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An illustrated book for children about little people making big ideas happen

Nearly closing time! An amazing level of support shown so far - thank you. Ensure you receive a copy by backing now: there may not be many spares printed!  


Will and Dot's Terrific Treehouse is an illustrated story aimed at young children.  I am fundraising to self publish this book.  My ambition is to produce a book which might become a British classic for children and I would love it if you would become one of my founding supporters.  If you become a founding supporter I really hope you'll be an active member of the community of people who are willing this project on - following updates, making suggestions, attending the launch party and encouraging others to get involved too.


Over the course of forty pages, brightly coloured, detailed illustrations accompany a catchy, easily read story which young children can listen to or read themselves. The story celebrates the freedom of childhood in the great outdoors. 

Will and Dot are not children who are wrapped in cotton wool. They are allowed to take risks, make mistakes and discover their own way of doing things.

The story follows Will and Dot's process from their initial idea, through a design process and the search for materials and a location to the construction and enjoyment of their treehouse. The book ends with all of Dot and Will's friends building their own tree houses nearby, resulting in a massive tree top village.


If people like this first book I would like it to expand into a series of books, one for each season: 

Terrific Treehouse - Spring 

Brilliant Boat - Summer 

Fearsome Fortress - Autumn 

Incredible Igloo - Winter


I am an architect and I used to be in the army.  So I have plenty of inspiration and experience for writing an illustrated set of books about rolling around in the mud and making stuff!  I was also fortunate enough to grow up in the countryside and be given the freedom to do my own thing with my brothers and friends. There are so many children's books about monsters, fantasy and animals that I think there is space for one about a normal boy and girl simply doing great things.


For those not familiar with this site, please have a look around - there's some interesting past and current projects.  It's an exciting online platform for creative entrepreneurs.  It has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for projects in the US and has recently launched in the UK.  The book is launching on KICKSTARTER in attempt to bypass and better the highly competitive publishing market. I want the book to be an innovative piece of print design in its own right. Unique paper and binding courtesy of an independent print house in East London and superb layout by a highly sought after print maker who is acclaimed for his work in the music, art and food industries. 

REWARDS FOR BACKERS All funders will receive their rewards early in 2013. All books and prints given to funders will have a unique stamp to verify that you were a founding participant before it went global! Please note that by default all backer names appear on the backers tab. The amount you pledge is not posted. If you wish to be anonymous, please use an abbreviation or nickname to disguise your identity when you enter your details.

WHAT'S THE MONEY FOR? Printing mostly. A small thank you for the print designer and the editor. 5% goes to kickstarter, 4% goes to the credit card companies who process your payment and then there is distribution and packaging costs. At low quantities, and at the quality I am aiming for, the unit cost of books is high. Profit is unlikely to be made through funding - I would rather plough any extra amount into making the book as good as possible and have the satisfaction of having completed the project well.


I was so thrilled to meet the minimum funding goal and to know that the book will definitely be published in April 2013. Thank you everyone! But the funding so far will only pay for enough books for those who have so far pledged, printed digitally in paperback. No spares for latecomers to buy! Now I am in the lucky position of having reached the minimum target I can tell you roughly what a bit more money will buy for the project:

£6,000 will allow the book to printed lithographically with a basic soft cover.  Litho printing is better than digital which is what the minimum goal achieved.  TARGET MET ON 13 DEC 2012 - WOO HOO!

£8,000 will allow the book to be printed lithographically with a better cover - to make it more robust.  THIS IS WITHIN REACH!

£9,500 will allow the book to be hard backed - the ideal.  HEY - MAYBE A LITTLE AMBITIOUS... but if you don't ask, you don't get!


If you would like to see this project completed, please consider contributing  immediately.  I only have until midnight on New Year's Eve 2012 so hurry!  

If you would like to help even further, please tell others who might appreciate the opportunity to assist in the launch.

Thank you




1. (12/11/12) It has been pointed out that the rewards involving prints are slightly confusing. I am not allowed to edit the descriptions after people have backed them, hence the note.  To clarify there will be a selection of 5 different prints.  The £50 pledge includes one of those prints.  The £100 pledge includes 3 prints of your choice.  The £150 includes all 5 prints as well as the other things stated.

2. (12/11/20) I previously stated that backers are anonymous.  This is not the case as I have just discovered that others can view the list of backers. I apologise for this oversight and if anyone would like to have their name removed then please let me know and I will attempt to ask Kickstarter to take it down.  Thanks. Adam

3. (12/11/21) Loads of people have started giving me really useful feedback. A common theme is that they think I have got the age bracket wrong.  I was saying 3-5. I am developing the age bracket with expert advice and will keep you posted.  

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Publishing a book for the first time is a big challenge. My designer and I have had to balance pitching a funding target which we think is realistic versus ensuring that we have a cost plan that allows for an unusual, good looking book. We have had long conversations with our chosen printer to establish the principles of the product and get solid quotes. We have also found out how we can enhance it if we get more funding than anticipated. We would really like the book to be lithographically printed. The minimum funding cost plan allows for digital printing but if we can raise a bit more then the book will be even better.

Another thing I recognise as a potential problem is that I do not have children and could be considered unqualified to get the writing right. I do have godchildren though, and many close friends with toddlers who I am receiving plenty of good advice from. Most importantly I have appointed a very talented script writer to edit the text in the book who is a mother of two. She has a broad remit to make creative interventions and ruthless decisions about the words so they are entertaining to children and parents alike.

The final risk and challenge is ensuring that enough time is allowed for finishing the illustrations and design work. I am fully committed to my full time job as an architect so finding the spare time to spend on this can be difficult. I have spent months of weekends in getting the project to this point and that will continue in the months to come. Luckily I also have some holiday to use up which I will be taking in January. I will be dedicating much of that time to polishing the illustration work to the best level possible.


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