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In a post-apocalyptic society in the sky, Cola, a teenaged girl fighter pilot fights to protect The Dawn, her flying fortress and home.
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Wow! We're over 60 backers in just our first few days. All because you guys are willing to get behind us. You have our eternal thanks. You've all spread the word and made our initial launch of the kickstarter a huge success. We appreciate every mention on facebook, twitter, your comic shop, or even your local barber shop. Any place you can mention it is a huge help.

Are you lucky enough to be in San Diego? Make sure you stop by the IDW booth to meet Zach. He's there signing his amazing Cape hardcover with Joe Hill. He would love to talk all things comics, especially Wild Blue Yonder. If you ask some questions about the book, I can guarantee you'll make his day. If you're lucky, you might also catch a glimpse of Austin as well. He's running around like a crazy person talking Wild Blue Yonder and handing out sweet Wild Blue Yonder kickstarter cards. If you get the chance to talk to him, ask him about some of our other upcoming projects. He loves to talk shop.

I, however, am the true lucky one. I'm not in beautiful San Diego, hanging with friends and going to fun parties. I'm home near Syracuse, NY, having a great time in my house. Way better than anyone in San Diego. I'm typing up scripts... looking at all of posts about San Diego and all the coolness there... moving furniture into my son's new room... and it's hot outside... ugh. If you'd like to commiserate with me, feel free to do it on our comment board.

WORLD FACT #2 - Protect what's yours, steal the rest - There are no stores in the future world of Wild Blue Yonder. Seems obvious, but when you really think about it, what would we do without your local grocery store? How would you fight a war without factories supplying you with weapons? Every flying barge in Wild Blue fights a daily battle to protect what's theirs. Basically, to survive. Like pirates of old, they attack and plunder during their battles. Each fight they get into isn't just to gain sky property. It might be for fuel, food or water, medicine, weapons, clothing, or perhaps even human beings. These battles, as time has passed, are becoming even more desperate. While they initially began with jets and planes loaded to the gills with rockets and bullets, those war "luxuries" quickly dissipated. Now, bullets have become as precious a resource as fuel, food, and water. And as those have run out, human beings have become the weapons of war, just like the days of old. Men and women rocket themselves into battle on short burst jet packs and fight with axes, crowbars, hammers, and sometimes even tooth and nail. It is a brutal, and almost always short, existence. If you don't have the stomach to protect what's yours and steal what you need, you will not survive long in the Wild Blue.

Next transmission, we meet a Dawn crew member! Possibly some more Zach Howard sketches... and, if you're lucky, I'll talk more about the difference between being in San Diego and my home life.

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