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Designing Happiness is a short, accessible & informative book on how to create amazing experiences for mobile devices.

I'm going to steal secrets

Are you a Designer of any type? A Product Manager, Developer, or Biz Dev person? If you're working on any type of mobile application or plan on building one, I want to give said stolen secrets to you!

This book will be a concise read, easily manageable to finish in a few hours, with the goal of demystifying the tricky subject of User Experience. The path for people in tech startups working on the next awesome mobile application varies, but by breaking down the job of crafting 'user experience' into multiple segments, it will be easier to understand the problem as a whole and adapt properly. This book will discuss the elements for implementing a UX strategy, while also getting direct insider tips and secrets of how some of the best companies are practicing their workflow and delivering exceptional experiences — in addition to what absolutely failed.

Because there really isn't a single discipline that flows into a User Experience career, I'm targeting a vast expanse of people who have some part or influence in creating an awesome product.

Learn from the top minds

I'm going to invade the minds and private thoughts of brilliant companies and smart people with the sole intention of leaking every useful and amazing thing they tell me. Awesome companies like Scoutmob, Mailchimp, We&Co, Jet Cooper, ustwo™, Appcelerator, Adaptive Path, Square, Evernote, 6wunderkinder, Instagram, Tumblr, Hipmunk, Airbnb, Nerd Communications and more!!

I want to illustrate what successful companies know about learning and show you how they’ve done it. Their stories will paint a picture of what goes into their workflow so you can figure out if it’s right for you.

What works, and what doesn't

I'm not trying to just repeat unicorn and double rainbow success stories of how many of the top mobile companies got to where they are now. This book will discuss many of the elements and strategies that worked and failed, and the reasons they believe it happened.

It's great that Instagram has 15,000,000 users — but what if you're not launching a free product, then what? I understand this, and this book won't be filled with fluff.

Quick recap of what to expect

  • A comprehensive guide to the mobile user experience, offering guidance to help make appropriate product development & design decisions
  • Help clarify the components affecting the user experience & principles uniquely applicable to the mobile space.
  • A breakdown of elements that make up mobile user experience and various concepts for implementing a ux strategy
  • Case studies from top mobile app companies and user experience agencies
  • User Interface design patterns, resources, and information from user research for methods on mobile interface design

So, who the heck am I?

Who is Vince? — great question. I'm nobody. I'm just a dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude! ... but in all seriousness, my friends know me as a person who works tirelessly and is constantly striving for quality. I've been in this industry for a while and I currently am a Co-founder of an awesome company called TripLingo. I am the UX lead and collaborate heavily on our product strategy and direction; but none of this qualifies me. I believe and would love for you to trust this book process to me mostly because of my inquisitive nature and my unquenchable hunger for knowledge. My fascination with the creative and development process, curiosity, and visual experience informs all of my work.

Help spread Happiness

This is where you come in. I need your help in making this book a reality. The money raised will go to supporting the video interviews, photography, writing, paying for transcription, illustrations and final cover design, proofreading, editing and actual pre-orders of the book itself!

Thanks for checking this out, and I do hope you contribute. I love creating and using rewarding products, and look forward to continuing that method on through the creation of this book.  

Thank you for your time!


  • The standard printed book will be an industry standard paperback with a trim size of 5.5" x 8.5" and with full-bleed color printing.

    The special edition hardcover book will be US Trade 6" x 9" hardcover with a casewrap binding, and also with full-bleed color printing.

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    You will also receive my undying appreciation and gratitude too, which is priceless of course (:

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