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The first jet-engineered stove top espresso machine
The first jet-engineered stove top espresso machine
216 backers pledged £54,179 to help bring this project to life.


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9Barista: Perfect Stove Top Espresso



I have spent the last 5 years designing 9Barista, the first ever jet-engineered stove top espresso machine.

It's based on a completely new principle; the twin-boiler system, where the first boiler creates the high pressures needed for making espresso (9 bar), and the second boiler regulates the brew temperature to 93ºC.

This unique system allows the machine to produce incredibly accurate pressures and temperatures which ensure the ideal extraction for the perfect espresso. One of the great things about this new system is that it has no moving parts (apart from a spring) and no electronics - which makes it inherently simple and reliable.

After many prototypes, 9Barista is now ready for its first production run. 

However, there are some significant upfront costs before we start mass production. That's why I'm here on Kickstarter - I need your help to cover these upfront costs and help get the first production run off the ground.  


All 150 machines from our first production run will go to our Kickstarter backers.

We’re offering the first 50 with a £100 discount on the expected retail price.

The next 100 will be priced at just enough to cover the cost of tooling, but still at an amazing £63 below the expected retail price.

So, the faster you act, the better the bargain.

We know that not everyone will be able to support us with a pledge, so even if you can’t give us financial backing, you can help us spread the word on Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of! You can also sign up for our mailing list on our website.

Thank you for checking out our project and helping us make 9Barista a reality! 

What you get with a 9Barista machine in your life

PROFESSIONAL ESPRESSO 9Barista consistently produces precise espresso brewing conditions. And unlike pod systems you can use your own freshly roasted and ground coffee. The result? The very best espresso shots you’ll ever make at home.

INHERENT RELIABILITY Constructed from solid brass, and with no electronics or moving parts (apart from a spring), 9Barista is engineered to last a lifetime. 

SMALL BUT MIGHTY Small, compact and perfectly formed, 9Barista punches well above its weight, producing a double shot of espresso so good you’ll think it comes from a far bigger and more expensive machine. 

EFFICIENCY 9Barista uses fresh ground coffee, not pods. Coffee pods are expensive and inefficient. If you add up the cost, 9Barista will pay for itself within about a year. 

VERSATILITY 9Barista works on any cooker, from electric hobs including induction, to gas or even a camping stove.

ENVIRONMENT 9Barista is designed to have a low environmental impact. It is manufactured in Britain, engineered to last a lifetime and doesn’t use wasteful plastic pods. 


Once the kickstarter campaign is finished, the real work starts!   

We have our manufacturer lined up and ready to start the process of making the tooling for the casting process. That will take up to 3 months. We're casting the 4 main parts of the machine in solid brass: 

  • The top cup (a.k.a. porta-filter)
  • The fin heat exchanger 
  • The valve body
  • The high pressure boiler

During this time the other smaller, simpler parts of the machine will be ordered or manufactured. 

Once the tooling has been made, it will take up to a month or so to cast and finish the parts for the first batch - production run of 150 machines. We'll then allow one more month to assemble, test, and package the machines and send them out to our backers. 

So, our first backers will start to receive their machines in October 2019. Don't forget that shipping to far flung parts of the world could take up to 2 weeks.

As this is the first time 9Barista will be manufactured at scale, there may be unexpected delays and we can't guarantee this timeline. Of course, we'll be keeping all our backers up to date with regular updates here on the Kickstarter page.

A bit more about the machine 

The machine is 18 cm tall, made of nickel plated brass and weighs approx 1.5kg. It is precision engineered to very exacting standards. 

9Barista is a cunningly simple device: with the exception of a spring valve, there are no moving parts - just carefully shaped metal components. 

In the design, we have harnessed the fundamental properties of water to create repeatable extraction pressure and temperature, by using a new thermodynamic system. 

The high pressure boiler is heated on a stove top until it reaches 179ºC, increasing the pressure inside to 9 bar precisely. 

At this pressure a spring loaded valve opens, allowing water to flow from the high pressure boiler into the coil heat exchanger above. 

The coil heat exchanger is surrounded by boiling water at 100ºC. As the high pressure water from the first boiler passes through the coil, it is cooled from 179ºC to 100ºC. But, and here’s the clever bit, because it is a closed system, the water remains at 9 bar pressure.

The water then passes through a fin heat exchanger, where it is cooled further to 93ºC. Now it is at the perfect pressure and temperature to pass through the ground coffee, producing a magnificent, crema-cloaked espresso in the cup at the top. 

A lot more about the coffee

How to make an espresso with 9Barista

  • Fill the high pressure boiler with cold water up to the line
  • Place the middle section of the machine into the boiler section and screw into place
  • Grind your coffee, place into the portafilter and tamp down
  • Turn the portafilter upside down, and lock into place on the top of the machine
  • Place the machine on your hob. In a few minutes, the machine will have come  up to temperature, and will spring into life. Espresso will start to flow into the cup at the top
  • Once the coffee has stopped flowing, remove the machine from the heat and pour into a cup
  • Drink your espresso shot   

Dose and volume

We designed 9Barista to make a double espresso - with a 20g dose of coffee, and either a 40g or 60g shot weight. Once your grinder is set up correctly, 9Barista will produce a 20% extraction yield (the ideal target). The chart below shows some results from an espresso made on 9Barista. 

