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In this speedy arcade multiplayer arena you don’t have to run faster than the bear to survive, just faster than the person next to you.
In this speedy arcade multiplayer arena you don’t have to run faster than the bear to survive, just faster than the person next to you.
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24% in less than 48 hours! SUPANOVA! New Backer Rewards!

Posted by Wildgrass (Creator)

Thank you all so much!

We've been blown away by the response so far, but there's still a long way to go. We're working hard to get the news of our game out there, but anything you guys can do to help share is huge for making this game as good as it can be.

We've even had our first Jam Master tier snatched up today, and we're looking forward to working with that backer on whatever game it is we end up creating!

We'll be at SUPANOVA Sydney next week from the 13th to the 15th of September at booth A047 in Artist's Alley. The best thing about making this game is bringing it to the public and seeing people play, so we're really looking forward to the event. Come say hi!

Reward Tier Changes

We've changed some things up in our rewards, first off- there's a new one!

Art Book!
Art Book!

Pledge at $100 or more and you can choose the Connoiseur Capy reward. This lands you 2 copies of the Beta and full release game AND an exclusive digital art book, featuring the professionally presented high resolution artwork that this Kickstarter is helping to create!

Due to some feedback of the weird gap between money holes, we've lowered the cost of our Honey Badger tier which offers the opportunity to work with us in creating a new powerup for the game, alongside the Alpha Aardvark and Connoiseur Capy rewards!


We've had a bunch of questions spread between our Greenlight and Kickstarter, we've answered them all seperately but here's a few key answers. 

Do you have an idea of how many players the multiplayer component will support?

The current plan is 4 only for the base modes of Hunt and Classic, but Spiral will likely have more depending on testing and what feels best.

Only in English?

At the moment it is English only yes, but we're discussing internally how much it will cost us to translate the game to Spanish, Russian, German and French. Expect some Stretch Goal modifications soon!

I downloaded your Pandamonium prototype to play but I can’t get past the menu, what's happening?

The Pandamonium prototype was made in 48 hours, during which we scrambled together a control system that only takes input from controllers. To play the prototype, you will need at least 2 (xInput) controllers plugged in (before the game starts) and then press A(360 layout) to start the game proper.

We know this is painful! The full game BEARZERKERS has supported Keyboard and Mouse from alongside controllers from day 1. Unfortunately it require us to gut and rework a bunch of the prototype’s movement system to get it to work how we’d like. The good news is, we're working hard to upload a playable demo of BEARZERKERS in the coming weeks so look out for that!

Do the different critters/bears have different abilities/stats from each other?
In the basic game mode Classic, all the different Critters will have the same skillset (digging) and rely on their skills within the match to win. The abilities you see being used in the trailer are pickup based powerups that spawn within the world and are single use items. The third game mode Spiral however is very much along the lines of what you might be looking for. Each Critter will have two unique abilities that they can level up alongside their base stats (such as speed) as they progress through the death maze. We hope to have a video demo of this mode up in a few weeks before the Kickstarter is over, as there is a lot to explain purely through text!
Is there a progression system or is every match independent from each other with no carrying over skills or experience?

For Classic and Hunt, we are creating a robust statistics tracking system through, that will award players at the end of the match with a title based on their playstyle through the game. This will also track the individual performance of all characters throughout the lifetime of every game played on the install, so we hope to see players picking favourite animals to keep an eye on their progress. For leveling up and permanance on your characters abilities, see our answer on "Spiral" mode above!

That's all the Q+A for today, you can also now find these in the FAQ. Please keep the questions coming!


We've had a bunch of mentions across news sites, blogs and Twitter- here's a brief rundown and massive thank you to everyone who's helped get us here!





Alpha Beta Gamer


$8,000 Goal is just the beginning!  

We carefully planned our initial goal to allow us to develop the base game into the best thing we can for the cost, but we would love to do more. Though it looks like we're cruising towards successful funding, with each stretch goal we hit the game becomes better for everyone. Much requested features such as online multiplayer and the WiiU version are huge milestones in our plans that we'd love to complete for you! Let's do this!

Thanks again everybody

-Wildgrass Team


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