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Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
Didn't make in time to save big on Willer? Check our Indiegogo page for the sweetest offer!
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The first stretch goal beaten!

Posted by Willer Club (Creator)

Dear backers!

We're glad to inform you that our stretch goal, the blue & red special version of Willer, is now unlocked and available for ordering! Congratulations, friends - we made it!

The new model is called Rimini - by the dominating colors in the design palette that also are main colors on the coat of arms and crest of the city of Rimini, the picturesque coastal point of interest during classic Mille Miglia courses of the first half of the 20th century. This edition will be limited to 100 pieces exclusively for our backers.

Please, note that you can include this watch both in any super early bird reward and multiple reward of your preference.

The next stretch goal is the yellow version. Wanna see it happen, too? You'll really help us once again by sharing our project's page on Kickstarter with your friends on your social media. That'll make the new stretch goal much closer! 

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    1. Willer Club Creator on

      Lino, thank you so much for you kind words!

    2. Missing avatar

      Lino Iapaolo on

      First, let me just say that all of the watches from Willer are incredible. For me, the "Rimini" is a stunning time piece that is destined to turn heads and create inspired conversation.

      I am so glad that I purchased this.

    3. Missing avatar

      Julia on

      Love this one!

    4. Cristobal Mariscal on

      Glad to see it happend. Personally I like the one despicted. However a black with yellow would also be atractive. The best regards is to see the project prospered. Any model will be more than wellcomed.

    5. Willer Club Creator on

      Hi, Ron! Thanks for backing us. You'll be choosing the preferable color right after the end of the campaign. As for your question about quantity, we understand that there may be a higher demand on this model, but for now it's hardly so, so we started from the quite realistic quantity. However, if there will be more than hundred backers, we'll produce the exceeding amount to satisfy each of you :)

      Bartlomiej, thank you for supporting us! Since you're a backer already, you don't need to reserve anything! You'll need to pick the desirable color option after the end of our campaign.

    6. Bartlomiej Bohuzynski on

      If you may, would you be able to reserve this color for me as a super early backer?

      I'd like to know if this is possible for you to do?

    7. Missing avatar


      How can you guarantee color preference? You’re selling a 100-piece run with no limit on backers, plus you say any super early bird can also choose part of this 100-piece run? What happens if you get more than 100 requests for this color?

      Great job so far! Just curious to know if I can wait until the end of the campaign to choose my color since new colors might be added as stretch goals.