There are three main variables you can alter with 9Barista, which will change the kind of espresso it produces:

  • Grinder setting (finer or coarser)
  • Dose of coffee (up to 20g)
  • The beverage weight (you can set it to either 40g or 60g)

First of all, you choose the mass of coffee and the mass of drink you want, to set your espresso brew formula. We recommend 20g of coffee, and a 40g beverage weight.

You then need to find the setting on your grinder which gives the right amount of flow resistance, so that the espresso comes through in 25-30 seconds. This will generally give you the right extraction and balance of flavours.

If the coffee comes through too fast, you’ll need to grind the coffee finer, and vice-versa.

Of course, we’ll be providing loads of tips and helpful information on how to get the very best espresso out of 9Barista. If you’re a bit new to this sort of precise brewing, don’t worry, it’s fun, and very rewarding.

Extraction profile

We instrumented up the latest 9Barista prototype with temperature and pressure sensors, to show you what the extraction profile looks like. Here are the measurements.

9Barista Extraction profile
9Barista Extraction profile

Safety and standards compliance

9Barista is compliant with all CE safety standards.

We have also built-in the following safety features:

  • Pressure release valve on the high pressure boiler that will vent excess pressure (it opens above 12 bar)
  • Manufacturing with high quality, solid materials that will not fail
  • Engineered to precise standards and exact specifications to ensure it is absolutely reliable
  • Steam channels to direct the cooling steam away from handles
  • Insulated wooden handles 

The 9Barista machine has a patent pending worldwide and the "9Barista" name is trademarked. 

Risks and challenges

The design of the machine is complete and has been thoroughly tested. 9Barista is compliant with all CE safety standards.

The remaining risks to the project are around production and delivery.

We are working with a renowned, local, casting company in Birmingham, UK, only an hour's travel from Cambridge. The industrial design has been validated by the casting company, and all design and manufacturing problems have already been eliminated.

However, any issues or suggestions that you might have as you begin to use 9Barista will be able to be dealt with quickly in partnership with our production company.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

9Barista is engineered to last a lifetime. It's mostly passive with few moving parts to go wrong.

Environmentally friendly factories

We're designing and manufacturing 9Barista all within a 60 mile radius. This keeps travel and shipping costs to a minimum.

Something else

Unlike the most common "espresso" machines on the market, 9Barista don't use plastic pods - so much less waste is produced.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


  1. Reward no longer available

    Pledge £199 or more About US$ 250

    9Barista machine - Early Bird

    For our first 50 backers - a 9Barista machine - at £100 less than the full price.

    VAT and delivery included.

    • 9Barista Machine
    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Only certain countries
    Reward no longer available 50 backers
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  2. Reward no longer available

    Pledge £236 or more About US$ 296

    9Barista Machine - Kickstarter Discount

    For our wonderful kickstarter backers - a 9Barista machine - at £63 less than the full price.

    VAT and delivery included.

    • 9Barista Machine
    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Only certain countries
    Reward no longer available 100 backers
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  3. Select this reward

    Pledge £295 or more About US$ 370

    9Barista Machine - 2nd Production Run

    A 9Barista machine from our 2nd production run.

    Just as brilliant as machines from our 1st production run - just delivered a few months later!

    The 1st production run is now full. We've received lots wonderfully enthusiastic requests to start taking more orders, so we've opened up the 2nd production run!

    - We will start work on this run after delivery of the 1st production run - that's expected to be October 2019.

    - They'll be the same as the 1st production run machines, they'll be made in the same factory in Birmingham, England, using the same moulds.

    - At present, we're limiting this run to 300 machines.

    - They'll all be in "silver" nickel plate.

    - Delivery for the 2nd run machines won’t be any earlier than February 2020. They may well be ready before then, but we don't feel we can commit to an earlier date at the moment. Of course, we’ll keep you informed along the way.

    - We will ship to EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland

    VAT included

    • 9Barista Machine - 2nd production run
    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Only certain countries
    Limited 33 backers
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  4. Reward no longer available

    Pledge £349 or more About US$ 438

    9Barista Limited Edition - Black Nickel

    A unique opportunity to own one of the 20 limited edition black nickel 9barista machines from the first production run.

    All the delicious espresso making qualities you're expecting from a 9Barista machine but in a stealthy black nickel. Ideal for the cat burglar or international spy who enjoys an espresso at work.

    We'll use a black nickel plate instead of the usual "silver" nickel finish we give to the standard 9Barista machines. It gives a black but reflective, shiny finish.

    • 9Barista Machine - black nickel
    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Only certain countries
    Reward no longer available 20 backers
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