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Help the co-creators of King Corn finish their new documentary about an old pickup, a big city, and America's urban farming revolution. Click here.
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3 Hours Left... Thank You.

Posted by Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney (Creator)

Hey Truck Farmers,

Our Kickstarter campaign closes in three hours, and -- thanks to you -- we made it.

We're humbled by the support you've shown us -- family, friends, and strangers alike. Because of your generosity, we'll now be able to finish the Truck Farm documentary film, and this fall we'll hit the road with a new story to tell: about how creative gardeners across this city are remaking New York as a greener, healthier, more magical place. We're eager to share the Truck Farm film with you -- its co-creators -- and hope you'll join us at a screening or a farm-fresh picnic sometime soon.

If you get a chance to swing by, you can see the entries to our Wicked Delicate Garden Contest, a competition to see which student group could grow food in the most creative place. There are 65 entries under consideration by our judges -- Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Marion Nestle -- and we expect to announce the winners next week. From shoes to books to CPUs, the sites for these gardens are all pretty fabulous, and we're relieved that despite the dozens of third-graders that threatened to submit a Toilet Farm, none of them followed through on that particular scheme.

We can't thank you enough for your support of the art and advocacy we're trying to brew up in the back of the Dodge; it's because of you that we're able to keep the old half-ton on the road.

Thank you.

Ian + Curt

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