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Hand-made interactive cards, harnessing wisdom of midwives, for sharing insight and inspiration, playful and profound ideas.
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Cards Are Printed!!

Posted by Madison (Creator)

Hey sweet friends,

Im SO excited to share with you all that the decks of cards have finally been printed!!!  I've held them in my hands (and of course shuffled them too!)  They look pretty wonderful if I may say so myself.  Its quite an experience to actually see them all perfectly cut and wrapped.

My current project is fixing all of the sleeves to the decks, and tying their ribbons :)  It's very meditative, and Im keeping you each in mind as I do so.

As in all things, the universe had to have a say in the card printing.  Every single card in the decks came out perfect but one... the "everyone feels a little awkward sometimes card" got a little more awkward than I intended.  On most of the decks, I actually decided to leave them that way, as I feel it enhances the cards meaning.   Unfortunately, on about 20 decks the awkward card was botched in an unsalvageable way, so Im just waiting on the printers to get me a corrected version.

I've also received all of the poster sized cards, for those of you whose rewards include those.  I have to say that they are some of my favorite.  I may end up having many more printed and exploring which Boulder stores will carry them :)  

Its all SOOO exciting!  i again am so appreciative of your continued patience.  I am putting loving effort into getting them to you all every day!

Gratitude to you all,


P.S.- Finally got you all some photos.  That second photo is of the universally inspired awkward card next to the needs-to-be-corrected awkward card ;)

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