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£89.00 pledged of £3,100 goal
By William George Dickerson
£89.00 pledged of £3,100 goal


Inspire the Escape Conscious Foundation - Turning your ideas into Reality

Inspire the Escape Foundation targets to add a new dimension to financial responsibility, transforming the way society invests in aiding to manifest one another’s ideas. It is the product of Bio-mimicry, a concept where one can take a system already present in nature and apply it to a human creation. Thus the foundations soul aim is to improve the environment, condition and well-being of all natural systems upon Planet Earth. 

The first £1600 of the funding will go to officially and lawfully setting up the Inspire the Escape Foundation as a functional body:

- Seeking professional organisation and guidance surrounding Lawful position of the Foundation

- Setting up of a simple online local community self governing system to allow community projects and potential doners to begin to establish local relationships.

We like to imagine the total amount of money flowing between banks, businesses and peoples pockets as an ocean of invisible energy. This energy, like water, can flow in and out of personal ownership and be used at will, traded and transferred, though it never gets destroyed, just like the energy in real life - as Albert Einstein said: 

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Thus the aim of the foundation is to “open all the gates” to allow as much energy as possible to flow back through into more altruistic projects perhaps with longer term considerations taken into account.

The foundation aims to provide a simple online system which can be used by communities across the world to build connections in their own local community.  With this established the foundation can then provide financial support solely towards more altruistic projects, ones which serve both the local and/or wider community. 

For example; a local gardening company from Cambridge voiced concern about the lack of support for wild bee populations in the local area, and would be willing, if financed properly, to improve the situation. Inspire the Escape would record these local concerns, and then advertise them too potential donors. Thus creating a relationship between those whom, for example are both conscious about the situation facing the wild bee populations can then work together and with others to collectively solve the problem. This can lead to trusted cooperation and communication which would allow fluid movement of direct feedback  given from the specific organisation assigned with the objective of improving the given situation and the partnered donors. 

The foundation will be completely charity based, and created as not-for-profit trust under common ownership, whereby ownership is held indivisibly rather than in the name of the individual holders. The foundation will also provide optional administrative guidance for both conscious donors and workers on local and direct channeling of finance towards projects, those created with the intention of making real positive changes in their local community. 

The foundations optional recommendations will help insure any finance is used in the most conscious, socially economic and environmentally sustainable manner possible. 

The following £1500 will kick-start the wonderful amount of planning which is required in hosting an event such as a global convention, never-the-less in combining this with the Conscious Foundations promotional event we can "kill two birds with one stone", as they say. It can be an event, in its true definition "a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance."

Cambridge Convention on Freedom, Equality, Sovereignty and Consciousness

We created the idea of holding the 2015 Cambridge Convention as a flag-ship event where the conscious community from all disciplines, artists, scientists, musicians, comedians, archaeologists, you name it, can come together to converse! If you can make it to Cambridge in England to share your art, wisdom or knowledge about any of the three convention topics, then it would be awesome if you could make it to the 2015 Cambridge Convention!

Main Convention Topic: Self-Empowerment

- Freedom - Are we free?

- Individual Sovereignty - What is a person & the birth bond certificate?

- Gender Equality - Understanding Gender.

- Consciousness and History - Patterns over time.  

Here is small list of public figures that we would love to get involved: Marco Tempest, Diane Bouzebiba, John Harris, Amanda Afiya, George Monbiot, Frode Gjerløw, Graham Handcock, Gomel G Lazaro, Kathryn Porter, Elliot Hulse, Alexander Gimring, Ann Cadman, Jack Johnson, Joe Rogan, Tommy Almond, Prince Ea, Progressive Era, Russell Brand, Joanne Martinelle, Pervin Todiwala, Simon Amstel, Frank Medrano, Tim Shieff or Dan Hardy.

Please Contact – 

To illustrate further why we believe the Inspire the Escape Conscious Foundation can use cooperation rather than corporation in our financial interactions; Below is a passage from the book "Cards Vs Humanity". 

Chapter 3 - Community Poker

In Philosophy - A hypothetical thought experiment or Gedankenexperiment (from German) considers a hypothesis, theory, or principle for the purpose of thinking through its consequences. Given the structure of the experiment, it may or may not be possible to actually perform it, and if it can be performed, there need be no intention of any kind to actually perform the experiment in question. The common goal of a thought experiment is to explore the potential consequences of the principle in question. 

When thinking about our problems (like you’d hope all good Philosophers are...) the book decides to hypothetically approach the problems facing community development from the position of a Poker player. Assuming they did this as the game of Poker is a game that only the bravest of individuals tend to enter, a game of immense pressure, which increases with decision stakes as time passes. The book offers alternative version of the game, which is polightly named: Community Poker

We liked the way Community Poker is played with different intentions, it is a game based around creative imagination, and built upon foundations of peace, harmony and respect towards everyone and everything in the game, and to win this game, balance is the key!



Risks and challenges

The main risk facing the project is how the audience resonates with the project. At Inspire the Escape Foundation we have ZERO time for hate, when life hands you lemons it's time to stay calm and meditate.

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