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I'm creating an 8-10 track vinyl record of all of my songs about closeness, lucid dreams, affection, and secrets.

For the last two years I have been carrying around a hand held tape recorder, collecting quotes, outrageous feelings, secrets, and even clips of conversations from across the room. Overtime I have used these recordings as materials to form stories. Because I'm not much of a story teller, I turned these memories, dreams, and secrets into humble melodies with real "heart and soul."

I have been recording all ten of these songs since June of 2010 with a dear friend and producer of mine in order to formally release all of the things that I have kept inside of my head and on that small reel of tape since 2008.

This project is for you. However, in order for the recording process to be completed, I need your help in donating to the mastering of my songs. Unfortunately, mastering is a very long, tedious, and expensive process. In the end, having these songs mastered will create opportunities for you to hear more of my music whether it be on the vinyl record, on cd, or through online access. This album will be the medium which I use to show Seattle what I have been keeping for so long.

I appreciate all of your participation in the efforts of helping me release "White Feathers, White Linens."


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    A hand written thank you letter and a free download of "In Place of Time".

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    A hand crafted felt cd case filled with three songs from my 2008 unreleased album, "All the Spices I Like." Three free online downloads from the album and a personalized thank you note.

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    Painted 8x11 post card by me, a personalized vinyl copy of the album, and a thank you letter.

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    A recorded cassette tape of my "in the works" or never completed songs. Also, all of the rewards from the $50 pledge.

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    You will be invited to a private show at Farrell Mcquarter park (20 attendees max.) this spring. A special one of a kind "White Feathers, White Linens" album cover for you. All of the rewards listed above as well as a private performance via face-to-face or through a technological device of your choice. And a special thanks on the album leaflet.

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