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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 29 2017
Whirlwind FXBy Whirlwind FX
First created
Whirlwind FXBy Whirlwind FX
First created
pledged of $60,000pledged of $60,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 29 2017

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    1. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Centonze on

      @Tim Sun
      Please give a look to Noctua Desk fan with Airflow Amplification System
      This is only a Fan. It's not for gaming. But perhaps this silent design could improve Vortx

      Hmmm Black for Vortx is OK, do not change colour.

    2. Guillaume Crozet on

      @Tim Sun
      ah :) thank you for your informations, Tim !
      we'll wait.
      Please keep us informed by email when it will be available :)

      I wish you all good things, my dear Tim :)

    3. Tim Sun Collaborator on

      Hi Fabrizio and Guillaume,

      We have seen tremendous demand from Europe. We still have plans to expand to Europe, but it is going to take significant amount of time due to regulations and certifications. Also logistics to get hardware product there is difficult. I apologize for your inconvenience.

      Whirlwind FX Team

    4. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Centonze on

      This is the last news on whirlwindFX: They are searching a Senior Mechanical Engineer

    5. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Centonze on

      @Guillaume Crozet. We could support selling Vortx but Whirlwind FX should communicate future plans for european backers. Are you agreeing with me ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Nyden on

      Anyone want one used for literally one hour? I have a mac now and don't need this. Find it on ebay or email me (michaelnyden@yahoo.com)

    7. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Centonze on

      I want Vortx before Guillaume Crozet...

    8. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Centonze on

      Hello ! Is Vortx coming in europe before next Christmas festivities ?

    9. Guillaume Crozet on

      Hello ! some news about availability in Europe ? a date on the calendar ? thank you

    10. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX Aaah ok, the email was confusing. "For usa/canadian backers only" in the title was necessary. thank you for your answer. i stay, ready to pounce on VortX next time :)

    11. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      When we go live in Europe, we will honor the discount for your Guillaume and anybody else who backed the kickstarter from abroad. The message was for USA/Canadian backers only at this point in time. Sorry for the confusion!
      I will not forget you, and we are still not shipping to Europe at this moment.

      Thanks for your patience.


    12. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX Hello VortX team and TIM :) i just received the email (for international backers i think) to order Vortx modules. but i'm annoyed because i really didn't think it had to be available so soon and i spent money for other things this month, so i'd like to know if the money will be charged when i order or later (when shipping for example).
      i just can't buy VortX now :( i have to wait the end of the month to get my salary, and the special offer is going until december 15th :/ can you do something please ?

    13. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX : that's great ;) i noticed some very good reviews of VortX, you can take a look to this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CubbyE/videos It seems this user loves VortX :D

    14. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      @Guillaume I promise you that once we are ready to ship to Europe, I will send you the first unit along with your European brethren, and I will hand write you a letter thanking you! I can tell you that even though you will not get Vortx in the near future, it is worth the wait!

    15. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      @Guillaume We won't forget about Europe. There is a huge market in Europe, and I thank you personally for your fervor and excitement. We are really excited to bring Vortx to market in the USA in the short term and are moving forward with beta testing prior to our launch to ensure that Vortx delivers on our promise of an enhanced, immersive entertainment experience.

      I just played 2 hrs of Destiny 2 with Vortx and it was insanely awesome!

    16. Guillaume Crozet on

      it's because the kickstater ended.

      we have to congratulate VortX team because they decided to produce & sell VortX even if the objective has not been reached.
      it's A WAY more serious than the "similar" project ZephVR which has been cancelled without reason even if the objective has been reached ! So pitiful ! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1089532524/zephvr-real-wind-for-virtual-reality/comments

      TIM, please don't forget international backers. i'd really like to get 2 VortX :))

      Best Regards !

    17. Guillaume Crozet on

      i suscribed the email list, for international backers. i hope to get VortX anyway. :D

    18. Guillaume Crozet on

      @dustin devine it's a good idea to put twice vortX on top of the monitors but how will you do that they hold and do not fall?

    19. Missing avatar

      Dustin Devine on

      1 up to that.

      "Stereo Effects" are a must for those of us getting 2 units.

      If dynamics are on the left side of screen, than we need to feel it on the left side.

      Looking forward to it guys, keep up the great work.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dustin Devine on

      @Guillaume Crozet

      I also have a 3 screen setup, I will likely be mounting them in that spot but instead doing it above the monitors on a slight angle downwards.
      aside from laying them down there isn't really any other way to mount these if your running 3 screens for gaming.
      of coarse a horizontal design would be ideal.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dresdencypher on

      Thanks. Also I was curious how it worked is it just searching for blue or red for heat and cold? Like if my desktop background is ice will the fans blow cool air? Also will the fans work independently of each other as in if fire is on my charecters right and ice on my left will the vortex do temperature correctly and lastly in that same scenario what would a single vortex do if it has to choose between two equal temperature stimuli to provide. Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance

    22. Whirlwind FX Creator on


      Vortx will ship with manual heater and cooling modes. So if you want Vortx to act as a fan or heater on your desk, you can switch to manual mode and set it to the intensity you want.

