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An exploration puzzle game, where curiosity takes you through the trials of growing up as an impoverished digging boar.
An exploration puzzle game, where curiosity takes you through the trials of growing up as an impoverished digging boar.
420 backers pledged $16,383 to help bring this project to life.

The Digstarter Begins - Play the Demo, Get Cool Stuff!

Starting today, we are challenging our Backers and the general public to try to find as many gems as possible!  Find enough before funding ends and we will shower our backers with fantastic rewards.  So get out there, send the demo link to your friends, send in tips to your favorite websites, and most importantly, start finding gems.

Also, starting today, keep an eye out for Digstarter billboards scattered around the levels.  These get updated roughly every 15 minutes so you can check out how everyone is progressing.

How do I participate?

If you have not played the game recently, be sure to download the latest demo, then hit ESC, and check that the Send Feedback option is set to Yes, so that we can see how many gems you have found.  If you have had this disabled before, don't worry, your previous progress will still be sent in.

What are the Rewards?

There are currently three goals to reach, but blow through all of these fast enough and we will think of something more.

As of the time of this writing, the gem count was already 3229.  Each player has the potential to find 80 gems, so these goals aren't that far off.

3800 Gem Reward

If this goal is reached, backers will be able to stand out in screenshots with dazzling "Kickstarter Green" eyes...

...and be able to demolish nearby blocks with the power of generosity! (Screenshot is a mock-up.)

4500 Gem Reward

Live forever as a minor character in Full Bore!  Names used in lore text will be chosen randomly from the pool of participating backers when you start the game and will be different for each player.

5400 Gem Reward

This huge hall will be a monument to everyone who has backed Full Bore.  It will be filled with rows and rows of... tubular... monuments... and special boxes... 

With at least 250 players to honor, this room has the potential to be the biggest area in the game and will be a huge undertaking, but if everyone can come together and get the gem count up to 5400 we will make it and it will be awesome!

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and don't forget to tell everyone you know: The Full Bore Digstarter has begun!


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    1. nockgeneer on January 2, 2013

      Ooooohhhhh, guess I'd better get on this.