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We are pressing 250 vinyl copies of Shostakovich and Rzewski recorded live. It might be face-melting, we don't know yet (put face here)
We are pressing 250 vinyl copies of Shostakovich and Rzewski recorded live. It might be face-melting, we don't know yet (put face here)
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Production / Finally!

Hi Everyone,

Wow it's been an amazing and brutally busy few months. Our Hammer Residency finished and UCLA TV made a documentary about it, we played a show at the Echoplex and a Monday Evening Concert, here's the LA Times review.

The vinyl production process has taken SO much longer than we anticipated. We're so sorry about that!!

With 2 re-masters and 3 re-prints of the vinyl press test under our belt, we have learned a profound amount about the vinyl production process. FINALLY, Rainbo Records let us know that everything will be complete on Friday next week. We'll be sending the Vinyl out in 2 weeks time! SO Exciting. Even better news: the vinyl ROCKS.

So excited to get these to you AT LONG LAST! 

All of our love,

Chris and the gang

p.s. - We'd like to invite you to our REDCAT debut in April, as part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Brooklyn Festival. Here's info about that: wild Up | REDCAT

Vinyl Jackets! The time is near!

Hello Everyone,

We've been hard at work as Orchestra in Residence at the Hammer Museum and Ensemble in Residence at UCLA with American Composers Orchestra!

The Vinyl is coming along...we were excited to receive the jackets recently! (see below photo)

We've been through three sets of masters with Roger at SAE Mastering, and we have a final version that the everyone is thrilled with. At the moment it's all being pressed up at Rainbo records. Such a thrill.

Looking forward to getting the final copy to you soon!


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Vinyl Progress Report! (and a concert this week)

Hello Everyone,

Wow, so much is going on here! We've been making music all over LA. Here's a link to our LA Times Review from March: LA vs. Brooklyn: Competition or Love-fest?

The Vinyl progress is moving more slowly than we had anticipated! The record is in the mastering phase and will be at the printers late in May.  There's so much learning that goes into doing something for the first time. We'll have this to you -- absolutely ASAP!

In the meantime, we've got a concert this week: Saturday May 12th at the Armory in Pasadena. We're playing Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale with Kurt Vonnegut's libretto, pieces about war and peace, influenced by Palestrina, and Slayer...among others.

Until then: onwards and upwards!

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Craft tickets (you're on the list), Bird videos.

Hello Everyone!

So, to clarify: 

Those of you who sent in survey responses about tickets for our Craft shows this weekend: you're on the guest list at the door for the date you requested!

If you'd like more information, it's: here. Or more tickets, they're: here.

So looking forward to seeing you (today) Friday at 9pm or Saturday at 3pm at Beyond Baroque in Venice.

Also, we wanted to send you a video from our Ornithology show, check it out below:

So much great stuff on the horizon! Soon again,


thought you should see this...

Cover Art below!

Thanks Traci Larson.

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