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An interactive documentary that lets wine lovers experience the journey of a vintage in real time, from bud break to barreling.
An interactive documentary that lets wine lovers experience the journey of a vintage in real time, from bud break to harvest.
An interactive documentary that lets wine lovers experience the journey of a vintage in real time, from bud break to harvest.
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More recognition and a chance at another award

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I recently returned from the Finger Lakes wine region in New York, where I accepted an award for Best Single Subject Wine Blog at the Wine Bloggers Conference. The award itself is made of solid glass, hand blown by the master craftsmen at the Corning Museum of Glass in nearby Corning, New York. 

If you'd like to see it and how it was made, they posted a cool behind the scenes look on the conference website. 

We just got word that Wine Spectator chose our short video on how wine grapes are de-stemmed as a finalist in their annual video contest. The winners are chosen by popular vote, so please considering heading to the contest page before Sunday and voting for "De-Stemming Pinot Noir Grape Clusters." It only takes a second (literally) - no email or any other funny business required. 

I'm so excited that a year after we've completed the VINTAGE 2014 project, awards and recognition are still coming in. It all started with a crazy idea of watching grapes grow and the support of wine lovers like you helping to make it happen.

Thank you for your continued support,

Wil & the VINTAGE 2014 team

2015 Finalist - Best Single Subject Wine Blog


Lots of good news to share over the next few weeks!

Most importantly, we just got word that has been selected as a finalist for the Best Single Subject Wine Blog in 2015. 

Open voting will determine the winner, so please take a second to vote for VINTAGE 2014 under category 3. 

(Note that it is not mandatory that you vote for all categories)

Thank you for your continued support!


Wil and the VINTAGE 2014 team

Next Stop: New York City

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In conjunction with our recent feature in Wine Enthusiast, we will be holding a private wine tasting and film screening event in Brooklyn on the evening of May 27th. 

Tickets are not available to the general public, but if you're a backer and would like to attend, please drop me a line and we'll get you on the list.

No matter where you are - the vintage archive for 2015 has recently launched. We're still working out a few kinks and gathering content from contributors around the country, but keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles for updates on the project.



Another Film Festival Selection in Los Angeles

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I'm happy to announce that we've received another film festival selection, which will allow VINTAGE 2014 to debut in Los Angeles at the Landmark Theater this June.

The New Media Film Festival showcases non-traditional and web-based filmmakers of the digital era with categories that align with the format of our multimedia, multi-platform project, including web series and mobile apps.

Our first film festival screening in Florida was very well received. I'm expecting that with Los Angeles so close to where our films are set, the audience will really enjoy seeing the vineyards just two hours up the coast. 

In case you haven't seen them yet, all three short films that are shown in theaters can be viewed online.


Wil & the VINTAGE 2014 team

Featured in Wine Enthusiast Magazine


Last year, when I set my focus on creating an archive of the vintage in Santa Barbara County, I wasn't sure where it would lead. I didn't have a deep knowledge of wine, I never made a film and didn't know a thing about viticulture. 

Just over a year later later, after months of multimedia production and a national screening tour, I got an interview request from Wine Enthusiast. What a great feeling!

Having Kate Hudson (who is also involved in the Santa Barbara County wine scene) on the cover puts a lot of combined attention to this underrepresented wine region that I have grown to love.

While the the number of visitors to has been growing steadily month over month, I am anticipating a spike when the May issue is released. I look forward to reaching new wine lovers who are curious about how their wine is grown.

So here is the interview that will be published next month. I want to first share it with the backers that supported me and made this idea a reality beyond my own expectations.