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Monk Fish is a short film exploring the unique way in which a successful chef privately deals with his pain and loneliness. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 1, 2010.

Monk Fish is a short film exploring the unique way in which a successful chef privately deals with his pain and loneliness.

About this project

**Half way mark reached 07/09/10! Thanks to our incredible families and friends.

*Please check out the Updates section to find more videos and songs and other cool stuff relating to the project.

Collin Smith will revisit the character he played in my recent short, The Big Fiddle: a young chef, recently made famous in New York. He doesn't believe he deserves the attention, and his fears and anxieties over his talent only widen the distance between him and his peers.
Monk Fish is a quiet film exploring the way Collin deals with his troubles in private. He prepares elaborate meals, and eats them by himself. It's a meditation on talent and loneliness, as Collin attempts to get back to what he loved about cooking in the first place, before the idea of an "audience" began causing him so much stress.

Collin and I have known each other for years, and this is our third film together. I believe our talents are evolving, and the process we have developed together between the writing and the performance has truly become my very favorite thing about making films. Together we're striving to really bring this character to life; to capture that feeling of being lost and alone, but also willing to push forward and make the changes necessary to find yourself.

My last film, The Big Fiddle premiered at SXSW this year. It was a huge honor to sit in the great theater at the Alamo Drafthouse and watch the 30-minute short with an audience. The feedback I received was so positive and supportive, I'm really excited to keep going with that momentum. I want to continue to make personal, character driven films that focus on experiences that we can all relate to, and showcase the talents of my amazing collaborators. I've got a leg up, but I need your help.

All pledges will go towards the production of Monk Fish. We have almost everything in place, and will be working with some major talent. Our cinematographer, RJ Glass is just awesome, simply put.
This marks our 5th project together, and he's excited about the challenge of capturing the visuals of all this great food on Super-16mm film. Your donations will help us pay for film, rent equipment, feed the cast and crew, buy all the ingredients that Collin will be preparing on camera, process the film, and get it ready for festival exhibition.

I'm very excited to present this project to you. If you can help support us, I promise to make it worth your while with some cool gifts, and of course by working as hard as I possibly can to make this a memorable, unique piece of art. Thanks so much for taking a look.

“My characters are on the edge of society. I want them to testify to human fragility, because I don’t like toughness. I don’t like very strong people or people whose weaknesses don’t show.” -Truffaut

"I think melodrama is always a splendid occasion to entertain an audience and say things you want to say without rubbing their noses in it. With melodrama, as in dreams, you're always flirting with the disparity between appearance and reality, which is a great deal of fun. And that's also not unrelated to my perception of my life working in Hollywood, where you're always wondering, 'What does that guy really mean?'" -Robert Towne

“Men have problems admitting to losing things, I think women are much better at that. . . " -Bill Withers


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    Thank you! You'll have access to all of our updates, and we plan to post some cool stuff: rehearsal videos, songs, inspiration, etc.

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    Access to all updates plus a screen-printed post card featuring original work inspired by the script.

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    All of the above plus a DVD of the finished film.

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    All of the above, the DVD plus a DVD of my previous short: The Big Fiddle.

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    All of the above, both DVDs, a CD collection of original music from my films so far including violin compositions from The Big Fiddle (which are just plain awesome) and new songs from the band I play with No Man No Eyes- check the updates for links to these things. I think you'll really like them. PLUS a limited edition screen-printed poster.

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    All of the above PLUS a thank you credit in the film PLUS a video thank you from the cast and crew on this site- some of these people are going to be famous I'm telling you!

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    All of the above PLUS I have asked 4 very talented artists to create original paintings based on the script. One of these will be yours! I will link to their work plus the paintings in progress soon in the updates, so stay tuned!

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    All of the above PLUS an Executive Producer credit on the film. PLUS We'd love to meet you and thank you in person. We'll arrange to have a screening for you, or if you're in NY you can come hang with us on set. We keep it pretty low stress, and you'll get to see what goes into making a small film.

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