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Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
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Pouch add-on proposition

Posted by Willer Club (Creator)

Dear backers!

We see that a lot of you upgraded your watches with the sapphire add-on so we decided to offer you another cool extra that might interest you! Some of our backers already showed their interest in adding a watch pouch to Willer Watches. Why not? 

13 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm
13 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm

Please, tell us if you're interested in getting a handmade pouch for your watches for the additional €26. They will be available three color variations - brown, black and green, and two material options - suede and calfskin. What do you say? Will you be interested in such add-on? Please let us know!

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    1. Willer Club Creator on

      @Ioannis (and other backers) you will be able to add the pouches while completing the survey after the end of the campaign

    2. Missing avatar

      Ioannis on

      When can we buy the bags?

    3. Willer Club Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback, guys!

      @Matt, we'll explain this to you in the private messages.

      @Vincent don't know yet. Not sure that our logo will look perfectly fitting or authentic with this, but we'll keep testing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Koehnlein

      Not a bad idea. It might be of interest for me, since my watch boxes are already full.
      I would prefer suede.

    5. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      I have a couple of watch boxes, however a pouch would be great for travel, as I usually take more than one watch. Depending on the price I would add one to my pledge.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Byrne

      Absolutely because my watch box”s are all full but for how much? Suede if possible and it’s not to much say around $20-30$? I don’t want to pay anymore then that though? Also I did not see how to upgrade the crystal but I absolutely want to add that to my watch..., please tell me how?

    7. Vincent van Casteren on

      I'm also more fond of watchboxes, but the idea is nice. Does it come with a logo or brandname, or just only the pouch?

    8. Missing avatar

      Walter Keasler, Jr. on

      yes I have a watchbox but it is full so the pouch would be great