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A tactical Miniatures board game for 2-4 players set in a mysterious underwater realm where 4 factions battle for supremacy.
A tactical Miniatures board game for 2-4 players set in a mysterious underwater realm where 4 factions battle for supremacy.
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Posted by Chase Layman (Creator)

First off Let’s Start with Game News 


All of the BEAUTIFUL Art is Complete! Chris Yarbrough has been amazing to work with. There is a few design pieces to finish up but they are almost done. 


The manufacturer is awesome and has started the process *thumbs up* They have sent us samples of their plastic pieces and they are amazing so I’m super stoked! 


Surveys are about to go out if not tonight then tomorrow Night using BACKERKIT. This will help us get our exact numbers but also give you the chance to upgrade your pledge to be able to get more items still at the cheaper Kickstarter Rate! Everyone needs to go ahead and fill out their surveys you can always go back in and change the shipping address later so don’t worry if you are moving or may move before it ships out. 


We are ALREADY working on our first Expansion! Not sure about a date yet but we will be bringing it to Kickstarter at some point this year :) We have a lot we want to bring to this game and we know this expansion will just burst open the gates for new additions. 

Honor Warrior
Honor Warrior


We are taking Pre-Orders for the game so if you know anyone interested or just want to spread the word you can pick up Pre-Orders by hitting the button below.


We are SUPER excited to announce that today we have signed a contract with our Artist to begin a Rivals GRAPHIC NOVEL! It will begin to come out one page per week at starting in March! Crazy but it is going to give so much background to the world and we are excited to show you guys more and release more of this story!

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    1. Doug Carter on

      So there was a question on the survey Chase of what we would prefer expansions or a different game, and while I put down expansions, I would be HIGHLY interested in a RPG based off of this world.

    2. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Jonas, I got my invite last night

    3. Tim van der Weyden

      Question about the Backerkit. When will be the closing date? ;) Important for my financial planning. =$

    4. Jason McFarland on

      Got my survey tonight

    5. Jonas Bauwens on

      Chase, have the surveys been sent yet? Haven't received anything yet.

    6. Chase Layman 6-time creator on

      About to post them. Making some last minute checks :)

    7. Marcus Thomas on

      Are the backerkit surveys up yet?

    8. Chase Layman 6-time creator on

      @Salvador nope they are just samples of what they can create :)

    9. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Those miniatures are awesome, but are they from the game?
      The rest looks great too.

    10. Doug Carter on

      Freaking awesome!

    11. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Chase, Excellent news

    12. DevGuy on

      I find the art confusing in that my eyes are not immediately drawn to a single focal point (as with good composition). Nice but too noisy makes the eyes dart around too much. Does that make sense?

    13. Aaron Riggs

      All great news!