power.

Using giant wind turbines, HARBEC generates their own electricity and provides heating and cooling requirements for the facility. They have implemented many innovative solutions to conserve resources and utilize industrial waste. HARBEC has a goal of “no carbon footprint by 2013.”

HARBEC is located in upstate New York and is widely recognized as a leader in sustainability and environmental standards in the world of plastics manufacturing. You can learn more about HARBEC, and their commitment to environmental standards by visiting their website.


If you need to get in touch directly with Windowfarms, the best way is to contact our staff member, Destiny. You can email her at As you guys already know, we are small team with a lot on our plates right now so it might take several days for Destiny to respond to your email, but she will get back to you!