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A Brooklyn creative space that hosts projects, shows and performances that can't happen anywhere else. From the creators of TheDanger. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on May 5, 2011.

A Brooklyn creative space that hosts projects, shows and performances that can't happen anywhere else. From the creators of TheDanger.

Brooklyn, NY Theater
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About this project

You are invited to be involved in the creation of something simple, gorgeous and potentially profound. 

New Reward & Event :
By contributing $40 or more you get VIP entrance to the second coming of The Midnight Society, Friday, May 13th in Williamsburg.  The night will feature incredible music, indelicate performance, cheap drinks and luck and folly on real-deal casino tables all within a historic national hall.  Details will be released early next week.

Every dollar raised from this point on goes to support specific artists projects. Please contribute to help make these events happen and to get rewards/invites for yourself. 

In my decade of experience in New York City, I've found the most inspiring moments are born when brilliant people get together in an environment that is fertile with conversation.  This can come at a rooftop theater production, a renegade street gallery, a bike mounted protest, and at long-term spaces built specifically to host those conversations that have no home.

On the Dumbo Waterfront we are building such a space (it's mostly done!)  It's not a bar, a gallery or a theater and isn't constrained by those labels.  It's a living art installation and platform for ideas that have no other venue for expression.  The most interesting ideas often don't mix well with the culture of a bar, can't afford to rent a theater, and need the comfort of a built out space.  We are building that location.

If you can, contribute to help make this space happen and you will be rewarded, both with what is outlined to the right and in contributing to a human conversation that began before any of us can remember and continues in hidden lofts and performance spaces to this day.

The space is, as of yet, untitled.  Donate at the highest level and you get to name this new venue. Thanks for your trust and support,

-William Jackson Etundi Jr.

Founder: Complacent Nation, TheDanger and other wily projects...

I. A new space in Brooklyn to support art, performance and ideas that aren't presented anywhere else. It's not a club, not a bar, not a gallery and not a formal theater. It's a super cozy, creative space that is a living art installation in of itself. The idea is to not be limited by the boundaries of a traditional venue. Literally anything can be presented here and there is enough infrastructure and coziness to make sure what you produce comes off with style and grace. Artists / performers / producers (you) apply to host an event and those accepted get full production support.

Examples of events to be hosted include: talks on controversial subjects, film screenings, artisan dinner events, parties and fundraisers that need a comfortable anything-is-possible environment.

II. The anchor event to be hosted in the space will be the bi-monthly Unspoken series. Unspoken is a platform for incredible stories that can't be shared anywhere else. No recordings will be made and all guests are asked to keep the discussions private (no twitter, no blogging!) The first in the series features the personal narratives of brilliant comedian/musician Reggie Watts, nationally acclaimed poet Aja Monet, and soft-spoken madman William Etundi Jr. founder of TheDanger. Future Unspoken topics will include: the truth of crime, prison and redemption, the cult of religion, fame mixed with failure and more.

III. An opportunity for artists. Every dollar raised over $9,000 will go directly to grants supporting artists building new work, shows and experiences within the space and beyond.

$4,000 to finish the build-out including the bathrooms, electric work and kitchen ($20,000 has already been invested).

$2,500 for artist Tom Beale's sculptural entrance way.

$1,000 for permanent installation work by sculptor Ryan O'Connor.

$1,500 for a modest sound system.

$ Any money beyond this go directly to artists building new projects.

Over the past few months, several events have been hosted in the space as the build-out is being completed. These events have mixed the energy of a full-scale art party with an intimacy and intelligence that can only be built within a more cozy and tightly curated environment. The events hosted have raised funds to send some very special creators on trips of outreach and discovery in Brazil and Greece.

The images below offer a hint of the experience.

New York City thrives on ideas born in spaces with limitless bounds. With your help, this venue will continue that important conversation.

Thanks rockstars!


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    + A Personal Thank You
    + A Public Thank You on our Website with a link to your site (if you want it).

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    Pledge $40 or more

    28 backers Limited (172 left of 200)

    + Everything above + Two VIP passes to the second iteration of: The Midnight Society a secret casino + DJ party taking place in Williamsburg all night Friday, May 13th.

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    Pledge $50 or more

    38 backers Limited (62 left of 100)

    + Everything above
    + Two VIP passes to the upcoming event: The Midnight Society
    + The party is at a secret location in Brooklyn, Saturday, April 23rd, event details are at:

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    Pledge $90 or more

    40 backers All gone!

    + Everything above
    + Two VIP Passes to the first of the Unspoken series, happening Friday May 6th from 8pm to 2am, featuring the infamous Reggie Watts, the brilliant Aja Monet and William Etundi Jr. of TheDanger telling their personal stories in a way you won’t hear anywhere else. Plus music by dj Zemi 17 and complimentary cocktails from Brooklyn Republic Vodka. This is the premier event at the Dumbo space we are raising money for.

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    Pledge $135 or more

    50 backers All gone!

    + Everything above + VIP comps for you and a friend to all Danger events for the year + All events happening at this space through the end of the year. (you = rocktar!)

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    10 backers All gone!

    + All the above
    + The Party Package: A pair of VIP entrances to any event in the upcoming year from: Mister Saturday Night, The House of Yes, Winkel & Balktick, Gemini & Scorpio and TheDanger.
    + It’s a $6,000 value! (estimated)

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    Pledge $250 or more

    10 backers Limited (40 left of 50)

    + FIVE VIP passes to Unspoken and your own bottle of Brooklyn Republic Vodka, plus a dozen roses because you are beautiful.
    + A limited edition, numbered and signed screen print created by the designer behind TheDanger & Complacent Nation.
    + Special thank you shout-out on TheDanger list!

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    8 backers Limited (42 left of 50)

    + Everything above
    + VIP entrance for you and 5 friends to all events hosted at this space.
    + VIP Entrance for you +5 to all Danger Events for the rest of the year.
    + Drinks, dinners and special invites to gatherings that are not made public.
    (you = hero!)

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    Pledge $5,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    + It’s kinda like the deal for Citi Field, but 80,000 times cheaper and you can name the space something brilliant.
    + Note: if you are serious about sponsoring at this level, so am I. Contact me directly at: for sponsorship possibilities.

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