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Build creatures and weave their brains with simple biological neural networks to explore a player-created ocean ecosystem.
Build creatures and weave their brains with simple biological neural networks to explore a player-created ocean ecosystem.
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~ Fin ~

Posted by Wick (Creator)

Stickers: sent!

Small Ramón y Cajal art: sent!

Download keys: sent!

Runs on: PC, Mac, Linux!

Backer lines: in-game!

I think... that just about wraps this thing up.

Physical rewards

I got a lucky break with regards to the laser cutter, and actually got all the small pieces etched. I am QUITE PLEASED:


That big one is about tablet-sized, the small ones are a little shorter than a smartphone.

So those are in the mail, along with a very tall stack of letters containing the stickers. I actually sent ‘em a couple days ago, so they might be sitting in your mailbox right now.


Digital Rewards

Keys: I just sent download keys to all $15 “The Basics” backers.

People who were part of the beta (aka everybody else) can still download the game with the link that was mailed out back in July. If you’ve lost your link, just give me a shout and I can re-send it.

There’s a new build live, with options to change the window size + a fancy new splash screen:


Porting: So, this last weekend, I finally assembled all the necessary pieces to get a working Apple computer. Lemme tell ya, it was a quest:

  • Mac mini: off of craigslist from a guy sorting boxes of chestnuts in his garage.
  • Keyboard: from the depths of the computer accessories box at my parent’s.
  • Thunderport to VGA monitor adaptor: Amazon two-day shipping but WHOOPS HAHA it never showed up/was stolen off the porch.
  • Another thunderport to VGA adaptor: Lucy Bellwood to the rescue with one that she happened to have stashed in her closet.

But hey! Here’s a nice family photo of it running, for the first time, on PC, Mac, and Linux.


There’s still some kinks to work out (semitransparent graphics look a little weird), but this is where my choice in programming language paid off. Porting a game to multiple platforms usually takes months of work, but Monkey X makes it a breeze (or as much a breeze as dumb technical computer things can ever be).

Backer characters: I have all the backer lines recorded, processed, and ingame! You can hear a random one by going to Sand Flats and touching the pod ~~~ or ~~~ just listen to all of them by clicking this special secret link.

While we were in the recording studio, I took the opportunity to also record quotes from a handful of sources that were in the spirit of Crescent Loom (e.g. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein). Right now, one’ll play when you start up the game, but I think I want to find more immersive ways to include them.

Other: I don’t have a good transition for this, but look at these cool creatures people have made! They use fins + suckers to predate in ways that I really was not expecting.



Loose ends

Large laser cuts: I still gotta do them. (Caedmon, you’re still on this list for winning that tournament during the campaign.)

Creature collaborations: I’ll be sending out a build in the next month or so. They’ll allow you to submit your creature & I’ll feature it in some way in the pre-built levels.

~ Fin ~

So, yep. That was a Kickstarter.

This puts the game officially in open development, where I’ll keep working on Crescent Loom and adding content as time and funding allow over the next few years. I’m angling to try and get some grants which’ll be great in the long-term, but I still need to figure out my immediate next step for bringing in some money.

To stay updated: I’m gonna switch from these Kickstarter updates to my long-dusty wickletter email list, which you can sign up for here.

I know I say it a lot, but thank you again for enabling me to make this thing over the last year. I’m probably the furthest person from having an objective viewpoint, but I honestly think Crescent Loom is something special, and I really can’t wait to see what it turns into.



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    1. Wick 2-time creator on

      Thank *you*! :) I really enjoyed reading your comments throughout.

      Writing the updates was, for me, also one of the highlights. They kept me on track, and it was super fun to describe the design problems I was facing. Dunno if you noticed it in the post, but I'm gonna be trying to keep the habit on my mailing list at

    2. Alexander Senger on

      Hey Wick,

      congrats and a big thank you! Totally awesome that you have pushed Crescent Loom to its current state.

      I am kind of sad to read that this is the official end of this Kickstarter. I was always looking forward to your next update and to follow along the process.

      This for sure was one of the most fulfilling campaigns I have backed so far, not the least because of your great communication to your backers. Kudos to you and best of luck for your future endeavours!

    3. Wick 2-time creator on

      Thank you! Ah, I really should have included that link in the original post. Anybody can now get Crescent Loom on, here:

      We got through Greenlight right before it went under -- my plan is to push it live there after the game gets a little more structure / I've done more stability testing on different machines. Though, TBH, I'm in no hurry since Steam takes a 30% cut and (optionally) takes 10%.

    4. Missing avatar

      Finn Ellis on

      Congrats Wick! Where do we send people who didn't get in on the Kickstarter and want to play the game? I saw that it's on Greenlight -- will there be a build up on Steam?