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What did it really take to make Vanilla WoW? The game's first 3D level designer reveals the ugly, crazy world of making games.
What did it really take to make Vanilla WoW? The game's first 3D level designer reveals the ugly, crazy world of making games.
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Posted by John Staats (Creator)

As we inch closer to the coveted status of Kickstarter's fourth most-funded non-fiction book of all time, I am happy to announce I bit the bullet and got the premier package for data management that will handle all the post-campaign reward processing. It's called Backerkit and it's the best chance a one-man show (like me) has in delivering the smoothest customer experience. I'm still learning its features, but the example they provided looks pretty slick. I'll go so far as to say, I was impressed. Other KS creators who are helping me's the most expensive--but it's the best. 

I still haven't made images for next week's Wowhead article. This is the big article, the liner notes to all my instanced dungeons, so I don't want to miss the chance of adding little spot illustrations, here and there...but I am swamped.  

In case you missed it, Danger Dolan, of the mighty YouTube Empire Planet Dolan interviewed me a while back. He contacted me after my last, disastrous crowd-funding campaign in April, and I sent him a copy of the entire book. He read it all the way through, and his interview went into a lot of depth. His Twitter DM to me still makes me proud: 

Hey man, book arrived a week ago and I just finished reading it - WOAH! This was even better than I was expecting, frankly I'm overwhelmed by the wealth of info in this book, incredible work! I would absolutely love to have a chat with you sometime, I have numerous questions and I really can't lavish my praise enough!

The following is today's live update video from my new Discord server in case you couldn't make it. I will be on the same server tomorrow at 6 PM EDT, if you have thoughts or questions about WoW or the campaign, swing by for a chat. 

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    1. John Staats 2-time creator on

      LOL. You scared me there! ;)

    2. Andrew Pong on

      Doh! Please ignore my previous comment - I wasn't logged into Discord in Chrome!

    3. Andrew Pong on

      The Discord invite GJXwDtr didn't work for me - could you post one that's not expired?