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Our project is to complete the re-fit of our Whazam BBQ Food Trailer which allows us to have a point of sale for our amazing, craft BBQ

Stories always have lots of beginnings.The best stories do. 

My name is Daniel Hettenbach.I am the owner and pitmaster of Whazam BBQ.

I am asking for you to participate in the completion of creating a Class Four Mobile Food Unit (food trailer) that will allow me to bring my Southern-Style Craft Whazam BBQ to more people here in Tillamook County.  I am asking you to please be one of the beginnings in this story.

In the last seven years I have devoted hundreds of hours to developing first class Southern-Style Craft BBQ.I have been eating this uniquely American cuisine since 1992.Throughout the 90’s I traveled through the Southern United States falling in love with their approach to meat.Cooking the meat with wood smoke over long periods of time with indirect heat at low temperature.

Everything I tasted with an array of seasoning profiles chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork, and sausage had flavor that I had never dreamed of. Everything was juicy and tender beyond anything I had every experienced.  BBQ Pits (bbq restaurants) become local mainstays for friends, families, and visitors to our area to join in having amazing food and building memories.  I still remember my first plate of Southern-Style BBQ.

When my family and I settled in Tillamook, Oregon 7 years ago I would discover why Tillamook is a Southern-Style BBQ lovers paradise.The local forest environment is home to Alder Wood.A wood that gives a rich, sweet, and spicy smoke that penetrates deep into the meat completely changing it into some of the best BBQ I have ever had.Whazam BBQ uses seasoned alder wood exclusively in our pits.It provides our heat, our smoke, and our exciting flavor.

The other consistent ingredient is my Dry Rub.A dry rub is a mixture of spices that you apply to the exterior of the meat your are smoking.I have developed my Whazam Dry Rub over the years into an essential component in making my Whazam BBQ make your mouth happy in ways you hadn’t ever considered were possible.

It is an exciting slightly spicy flavor profile that speaks alot to flavors I encountered in New Orleans cuisine Creole and Cajun and Latino inspired Texas Dry Rubs with chilies, garlic, cumin.That is why we chose Whazam.It is a word that encompasses surprise, excitement, and the fun that is pleasure.

My menu is simple straightforward and delicious.Whazam Texas Style Brisket,  Whazam Lime Ginger Serrano Pulled Pork, Whazam Chicken, Whazam Ripping Ribs, Whazam Savage Sausage, and Whazam Specialties (cheeses, spices, specialty meats).

You will be able to purchase any product by piece or pound just like any traditional Southern Style BBQ Pit.We will also have Whazam Sliders for sale for 1.50, premium sandwiches, and traditional BBQ plates with a little coleslaw and/or beans.In addition we are committed to cold packing product for pickup for our customers to take home, heat up and enjoy.We try to source all of our food locally to help support other small business.Our commitment is to uphold the traditions of Southern Style BBQ, the level of quality, and introduce our own Oregon flavor.

In 2012 I built with the very much appreciated assistance of friends a competition level commercial grade smoker.We call her Maywood.She allows us to produce the amount of BBQ fresh everyday that we would need to support our Whazam BBQ Food Trailer.

In 2012 we also purchased a 1964 Aristocrat Mainliner camp trailer.It has wonderful retro lines and look plus plenty of space for a restaurant kitchen on wheels.My son Leim and I have been working on it since September every week.And bit by bit we have cleaned it out, reframed it, and started installing the new interior.

That is where you come in.  The $10,000 dollars of pledges we are seeking will allow us to finish the refitting.   Your financial commitment would help us complete turning the  Aristocrat Mainliner into an inspected, licensed, and equipped Mobile Food Unit Class Four. Allowing us to serve our entire menu 7 days a week.

This will give us a point of sale to realize profits from our outstanding Southern-Style Craft BBQ.

The funding would be divided into to two areas; administrative and mechanical.Administrative would be used for licensing, inspection fees, purchasing fire safety equipment, and hiring an electrical contractor.  Any additional funding beyond our goal would be used to secure a lot made available by the City of Tillamook for non permanent businesses like Mobile Food Units.  The lot is located in downtown Tillamook on Highway 101 giving us daily exposure to thousands of potentially customers from around the world and in our community.

The second area of funding would be used to purchase commercial refrigeration units, food preparation appliances, register, paper goods, and product.a card machine and service that would allows to take any type of payment including; debit, credit, or EBT. 

Other outcomes of the successful funding of this project will include; local job creation, Whazam BBQ will use any remaining funding to hire local restaurant professionals and new hires to maintain a high level of customer centric service at our Mobile Class Four Food Unit.

Whazam BBQ will be able to partner with local community development groups to help other small business develop here in Tillamook County and be of assistance to ourfellow citizens.       

Thank you for your time and consideration.  The funding period for the project is 45 days.  If you can't pledge then we ask that you please share the link with as many people as you can either through email or on your Facebook or Twitter page.  We will be Tweeting and Posting updates and thank you's. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risks and challenges Whazam BBQ could potentially face are as follows.

People don't like our food. I have tested my BBQ across alot of palettes from children to adults. My seasoning profile and my smoke seems to satisfy everyone.

Operating costs absorb any profit. I count every penny. I consider every purchase. I do everything I can myself to keep costs down. And I reach out to experts and professionals for assistance as soon as something beyond my depth surfaces. I have spent two years mapping out our advertising strategy to get us maximum exposure to achieve maximum traffic at our Class Four Mobile Food Unit.

I don't work my hardest to honor your financial support. This won't happen because I literally do nothing but work, raise my son, and work on Whazam BBQ. I have made my commitment to my future. That future is Whazam BBQ.


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    A Whazam BBQ Sticker with our logo designed by Pitmaster Daniel Hettenbach. And every Pledge will receive a personal thank you on our Facebook Page and a thank you Tweet.

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    A container of Whazam BBQ Dry Rub. Our distinct Whazam mix of seasonings that will give any dish a zippy, zesty explosion of mouth fun!

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    A Whazam BBQ t-shirt. Pitmaster Daniel Hettenbach handmade the silk screen image and will personally be printing the t-shirts himself.

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    One of each of the before mentioned items; a Whazam sticker, container of dry rub, and t-shirt.

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    You will receive the Whazam Sticker, Dry Rub, T-shirt and 5lbs. of any of our Whazam BBQ Products Shipped Same Day to you. Your choices are; Whazam Texas Brisket, Whazam Lime Ginger Serrano Pulled Pork, Whazam Savage Sausage, Whazam Mojo Chicken, or Whazam Ripping Ribs.

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    In addition to receiving all the previous awards; the Whazam BBQ Sticker, Dry Rub, T-shirt, 5lbs. of your choice BBQ we will ship to you an additional 10lbs. of Whazam BBQ with each selection represented; Whazam Texas Brisket, Whazam Lime Ginger Serrano Pulled Pork, Whazam Savage Sausage, Whazam Mojo Chicken, or Whazam Ripping Ribs.

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