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Whiskey Rodeo is taking on the most ambitious project for any indie rock band; an extended, video-documented tour across 10 states!
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Whiskey Rodeo

29 backers pledged $5,200 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks to Carol Everett for kicking us further down the road!

Right on! I wish we were gonna play Hawaii so we could VIP her for her last minute boost... Cheers!

Thanks to Joe Connell too!

I don't know if you snuck this in while we were playing Hold 'em or after. Either way; you're a crafty dude and a great friend for pitching in your pledge.... THANKS!

We made it, but it's not over yet!

WE MADE IT --Almost!

First off; THANK YOU Rob Peters for pushing us over the threshold! You were the among the first to pledge to this project, and you made the final pledge that gave us the 'win'.

...But this campaign is NOT in the bag just yet!
NOW is the time for everybody to make sure their cards are working, their accounts are funded (if you used a debit card), etc.

So take a moment and verify that whetever fundeing source you used for this will work from now until Monday night.

To everyone who pledged: WE LOVE YOU!
We will get your rewards items out to you before we hit the road... If your reward is an 'experience' we will connect with you about which show you wanna use to exploit us shamelessly.

ok, now we'd better get ready for the road (and we'd better not suck!).

Aww Sam; how we love you!

the divine Ms Ward has jumped in with another $200... This makes her eligible for all kinds of VIP niceness & backstage access... SEE YOU ON Sep 30th for the FAREWELL SHOW!!

thanks to Big Dave for kicking down his support!

So Dave Dennehey has pushed us closer to meeting our goal... Thanks a million, (or a hundred) Dave!!