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White Fort's coming to the US for their first tour since 2003! Let's kick it off with a new album!

In 1987, two young Soviet musicians hopped aboard the Trans-Siberian railroad for the 30-hour journey to Novosibirsk. Their goal: To perform at the National Folk Festival. They took it by storm, winning the grand prize for "Best New Band." White Fort, aka "Belyi Ostrog" was born.

The steppes couldn't contain their amazing talent, and soon White Fort was playing in Moscow, New York, and all over the world.  This fall, they're hitting the Oregon Trail, for a tour from LA to Seattle!

But the coolest thing of all was that in April 2012, White Fort won First Place in this contest out of Nashville: (scroll down to the Instrumental Category). The winning song, 6/8, has never been released in the US--and that's just wrong! Don't believe me? Listen for yourself!

We're trying to raise the costs to produce (and mail) 500 copies of a brand new White Fort album.  You can make it happen!  Making your pledge here on Kickstarter means that you'll:

* pre-order your own copy

* get some fun bonus gifts, and

* help us make this tour pay off, so the guys can come back again!

The new album is titled 6/8.  Here's the song lineup:

  • Svyatki!  (Святки!)  (the video at the top of this page)
  • Acrobatics
  • Leave a Message (Оставьте сообщение)
  • Baikal Flutes (Байкальские флейты)
  • 6/8
  • A Little Mandolin (Мандолинка)
  • Coconut Mocha (Мока-кока)
  • Revolution (Революция)
  • Friendship of All People (Дружба народов)
  • DaBaDaBaDa (ДаБаДаБаДа)
  • Stones from Distant Mountains
  • E. 29th St (Восточная 29 улица)
  • Rain (Дождь)
  • Everything's the Same in NY
  • Telephone (Телефон)
  • Can't Stop the Signal (Пешка)

Join the fun, get some awesome music, and we will see YOU on the tour!  And Big Mega Большое THANKS for chipping in!


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    Incredible music delivered straight to you! For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a DIGITAL copy of the new album, 6/8--MP3 or WAV, whatever you prefer!

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    Pictures Too! For a $15 pledge, you'll receive a CD copy of 6/8 in its own lovely cardboard envelope. Because plastic jewel cases are kinda overkill. BTW, this is only for US residents--please check the next reward if you live in a more expensive postage area.

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    Long Distance CD! If you're a fan of the boys from outside of the USA, alas, we have to hit you up for a wee bit more postage to send you an album. *shrug* What can I say, you know how stamps are.

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  • Pledge $25 or more
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    Would you like signatures with that? For a $25 pledge, you'll not only get a copy of the 6/8 CD, Artyom and Yuriy will autograph it! Be warned, though, that both of them have characters in their names that we don't use in English. Bonus: This reward is for both US and non-US addresses. If you're generous enough to pledge $25, we'll pay the postage no matter where you are!

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    NEW! Today we made our goal, so 6/8 is happening! In fact, we've even exceeded the goal--we have enough to print more copies of "Two Kings" as well! So I'm adding this reward for those of you who can't get enough White Fort. Pledge $30 and we'll send you BOTH albums, 6/8 and Two Kings. This includes worldwide shipping, since the postage for 2 CDs costs almost the same as one.

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    From Russians with love... Postcards! For $50, you'll receive the album in whatever format you want (and autographed, if you get a CD), plus we'll send you a postcard from every city on our West Coast tour this fall. Who doesn't love to get mail?

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    You ROCK! If you love our music this much, we'll play some for you! For a $100 pledge, you'll get the album in whatever format you want (digital/CD +/- autograph), and we will perform your 2 favorite songs LIVE, just for you, on Skype!

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    What could be more awesome than a night with the band, for a private concert! You: make the pledge, clear out the living room, and invite all your friends. We: send you a copy of the new album... and then we show up at your door to play it for you! In the USA, this reward is only available in Oregon, or certain cities in Washington, Idaho and California, and only at certain times. In Russia, this award is available in Moscow. Please check our tour schedule BEFORE you pledge, to make sure we'll be in town on the date you want.

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    For the seriously discerning fan in the USA: Anywhere you want, we'll be there. Make this pledge, and we will fly to your city and play a private concert for you (or your organization). Want to have two genuine ex-Soviet Communists rocking your Election Night party on Nov. 6? You KNOW you do! There's no better way to celebrate irony and enjoy the best music in the world. We'll even throw in a CD too. *wink*

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