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When the election is over, the real work begins.
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Project Update #6: Our first articles published and ready for your review


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Post-Election Project: National Popular Vote

A new article from us on replacing the Electoral College with something more representative.

We (That Means You) DId It

Thanks to you (and you, and you) we did it.

A lot of Kickstarter projects fail, but we sailed clear of our goal and even surpassed it by a tad. And you were there.

Now, we're hard at work constituting our "Post-Election Project" editorial team, planning podcasts, videocasts, and more.

Regarding your KS rewards, we will shortly send out an email survey seeking information we need from you in order to get them out to you.

On another note, if you're not yet on the WhoWhatWhy mailing list, please take a moment, visit the site, and sign up. You'll get precious little mail--just an occasional update ever week or two.

Sincerest thanks from the WhoWhatWhy team. Because of you, we're growing.

Checking in from Dallas

I'm writing you from Dallas, where tomorrow I will speak at the JFK Lancer conference. It brings together researchers into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. That might seem a dated and irrelevant subject to some. But we will never be able to understand contemporary goings-on, like the unfolding Petraeus situation, unless we take a longer view of the subterranean intrigue that has long shaped our history. Examples include efforts by presidents to tame their own agencies, turf battles between Pentagon, CIA and FBI, and on and on.

At WhoWhatWhy, we are equally interested in what goes on today--and on how long-ago events shape our present situation. It is that balance of the contemporary and the long view that set us apart from other news outfits. Hope you agree--and hope you'll take a moment to urge your friends to join into our Kickstarter campaign. It's integral to our efforts to grow and expand our coverage. Also, if you feel inclined to increase your pledge, it's easy to do so. Just log back into Kickstarter.

Many thanks!