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100,000 Honey Bees to Create One-of-a-Kind Album Art       Help Proliferate the Bees!'s video poster

Custom beehives will be designed and created to house 12" records in wooden frames. Honeybees will be introduced to form honeycomb packaging: Radical! Read more

Portland, OR Music
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This project was successfully funded on May 3, 2010.

Custom beehives will be designed and created to house 12" records in wooden frames. Honeybees will be introduced to form honeycomb packaging: Radical!

Portland, OR Music
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About this project

Here's the skinny:
We're creating a tangible vinyl album packaged in wax honeycomb.
Here's the long of it:
We're creating custom-made beehive boxes to house custom-made bee frames that will house a 12" record. We will then introduce 3 lbs of bees (roughly 10,000 bees) into each of the beehive boxes (10 boxes with 10 frames each). With any luck, the bees will take to building their brilliant hexagonal honeycomb structure on these uniquely devised frames. Once they have been sufficiently built up with honeycomb we'll remove the frames and have, dare I say, the most original album packaging ever.

We don't want to create an album that you throw away after you download it to your Eye-Pod. We want to make something people would be excited to own that would be worthy of hanging on the wall. Just check out these close-up photos of honeycomb ( ). ¡¿Isn't it gorgeous?! Well, imagine if that honeycomb was encasing a record made by your friends Seth & John, of the band Why I Must Be Careful. We're pretty sure it will be awarded, "Best Smelling Album of the Year"

Additionally, we would like to include a Braille booklet of all of the syllabic lyrics that the music of Why I Must Be Careful is based on. And I'll have you know, Braille publishing is extremely expensive. Which most likely means the blind don't have many options of books to read. We'd love to make our music fully accessible to the blind.

What the money will fund:

$830 for 10 "packages" of bees (3 lbs. or ~10,000) at $83 each.
$1,004 to publish 100 copies of Braille lyrics booklet
$400 to create vinyl master for pressing
$400 to press 100 vinyl records

$2,634 total

Bee related info:
Right now, April through June, is prime season for honeybees to swarm.
A swarm is a wonder of nature and should not be feared. It is thousands of female worker bees and a single queen looking to find a new home. They are leaving behind a hive full of stores for the remaining bees and the new queen. This is how the honey bee species naturally proliferates itself. It is a selfless act of the original queen to build up her hive to overflowing and leave behind the whole of it to her offspring to succeed her as queen. However, there is a lot of negative attention when a beehive swarms. Understandably, a lot of people don't want a swarm to collect on their property. And in reality, if the hive doesn't find an appropriate hollow home, it may perish. There are not many dead trees with hollows in them anymore since the advent of tree services and culling dead trees in forests. So the best thing for a swarm is probably to be captured by a beekeeper who will provide a safe home for it. I hope we're all aware of the importance of the honeybee as a pollinator in our world. We can all be involved to help, whether that entails planting flowers for the bees to forage, buying local honey from sustainable beekeepers (commercial beekeeping has been the downfall of the species), or best of all, start keeping bees yourself. And if you have the luck to come across a swarm of bees, please don't call an exterminator! There are resources in every town to contact beekeepers. Search for your state's beekeeping association. They probably have a "swarm call list." Any beekeeper would be happy to come collect the swarm and place it in a healthy and productive home in their apiary. And if you're in Portland, please contact me with your swarm calls: (whyimustbecareful at gmail dot com) to help with this project! I think you'd be crazy not to be amazed by a swarm of honey bees. Just do an image-search for "honey bee swarm" and you'll see what I mean. Feel free to message with any questions on this topic, and by all means forward this info along to anyone who might appreciate it.
I hope this early spring has been lovely for you.


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    Stock in the band Why I Must Be Careful. You will own a small share in the band! A stock certificate will be proof of your stake in this band and what we're doing! Please note: this is a stock certificate symbolizing your camaraderie with Why I Must Be Careful and can only guarantee potentially great emotional returns. This certificate in no way represents a monetary investment with any potential financial return.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    Bee Button! Since honey bees only live for 6 weeks during the busy Spring & Summer season, and the queen lays anywhere from 1000 to 2500 eggs a day (more than her own body weight!), there are a lot of naturally dead bees outside of a hive. We've collected these dead bees and given them a worthwhile tomb, a 1 1/2" button! That way you can spread the word about the need to help the honey bees!

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    Pledge $15 or more

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    Lim. Ed. WIMBC Poster on a 6" x 9" Datacard from the 1970's (38 available). If we run out of these, you'll get the same silk-screen on a page of the Braille edition of "The Emergency Procedures Handbook." Please let us know if you prefer this over the Datacard.

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    Pledge $20 or more

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    We took the liberty of the second amendment to shoot our band t-shirts. Brand new American Apparel t-shirts have been screen-printed with "WHY I MUST BE CAREFUL" and then with Seth's Dad's shotgun, we filled the shirt with holes by carefully and artfully shooting them!

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    Pledge $30 or more

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    A one-of-a-kind map of your city/state with "Why I Must Be Careful" burned into the map using a heat gun and hand-cut tin stencils. Gorgeous!

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    Pledge $40 or more

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    A Brick. ¿Seriously? You're giving away a brick? Well, this brick is handmade by Why I Must Be Careful out of the infamous clay soil of Oregon. This brick has WIMBC pressed into it in a "sunken-relief" style and is accompanied by a list of national banks who received bail-out money from the government. You make the connection...

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    A box of 20-guage shotgun shells that we have hand-loaded with care. The local recycling place doesn't accept tempered glass for recycling. So we decided to use it to shoot our t-shirts. Tempered glass (a.k.a. "safety glass") breaks into tiny pieces that are not sharp so they don't kill people. Unless you shoot them at people with your shotgun. PLEASE: We don't advise this. But we're happy to have made shotgun shells that are environmentally acceptable, unlike traditional lead shot. Use these with abandon in wild places you wish to keep safe.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    Braille booklet of Why I Must Be Careful's syllabic lyrics. What!? I know, right? All of the lyrics used to structure most of WIMBC's music, but in Braille. Better file off those guitar calluses folks.

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    Pledge $150 or more

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    A digital copy of this album on a usb stick (filled with extra movie, image, & text files we deem necessary) encased in beeswax and housed in a jar of WIMBC honey harvested from these bees.

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    Pledge $225 or more

    8 backers Limited (92 left of 100)

    Reserved copy of the honeycombed 12" vinyl record plus every other pledge item to accompany it.


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