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An illustrated book for children about little people making big ideas happen
An illustrated book for children about little people making big ideas happen
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One Year On...



About a year ago the Kickstarter funding target had been met and the campaign was drawing to a close. I was looking forward to an extended overseas trip during which I planned to complete Terrific Tree House in a calm, leisurely manner and send it to print on my return. The reality was not quite so simple and between February and May I grappled with the verse and drawings until finally being satisfied enough to send the book off for production. I was so relieved and happy to send my backers their rewards and even more thrilled to receive so many encouraging reviews from backers and buyers alike. Since June I have had a steady flow of sales and am pleased to report that at time of writing only a small quantity of the first edition remain - less than 90 copies! If you have any need for more books for Christmas presents please visit the website at

I am actively working on new stories which I hope to have published in due course. In the meantime, I would like to wish all of the Terrific Tree House backers a very Happy Christmas!




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I have a copy!

I will be receiving the first shipment of books today, Tuesday 11 June.

Yesterday afternoon, the printing manager at Calverts*, Oz, telephoned to confirm that the books were ready. Hearing how impatient I was to see a book, she really kindly hopped on her bike and cycled across London where I was waiting for her with a couple of pints of beer and some chilli puffs. What service! Nervously I unwrapped it and leafed through the crisp new pages relieved to find that it looks great! I am excited about shipping the several hundred pre-ordered books at the weekend.

Photographs of the first copy are below.  Backers will be receiving theirs next week, providing they have answered a survey or emailed their address. Those anticipating prints and original drawings, please be aware that these will be available in just a few more weeks.

If you have a moment, please 'like' the facebook page to help me publicise the book and sell the limited number of extra copies.

There is also a website through which you can follow Will and Dot news or order further books and prints if you so desire.

Thank you!


*Calverts is one of the few REAL printers left in London. Our printing industry is in decline due to internet domination and cheaper prices overseas.  TERRIFIC TREEHOUSE is deliberately made in Britain because I think it leads to better quality and is more sustainable to manufacture locally. Visit Calverts website: they print beautiful things.

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NEARLY THERE! + Choice of prints

Dear Backer 

 **** IMPORTANT– So that I can fulfill your rewards, please respond to any Kickstarter emails that you have already received or, if you are expecting prints, an email that you will receive shortly. This is to provide me with your postal address and other information. Thank you to those who have already done this. ****** 

I am extremely pleased to report that the writing, illustrating, editing and proofing is complete. This week I will watch as the printing press whirs into action. After all of the printing is complete, the spreads will be folded, bound and chopped. Because of the amazing level of funding available, the book will be hardback: the best result I could have hoped for. I can't wait for you to receive the final article.

Those who selected rewards involving signed, numbered prints can now choose from the selection below. These are coded A to E so take note of which one(s) you would like. Then, please watch out for emails arriving from Kickstarter shortly, and respond before 7th June 2013 to ensure you get the one(s) you want. If you did not order a print and would like one, or know somebody who wanted to pre-order a book but missed the opportunity, the website now links to an online shop: Please note that only a modest quantity of extra copies will be available. 

 Thank you for your ongoing support. 


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Too much homework...

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