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DKK 10,035 pledged of DKK 100,000 goal
DKK 10,035 pledged of DKK 100,000 goal

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There is a big marked for windmills, if they could be installed on the houses and inside the city limits.

If the windmill also produces more than 2 kwh, on average, we would cut 50% off the coal and oil, making the world a green and more Renewable place.

This Vertical Windmill fills those three criteria, on paper.

I found the part, that makes it generate more energy than the normal version.

When it work, it generates about 3 KWh at a wind of 5 m/s. That is enough energy for a single family household, if you also get a battery like the Tesla Powerwall. (That is not part of the plan.)

I made a small version for about 200 Dkr. From a kids bike, a bucket and my dad's help. That version needs to be on the side of a building. It works, but only when the wind is going along the side of the house.

I want to go bigger to make a Real life-size version.

This version will be place on top of a building. Getting wind from every directing and make more energy and show that my idea is workable in the real world.

Risks and challenges

I have done the patent search, so that part is covered.

The money goes into the parts.
1/3 to the construction. (Parts, labor, smaller electrics.)
1/3 to the generator..(a 10kw cost +3,000 $.)
The last will go to pay somebody to get it on their building, and let it run for 3 months.

The largest steps in the project.
1. Hire a machine shop to make the large version.
2. Make a working version. That will be the machine shops task.
3. Installing it on a house. (I have two sites, but maybe the machine shop, I have seen will be the optimal place.)
4. Get data from the Windmill. There are programs out there that does it for you...

I am talking with a company in my country, that has a lot of experience in making and selling private windmills, and they will help me to make the project work.

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