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$51,935 pledged of $40,000 goal
$51,935 pledged of $40,000 goal

We Shall Return Stronger and Better Equipped


My brother and I have been contemplating this for the past week as we have seen a steep decline in backers and a large amount of last minute cancellations. Our marketing was strong in the first week of the Kickstarter but we ran out of funds rather quickly with ad costs among others. We have been competing with some other very strong Kickstarter Campaigns and an Upcoming GenCon next week and have decided we will Re-Launch our Campaign in September. My brother and I want to create more than just a minimum order Quantity that wouldn't even be able to get out to the FLGS. We want this in more peoples hands.

We want to thank everyone for keeping with us these past few weeks and posting everywhere possible. We have been waiting on a review from UndeadViking but he hasn't finished the video yet and we are running out of time in our Campaign. We will return with MULTIPLE game reviews and a stronger gameplan...and hopefully a larger ad fund. We have a few NEW items for the game we would like to bring and don't have the time to introduce them in this campaign. You guys will love them ;) We have made this decision not only based on our thoughts but also the thoughts and opinions of many of our backers. 

Upcoming additions for the ReLaunch: 

Objectives- Tiles that bring in a Brand New Aspect to the Game. From King of the Hill Rules to simple Run & Grab objectives.

Campaigns- Army builds that are listed specifically for story setups

More Minis- We are talking with the manufacturers on the possibility of adding more minis to the base game and the pricing there and we have a list of characters and other Minis we want to bring to the game in stretch goal form that we weren't able to do in this campaign.

...And Much More.

It has taken a lot to come to this decision but in the end you will be receiving a BETTER product and a product worth more than where it is currently. Thank you again, you guys and gals have been amazing!

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May the Tides by True,

Chase, Sean & the World of Rivals Team

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    1. Sheila Dixon

      Sad that'll come later, but looking forward to re-launch in September, hoping that there will be a comparable level to the one we were at now!

    2. James Ruggles on

      Fingers crossed I get an early bird again...

    3. Erik Sweimler on

      Huge kudos to you guys for making this decision. Honestly it shows me that you're not just going to throw some slipshod product out the door and call it good. This relaunch gives me more confidence in your company and your product and I'll be ready and willing to back it again when it goes live. Good luck guys!

    4. Mezezzo

      If you send out an update on this campaign when you relaunch it will notify all existing backers. I for one would still like to back your project. Good luck

    5. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      hopefully I'll get an EB when we relaunch. Will keep an eye out in September

    6. Tim van der Weyden

      Good luck with all preparations and stuff for the relaunch! I will put Rivals on the list, so I know it will be coming and to reserve some money for it (surprise projects are never good for the wallet ;) ).

    7. Chase Layman 6-time creator on

      @ Yip "Korhil" Ng: yes, you will be the first to know.

    8. Yip "Korhil" Ng

      Disappoointed in the cancellation, but excited about the re-launch
      Will you be alerting us old backers when the launch goes live?

    9. Chase Layman 6-time creator on

      @ Matt Glafcke: thank you and yes we just want a game to be proud of.

    10. Matt Glafcke

      I was pretty psyched about this game, and as a backer or many many board games I am happy you decided to relaunch to get a better product to us. You could have easily taken the money and run with it just to get the game out there. But it seems like the principle of the situation was not going as you wanted and took the challenge to come back better and stronger next time.
      Looking forward to the relaunch!

    11. Chase Layman 6-time creator on

      @ Jared Bond: thanks again !

    12. Chase Layman 6-time creator on

      @ Marcus Santillano: thanks really appreciate it !

    13. MSanti on

      Very sorry to hear that. Good luck with the new campaign. I'll will look forward to its return

    14. Jared Bond

      Tough decision, but good call. We'll be looking forward to the relaunch

    15. Chase Layman 6-time creator on

      Thanks @The Irishman, @Pete Walsh you guys are awesome.

    16. Pete "stynspld" Walsh on

      But in saying that it's for the best. I'm excited for the new ramped up campaign and game in September.

    17. NatiBuck

      Sad to see, but understood.