      Also full control of the LEDs will be included as well.

      Whirlwind FX Team

    23. Missing avatar

      Dresdencypher on

      Another question, will I be able to control it outside of game? Like say I want to feel heat or cold can I launch an app on the computer and have it set to that mode?

    24. Whirlwind FX Creator on


      The advantages of having two units is that it is that the experience is much more impactful. Also we hope to quickly support stereo effects quickly after launch, meaning when you have fire on the left side of the screen, you will feel that effect on your left Vortx.

      Yes, we will provide a promo code for Kickstarter backers to lock in this price. We are also going to select the first few purchasers to be beta testers for the product (volunteering basis), meaning you will get Vortx in hand to test and be a part of the development of Vortx. I can say after many hours of testing Vortx, it delivers on our promises, but nothing beats in-the-wild testing and feedback from our biggest supporters.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dresdencypher on

      For those who have backed and showed support wouldnit be possible to get a promo code for Kickstarter backers to lock in this price

    26. Missing avatar

      Tomi V on

      What are the advantages in having two units instead of just one? What accessories (cables etc.) are included?

    27. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX : thx, i'll probably do a review on http://www.etr.fr/ when i got the vortX :)

    28. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Guillaume - Vortx measures 24cm tall from desktop to the top edge of the product.

      Justin - it sounds like Vortx will be perfect for your VR experiences as well as your home entertainment endeavors! We encourage you to check out our "Vortx In Action" videos on this page or on YouTube to get a good idea of what you will feel during gameplay/video consumption.

      If our funding goal isn't reached the only thing that changes is that everyone else won't have access to the Super Early Bird special price that is exclusive to Kickstarter. As you've probably noticed in the updates, we're well along the ways in production and still on schedule to begin shipping to customers in February.

      We'll update at the end of the campaign, but we'll hold pricing for all current backers if they have to re-order direct from us. Also, we'll have a few extra incentives should that be the case, to compensate everyone for any inconvenience it may cause.

    29. Missing avatar

      Justin Tackett on

      So, with 6 days and almost 30 grand left to be funded. Should I be anxious that it may not reach its goal? this is the 1st project I've backed. So forgive me if I'm radiating "NOOB" right now. I'm really into anything home theater/entertainment, Standard Video Game Platforms, High-end Gaming Laptops, and my absolute favorite all my VR equipment. I myself have a PSVR and an Oculus Rift. Since purchasing my rift I've been constantly shopping for new VR accessories, hardware, etc to make my VR experience as Immersive as humanly possible without being Actual Reality. Most of the gadgets and accessories I've found either were a cosmetic accessorie that brought nothing to the overall performance of my VR, or it was some kind of gloves or Haptic VR suit that was either grossly overpriced or just in development phase with mass production a long ways a way. The Vorpx is the only thing I've seen that's both ready and reasonably priced. Hopefully, it's not just a glorified fan/heater. If the funding goal isn't reached, will I still be able to purchase one retail?

    30. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX Thank you for the answer. mmh so i'll try to elevate the monitors. what is the height (in cm) of the Vortx please ?

    31. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Hi Guillaume,

      Cool PC setup! Unfortunately Vortx should not be used in any orientation other than vertical as was intended. Other orientations will drastically reduce output and possibly function detrimentally.

    32. Guillaume Crozet on

      @Whirlwind FX : hello Tim, i'd like to know if there is no problem to use VortX in horizontal position, because i use 3DSurround / Tri-screen, VortX is too high :) to put it under the monitors. Here it is i'd like to install twice VortX : http://nsm07.casimages.com/img/2017/11/22//17112205353216744215380918.jpg

    33. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Hi John - all backers will have their pricing held and nothing extra would need to be done on your end as we'll be verifying using your usernames on Kickstarter if needed.

      Frankie - This version of Vortx is PC compatible only at this time so your laptop will work just fine. If you use a TV as an external monitor for your laptop it will also work but Vortx needs to connect via USB to your PC and not the TV itself.

    34. Frankie Antonio on

      laptop and television are Ok?

    35. Missing avatar

      John Meo on

      I see you said backers will have their pricing held, but how do we prove that on the standalone, or is our email enough information?

    36. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Most definitely, Guillaume. At release our software will allow you to use Vortx as a standalone heater or fan when you are not utilizing it for gameplay or video.

    37. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX Thank you for answer. "We'll hold pricing/rewards for all current backers" >> that's fine ! i stay tuned. I have another question. Is that possible to use also VortX as a little radiator (it's good in winter^^) ? is there a special software / driver with it ? If there is no software, i can try to use a cheat code in Skyrim to be invulnerable in front of a dragon spitting me fire ;)

    38. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Great question Guillaume!

      Correct that backers will not be charged until we reach our funding goal. Beyond that, you'll absolutely be able to order direct through www.whirlwindfx.com once the campaign is over. We'll hold pricing/rewards for all current backers but as we've mentioned a few times the price will go up to $119.99 for everyone else!

