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We want to take our stage adaptation of Studio Ghibli's 'Princess Mononoke' to more people. Help us do it!


Stretch Goal Reached:

Thank you everyone who's helped us hit our stretch goal!  We aren't setting a new one right now, but please continue to spread the word about the project, the more we can raise the better chance we have of bringing this show to the maximum amount of people.


Stretch Goal:

We are now pushing for a Stretch Goal of £7000 to be able to pay everyone involved in the first run of Princess Mononoke a 'thank-you' fee for their work for the show. Please help us reach it!

With the kind co-operation of Studio Ghibli, Whole Hog Theatre presents the world’s first theatrical adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.

The Studio Ghibli classic and epic ecological fable Princess Mononoke, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, will be faithfully re-told for the stage in Whole Hog Theatre’s adaptation using giant puppets, physical storytelling and original live music.

It is such an honour to have been given the opportunity to stage such a loved film. The whole team are huge fans of Studio Ghibli and Mr Miyazaki’s work and so passionate about bringing this project to life. We want nothing more than to perform it to as many people, and in as many places, as possible and we need you to help us.

There are so many people who want to see the show. Just check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for all the messages of support. These guys have also got behind us - check out their video (skip to 49 seconds in):

If everyone else is as excited about it as we are, then we hope that generous people will pledge what they can – a little from many can go a long way!


The film tells the story of a young warrior Ashitaka. Cursed by a demon god whilst defending his village, he must leave his home forever to seek a cure. In the forbidding forests to the west, he is forced to reconcile the warring human forces and the animal deities of times past. In the midst of this bitter and bloody conflict, he meets the wolf god Moro and her human child San: Princess Mononoke. Whole Hog Theatre aims to create a faithful adaptation which the audience will leave feeling the same as they did the first time they watched the film. We will use recycled materials in our set, costume and props in order to honour the film’s ecological ethics and have as little impact on the environment as possible. There is no desire to alter the film’s narrative and atmosphere or to add a ‘new spin’ on the story – only to re-tell it in a different form.


WHOLE HOG: noun, informal
1. the furthest extent; everything
2. to do something completely or thoroughly


We specialise in adaptation and have always been fascinated by its possibilities and challenges. We strive to produce work that explores the outer limits of our and our audience's imaginations. We enjoy the challenge of staging the unstageable and the bold concepts, physical storytelling and explorations into puppetry which permeate our work are all about raising the expectations of the worlds which can be created onstage.
We are a volunteer lead and run organisation and everyone who has worked with us in the past and at present does so for free. We are an open company committed to finding and promoting new talent across all areas of production - everyone deserves a chance to prove what they're made of. We offer this opportunity to anyone with the talent and determination to make it happen. We are a company who are constantly excited and inspired by the books we read, the people we meet, the stories we hear and the theatre we experience. We promote artistic integrity, theatrical accessibility and freedom of imagination in all that we do.

We are a small company, but we have very big ideas and a hell of a lot of commitment! Please read on, find out more and click on the “BACK THIS PROJECT” button to offer your support.


Dangerous Liaisons (Tour, September 2012) A New Adaptation from the original novel by Choderlos de Laclos :

"An absolute ode to the painful truth of the bitterness and joy of lust. Go see Whole Hog and be inspired." Nick Perry, St Ivo's

Dangerous Liaisons – (Original Run, February 2012) A New Adaptation from the original novel by Choderlos de Laclos):

"Brave and beautifully directed... there is a great future for the company”
Emma Jane Denly, Yellowdrama

Costanzo an adaptation from 'Costanzo/Costanza' in The Facetious Nights of Straparola (Le Piacevoli Notti) by Giovanni Francesco Straparola:

"Beautiful.... subtly atmospheric... very impressive."
Dr Nicholas Whybrow

Five Kinds of Silence (National Student Drama Festival 2011) by Shelagh Stephenson, adapted from the radio play for the stage :

"Sensitive and intelligent… what this piece offered was a gut reaction, the chance for a collective group of people to feel something. Ultimately, isn’t that what this theatre thing is all about?’"
NSDF Noises Off, Hannah Delon

Five Kinds of Silence (Original Run) Sell out run, selected as one of thirteen from over one hundred shows to attend the festival, where it won The Festgoers Award for Best Production:

"vivid... striking movement sequences"
Kevin Berry, The Stage.

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Whole Hog Theatre is a not for profit organisation and any donation is tax deductable to the full extent allowed by the law. Every penny you donate goes towards prolonging the life of this production, creating more performance dates and all the physical and sizeable touring and production costs inherent within this. We want to bring Princess Mononoke to as many people as possible to show our thanks for the incredible support so far!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are always risks involved in creating any large scale theatre project and this is our biggest yet, but we know we can deliver. Our experience working together at University and the productions we have staged since (often on a shoestring budget!), give us confidence that we can successfully calculate risk and meet challenges head-on. We are very good at working within our means, we are adaptable and flexible and whatever challenges we face, we know we have the determination and ingenuity to solve them. If this campaign is unsuccessful, we can still produce our one-week-run of Princess Mononoke in London, but without further funds from either Kickstarter or other sources, there is no way we will have the financial means to take the project any further than that.


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