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RUBICON. A video game inspired by the physics and gameplay of Asteroids plus the tinkering and strategy of Mechwarrior. Two years later, I remade the game and called STARSHIP RUBICON.
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Demo for Mac/Linux now up!

Hey! Just a heads up for all of you who have made one non-market-majority personal calculation machine life decisions: I got the alpha demo of Rubicon for Mac OSX and Linux "working" (defined as running on the computers of the two random passerbys which I did vigorously accost) and quietly uploaded them this morning.

Here are the current download links: [PC] [OSX] [Linux], proudly hosted by the finest free filehosting service that I found in five minutes of googling. That is to say, those links probably fine until they die of old age, a chipmunk chews through the internet tubes, or they are disturbed by a light breeze. In addition, keep in mind that is an alpha version of Rubicon which has not been optimized for running speed, sense of life fulfillment, or "fun".

Man, I am such a professional operation.

A note on how I plan on running beta testing: when the Kickstarter wraps up (did I say thank you yet for making so I can say "when"?) I'm going to start periodically releasing versions of Rubicon whenever I need feedback on a specific aspect of the game. Beta testers will get access to these versions, which will be included with a prompt with what I'm looking for- though general bug/feature reactions will also be very much solicited.

Cheers, Wick


    1. Creator Beatscribe on May 15, 2012


    2. Creator Neil Roberts on May 8, 2012

      Worked great on OS X

    3. Creator Alex on May 8, 2012


    4. Creator Andi Rudman on May 8, 2012

      Weee! Funnnn!!!! Yay!!!!!

    5. Creator Randy Warren on May 8, 2012

      Very cool so far! Really hard for old people to play and stay alive, even running away is fun however! Upped my pledge accordingly.

    6. Creator TravisDiskin on May 7, 2012

      99.9% Awesome!

    7. Creator Beatscribe on May 7, 2012

      I just downloaded the beta. Its already turning out great. Lots of fun. I just up'd my pledge!