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Thunderbeam is a retro-futuristic adventure game, with an original score by The Octopus Project.
Created by

Wiley Wiggins

508 backers pledged $24,221 to help bring this project to life.

Rachel Morris NYU Game Center prints

Hey gang, I'll post another Thunderbeam update soon (we've had a great last couple of weeks of development!) but I just wanted to post a quick update about one of T-Beam's artists-

Rachel Morris is our lead character designer for Thunderbeam, she's an amazing artist and she's given the game a big chunk of its soul. Now- you can finally buy prints of her awesome NYU Game Center posters online.


    1. Creator Wiley Wiggins on February 25, 2012

      I like Ico huddled in the corner.
      This one maybe isn't as representative of her style, but I like all the posters!
      We just got some really amazing new artwork from Rachel that I can't wait to share, but I want to have it actually functioning within the game before I show it.

    2. Creator Charles J Pratt on February 25, 2012

      Actually, if you look closely, there are a couple of other characters from indie games, including Facade, Spelunky, Flywrench, and Drop7!

    3. Creator Josh Tomar on February 24, 2012

      I don't know why you chose this poster, among all of them, to post with this update. I checked them out and they're pretty much all fantastic, while this one, although probably one of the most complex, seems to be the least visually appealing of the lot. It's probably all the clashing styles and the general lighting. That being said, I do appreciate the appearance some Indy game stars (like Tim and Quote) among this crowd of big commercial icons.