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The FOO Show is a 3D-rendered, virtual reality talk show that will transport you into video games, science experiments, and much more.
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Nanomachines Episode and 2D Client Are Out!

Posted by Will Smith (Creator)

Hey all,

Last night, we released our most ambitious episode of The FOO Show yet. Instead of recreating something from a video game, we recreated places that actually exist in the real world. Last year, I met Shawn Douglas, who is a professor at UCSF in San Francisco who specializes in molecular pharmacology. His lab is working on two things that I thought were fascinating--building nanomachines out of DNA and building a 1:1 recreation of his actual lab in Unity so that he can do training and record experimental procedures in VR. While we start in Shawn's lab, this episode goes places that you've absolutely never seen before. It's up on Steam now, and if you've used your backer key, you should have access to the episode already. 

Just another place you've never been before
Just another place you've never been before

With this episode, we're also bringing the 2D/no-VR client out of beta, for the nanomachines episode and all the other episodes of The FOO Show. It should work on almost any computer that can play 3D games, but it does require a gamepad (for now, at least). We ended up building a modified drone control configuration for this, but we're not 100% that it's the right control scheme to allow free movement and interaction with props in the world. You can access it in Steam by right clicking on The FOO Show in the menu and selecting the "Play 2D version" option.

And as always, we'd love to hear your feedback on both the 2D client and the new episode! Thanks for supporting The FOO Show!

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    1. Jesse R. Wind on

      Are Oculus versions of any new episodes coming?

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicklas Wandel on

      Yeah, I did. The other 3 episode worked perfectly fine.

    3. Will Smith Creator on

      Nicklas did you launch using the 2D option in Steam?

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicklas Wandel on

      Very excited to be able to see these as the headset-less pleb that I am. Is the Firewatch episode busted for everyone else with the 2D client? I see an empty staged for the first 15 minutes or so, and then I get to the Firewatch hut for the last few minutes, but no Virtual-Will or Campo Santo guys.

    5. Eric Jarvo on

      Confirmed, seeing it now! Thanks!

    6. Will Smith Creator on

      Eric: Thanks for your note, it made me realize I had steam setup wrong. It should be working right now, but you may have to restart steam for it to update.

    7. Eric Jarvo on

      Never mind I see with other games how it would show, just not showing as an option. I'll wait a couple of days and check

    8. Eric Jarvo on

      Just not seeing how to get to the 2D client, can you attach a screen shot or imgur link with where to go?

      Right clicking on the foo show in the library does not pull up a "play 2d version" option

    9. Andreas Aronsson on

      Nice! I saw the update in my Steam client but no news, this explains what it was :D Will check it out momentarily!

    10. greg downing on

      Super excited to see you guys expanding beyond game content! (although the game content was great too) I'll be jumping in there in a few minutes!