    39. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX Hello Tim, i received the email information. I'd like to know what's going on if the objective isn't reached in 13 days. Kickstarter informs than the transaction will be not effective. Can we hope however to order VortX using the dedicated website ? thank you :)

    40. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Betterment was a category that I have been approached by some companies in the out-of-home entertainment arena. One specific use case was VR massage chairs and relaxation experiences. We are also working with select partners to test the demand for this kind of experience. Imagine feeling the warm ocean breeze on a Hawaii beach as you got a massage in a massage chair? That was one of the experiences that one of our partners was interested in implementing.

      I personally am most excited about the possibilities of computer vision and audio analysis in triggering real world reactions. It really is the future of technology in my opinion. Thanks for your enthusiasm and I am really excited to get Vortx into your hands.

    41. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind FX Interesting answer :) . As you say, many people do not understand the value that VortX is delivering, which is both the hardware and software. So what about a betterment ?

      Did you think to add (maybe in a v.2) perfumes, smells of smoke, flowers, and why not the diffusion and management of essential oils with several dedicated devices (there are so many different scents).

      VortX could even become therapeutic ;)

      just to say there are so much potential & many possibilities to use this airflow.

    42. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Guillaume Crozet,

      I understand your sentiment. I actually have price tested a lot at trade shows. We were at E3 last June, and we were just at TwitchCon a few weeks ago. When stating that the product is $99 after demoing, most demoers are astounded at the price. They thought that the technology and the experience it delivers would be much more expensive, and it speaks volumes about the value that we bring with Vortx. You are right in saying that it is not a low price at $99, but we want to deliver you QUALITY product. Vortx is designed with premium components so that the product is durable and can give you an great experience. We see you guys and gals (Kickstarter Backers) as our biggest asset. You believe in our vision, and you believe in our product.

      I would say that those who say they can buy two $20 little radiators do not understand the value that we are delivering, which is both the hardware and software. The software allows us to trigger temperature changes playing any game or video on your PC (even youtube videos right in your browser). The hardware allows you to manipulate the airflow and temperature very quickly and accurately.

      If you would like, I can talk with you more because your feedback is incredibly valuable. Please email me at info@whirlwindfx.com and ask for Tim.

    43. Guillaume Crozet on

      @whirlwind thx for the answer. According to my advice, i think the main problem is the price, it's overpriced. VortX has some technology inside but for a regular gamer, it can be perceived like a small heating radiator we can find in a supermarket for only 20 $, of course with special feature, but does it worth +100 $ ? it can be seen like a gadget. The concept is nice, potential is huge but a lot of people see it like a overpriced gadget. some people said me "if i want these i just have to buy 2 little radiators 20 $ and put it on my desktop, and i turn off/on when i want. Well of course, it's sarcastic & unfair but the problem is really the price i think and this comparison with cheap heating radiators :(

    44. Whirlwind FX Creator on

      Guillaume Crozet,

      We still have many days ahead of us, and we are ramping up our marketing efforts! The VR market is very interesting to us, and Vortx works really well with VR games seated and standing in place. When we designed Vortx, we wanted it to be as easy to use (plug and play) and to be used in as many games and video as possible. With VR, we found that just too few people had the funds or the space, therefore we went with the on-desk configuration, not facial. We were also pretty concerned having fan blades or a heating element so close to your face.

      Matthew Frank,
      For directional feedback and eventual tracking, it is on our road map. We have been experimenting with room scale applications, but this would be for the most premium experiences. We have been working with our partners in the out-of-home entertainment space (Disney Imagineering, The Void, etc.) to deliver this kind of experience, but it is too early at this point in time to release it in this first edition of Vortx. We are however working towards directional feedback with a dual system as a starting point, and we are going to have that feature implemented at launch.


      Whirlwind Team

    45. Mathew Frank on

      For me the reason for lack of response from most vr gamers is that the vest/most experiences are room scale where you move around.

      I have 1 vr game where i sit in place and the rest i stand and move around.

      The other campaign is not as good but will work no matter where i stand or where i face.

      Thing is though that this could be used in room scale 3m x 3m as that is within effective range IF:

      Three units (possibly four) were mounted on turn tables to track the user.

      Tracking turntables i could do myself. However the direction faced would need to be handled by the product itself. (Instead of just assuming forward facing)

      Is something like this in the pipeline?

      I hope so or this may be a product i can rarely use.

    46. Guillaume Crozet on

      hello, i really don't understand why there are so few backers for this project. There is a similar environment peripheral : ZephVR. The objective has been reached in only one week and it's only for VR users. Vort-X is for all gamers.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jan Fieseler on

      BTW: Just Facebook is around of 600.000 members/followers

    48. Missing avatar

      Jan Fieseler on

      Dear Whirlwind FX-Team,
      i saw on youtube that "GAMESTAR" set a comment under one of your video´s. Please stay in contact with them. If they really supports you, like they said, then after a day you will be founded.
      They have a high influence in my area (Germany). Everybody knows there magazine & stuff.
      And last but not least, the "Vortx" is one of the most amazing thinks what i saw the last years.
      Go on with that good work, dear team! Thanks.
      Best regards

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