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Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
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Sapphire Add-on Update

Posted by Willer Club (Creator)

Dear backers and future supporters!

A lot of people here who support us asked about adding the sapphire crystal to Willer specifications. On the current stage of our project it's quite difficult, however, we managed to agree with the manufacturer on adding a sapphire crystal to the selected quantity of our watches. So, if you want to get this add-on for your Willer watch (or watches), simply add €25 per one timepiece to your pledge and get it upgraded with a sapphire glass!

If you need any assistance in linking this add-on to your pledge, please, let us know. 

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    1. Gatot Adhi Prasetyo on

      Could not find anything related .. to my request to add on? ...🤔😬

    2. Willer Club Creator on

      Hey, Roger, Gatot. Please, check your PMs!

    3. Missing avatar

      Roger Gibbens on

      Excited about the watch. I have ordered the black Roma.
      I would like to add the sapphire crystal upgrade. Do I just add on the £25 Euro amount to my pledge. Just concerned that there is nowhere that states that this what I'm doing so how do you know this is what the add on is for?
      I hope I'm not over-complicating this!!
      Best regards

    4. Gatot Adhi Prasetyo on

      I could not add, the sapphire crystal on my pledge...

    5. Willer Club Creator on

      James, hi! All you need is to adjust your pledge for extra €25. Simply edit it on your pledge page.

      Gatot, good day to you! The difference is in several points. First of all, a sapphire glass comes with an anti-reflective coating that makes glass look and feel like mat surface, instead of a shiny clear mineral crystal. It also offers higher scratch resistance. However, sapphire crystals are more prone to shattering than mineral crystal and can't resist strong impacts as good as a mineral crystal (for example, it could manage poorly with falling from heights). To sum it up, the difference is in feeling and appearance and in resistance to different damage types, so it's up to you to choose :)

    6. Gatot Adhi Prasetyo on

      What is the difference between this add on crystal than the standard product?

    7. Missing avatar

      James W. Lee on

      I want to get a sappire crystal upgrade. How to apply that?

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Hill on

      Fantastic that you have found a way of offering the crystal upgrade.

    9. Missing avatar

      Julia on

      Awesome!! Thank you!