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Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
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The current status of the production! Please, read.

Posted by Willer Club (Creator)

Dear Willer Club.

We bet you're wondering what's the current status of the production of your new Willer watches. The good news are that the manufacturing process is running without any unexpected obstacles and problems, each report from our partners raises hope that everything will be OK in the end and the Willer watches will even overcome both ours and yours expectations   So don't worry about the fate of Willer - looks like it's gonna happen as fine as planned!

Now, a small spoon of tar... As you may realize, some parts for Willer are produced in Republic of China and we're unable to start assembling the watches without them. There is a long holiday period (CNY) that coincided with our production period, and the manufacturer didn't make it in time before the holidays. Since we can't resume production and even start an assembly, we must warn you that the shipping will probably delay for some time - the holidays will last almost for a month, and we'll resume the production right after that. We hope that this delay isn't critical and won't disappoint our Willer Club. We'll do our best to optimize our resources and make the watches as fast as possible, when the holidays will end. And the first photo report will follow right after that, too. Please, give us some time and little support - and you'll get one of the coolest watches to your collection :)

Best wishes,

Willer Team

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    1. Timothy

      You would be suprised, some manufacturers don't even start ramping up for a bit afterwards. It's really not that uncommon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dũng Trần on

      "the holidays will last almost for a month" -> it's not this long. It lasts long for 7 days as national official holidays public here: The holidays have ended on this 11-Feb. So we expect to have the production resumed. If there is any other reason for the delay, we should be informed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      Thank you for the update. As long as I know what is happening, I remain patient. As some wise person once said, “All good things come to those who wait.”
      Cio, Robin